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With natural skin care having become a widespread and popular trend in the last several decades, smaller brands like Trilogy Skincare have gained a wider foothold in the skin care industry previously dominated by giant, multinational corporations. The Trilogy brand was founded in New Zealand, by Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot, two sisters who became enamored with natural skin care and especially rosehip oil. Although the company started out with just a handful of items over a decade ago, Trilogy skincare products are now sold in many countries throughout the world, including Germany and Korea. However, though the manufacturer claims to use only natural and organic ingredients, consumers with allergies and sensitive skin are advised to take extra precautions to avoid potentially-serious side effects. Speaking to a dermatologist and reading Trilogy skincare product reviews can play a big role in ensuring your safety.


How Trilogy Skincare Products Work

One of the cornerstone ingredients behind Trilogy skincare products is rosehip oil. This oil was one of the first products the company offered, and has since made its way into many of the company’s product formulations.

Although rosehip oil may sound exotic, one of the reasons it has become more popular in skin care is due to its high content of beneficial skin chemicals. For example, rosehip oil is rich in fatty acids, which help to strengthen the natural skin barrier; and vitamins C and E, with the former acting to brighten skin, while the latter works to repair skin damage. By including rosehip oil in many Trilogy skincare products, the company aims to help consumers repair skin damage.

Trilogy Skincare Product Ingredients

Although the manufacturer primarily touts the benefits of rosehip oil for the skin, Trilogy skincare products also contain a wide range of other ingredients. Let’s consider some of these items in more detail:

  • Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant:  This Trilogy skincare product was designed to cleanse the skin while repairing skin damage. In addition to rosehip oil, this Trilogy exfoliant contains ingredients like sweet almond oil, to moisturize; camellia oil, to repair skin damage with antioxidants; tocopheryl acetate, which is another name for vitamin E; honey, to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and encourage healing through antibacterial properties; and linoleic acid, which is valued for its ability to strengthen the moisture barrier.
  • Balancing Face Lotion:  This is a face moisturizer designed for individuals with oily skin, and is formulated to have a light texture. Ingredients in this Trilogy skincare cream include glyceryl stearate, to soften the skin; ginko biloba, to deliver antioxidants and stimulate blood circulation; citric acid, to balance the skin’s pH levels; and aloe barbadensis leaf juice, to soothe any skin irritation.
  • Certified Organic Rosehip Oil:  This Trilogy skincare product is made entirely of rosehip oil. Because of its concentrated nature, the consumer may want to first make sure that they are not allergic to this ingredient, before investing in this stand-alone oil product.
  • Nutrient Plus Firming Serum: The highlight of this formulation is the botanical oil complex. There’s 10 natural origin oils. These oils are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These are greater overall skin health. If your skin is reactive, these natural origin ingredients might not be suitable. Where not so sure about the Leucojum aestivum bulb extract, and the claims it makes. The science is still out on this ingredient.
  • Replenishing Night Cream: This is a really nourishing cream that works well on dry, mature skin. Skip this formula is you have normal or oily skin. The formula has the same oil complex that is in many of the formulas as well as Chia Seed Oil, which is full of omega 3 and 6 oils.

Where to Buy Trilogy Skincare Products

Trilogy skincare products can be purchased from a variety of online sources, including the company’s website and several U.S. online stores dedicated to skin care and beauty products. The consumer should be wary of purchasing these items from unauthorized sources, as the items may be expired or counterfeit.

The cost of Trilogy skincare can make it difficult to afford for individuals with small skincare budgets. For example, the Gentle Facial Exfoliant is priced at $37 for about 2.5 ounces, the Balancing Face Lotion is $48 for about three ounces, and the Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is $24 for just a little over half an ounce.

Trilogy Skincare Reviews

The reviews for Trilogy skincare products are generally positive. However, some consumers have expressed frustration with products like the Organic Rosehip Oil. Although this product is organic, some reviewers report having experienced skin irritation and even exacerbation of acne.

Other Trilogy skincare product reviews suggest potential issues with skin dryness. This aspect should be especially important not just for individuals who already have dry or combination skin, but also for those who suffer from acne, as over-drying of the skin can cause sebaceous glands to produce more pore-clogging oil.

Are Trilogy Skincare Products Organic?

The company doesn’t clearly address the question of whether all of the products in its line are completely organic. As many consumers know, there is a distinction between the words “natural” and “organic.” In the United States, “organic” can only be used when the ingredients were derived according to strict standards, while “natural” is a very loose term that often doesn’t mean what it suggests.

When it comes to Trilogy skincare products, the rosehip oil seems to be organic, while the word “natural” is used to describe some of the other ingredients. Because of this distinction, consumers who lead a strict, organic-only lifestyle are advised to further research the specific Trilogy skincare product they are considering, to ensure it adheres to their personal standards.


Are Trilogy Skincare Products Suitable for Aging Skin?

Trilogy products contain a a healthy dose of natural source ingredients. The formulas are often packed with a lot of ingredients. This combination is typically not suitable for sensitive skin.



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Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil Review

Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil is a delicate, fragrance free blend of pure plant oils that is said to gently nourish and replenish sensitive skin's moisture while helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product consists of four plant oils: Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, Aristotelia chilensis (maqui berry) seed oil, and Hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) oil.

Both apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil are primarily composed of the unsaturated fatty acids oleic acid and linoleic acid. Unsaturated fatty acids are required for making skin, in particular for making ceramides (the family of waxy lipid molecules that make up 50% of the skin’s barrier). Thus, the fatty acids in these oils help to balance, nourish, and lubricate the skin by replenishing the lipid barrier. Maqui berry seed oil is a unique ingredient due to its high concentration of delphinidins, which are anthocyanidins (plant pigments). Delphinidins are potent antioxidants that work by helping to combat free radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Lastly, the sea buckthorn oil in the Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil is known to improve the skin’s barrier function, as well as provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

When Trilogy Rosehip Oil launched over a decade ago, its rise in popularity was unexpectedly quick but undoubtedly for a good cause. As the signature product of the Trilogy line, the Trilogy Rosehip Oil has quickly become one of the most widely known and highly regarded facial oils by both beauty professionals and experts around the world. The powerful skin benefits and the expertly crafted formulation of the Trilogy Rosehip Oil make it the oil of choice for those looking to transform the appearance of their skin, with just a few drops a day.

About Trilogy Rosehip Oil

When skincare brand Trilogy discovered the benefits of rosehip oil, an innovative organic line of skincare products was born. In 2002 the official first product was launched, the now celebrated Trilogy Rosehip Oil, and started the global phenomenon the brand has become known for today. Ten years after the launch of the original Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ was created, dedicated to providing advanced skincare solutions for today’s woman. Between these two Trilogy Rosehip Oil products, they have won’t countless beauty awards both nationally and internationally, and have become a prominent skin care staple for women across the globe.

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