Phytoceramides for Skin Care

Oral supplements to improve the texture and firmness of the skin are becoming as popular as topical solutions, and the FDA has recently approved several new choices, including phytoceramides. These supplements are design to plump the skin and smooth its surface by delivering a great deal of hydration to the skin cells, just as common ceramides do. However, phytoceramides are plant based, unlike ceramides used by the skin care industry in the past, which came from animal sources. This made them impossible to use for those who are allergic to such products or for those who opt not to use animal products as a part of their everyday lifestyle. If you are considering the use of phytoceramides as a way to treat the signs of aging, understanding how and why they differ from ceramides and how they might affect you is an important factor in using them safely.

Phytoceramides Overview

In the past, ceramides contained in supplements and other skin care products were derived mostly from cows, whereas phytoceramides are derived completely from plants such as potatoes, rice, and wheat. However, they are designed to work exactly as traditional ceramides do and deliver a great deal of hydration to the skin in order to combat dryness, which is a factor in the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The more hydrated skin is, the plumper it is, and skin that is well hydrated appears smoother and has a healthy texture.

Some clinical trials performed on phytoceramides showed that skin appeared smoother after about six to eight weeks, which means that you may see results more quickly than you would with some topical creams. However, before you shop for phytoceramides, you may want to consider if they are a good fit with your lifestyle, your typical skin care routine, and your beauty goals.

Are Phytoceramides Right for You?

While phytoceramides have been approved by the FDA and do not require a prescription, this does not mean they are the right skin care or anti-aging product for everyone. If you have any food allergies, have a difficult time digesting gluten, or if you have celiac disease, you may want to avoid supplements that are derived from wheat, as they may exacerbate any existing digestive problems you already have. Pregnant or nursing women should consult with their doctor before taking these supplements, as their impact on unborn or nursing babies is not yet known.

Phytoceramides may be a good fit for your skin care regimen if you want to deliver additional hydration to your skin for a plumping affect without having to take the time to use topical creams or serums. If you currently use expensive wrinkle creams, switching to phytoceramides may help you save money, as most brands cost between $10-$40 for a sixty or ninety-day supply.

They are also widely available at pharmacies, health and beauty retailers, and stores that carry natural foods and health care products, as well as online. However, even if you decide that phytoceramides are right for you, it is wise to consult your physician before adding any supplement to your daily diet.

Phytoceramides Side Effects

There are few side effects connected with the use of phytoceramides thus far. Those who have wheat sensitivities may want to ensure that they purchase supplements that are derived from rice or from wheat oils that do not contain gluten. Phytoceramides reviews online report a low instance of side effects, even in those who suffer from certain food allergies. However, it is important to ask advice from your doctor or dermatologist and consider your skin care history before you add phytoceramides to your daily skin care regimen.



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