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Chemist Marie Veronique grew up suffering from acne. As she grew up and continued to struggle, she started to realize just how difficult it was to find clean products that were also effective. This is where the inspiration for the Marie Veronique line began. But how does this line differ from other skincare brands on the market? We’re looking into the brand’s ethos, products and formulas to figure out exactly how they differ and let you know if this brand is worth looking into. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

Behind the Brand

This is one of the few brands out there that combines clean beauty with chemistry to create a happy medium between the two. Backed by research, each product in their range has been formulated to coincide with several studies that have been done to understand the processes associated with acne, aging, redness and more. The only downside to this brand is that it’s not yet readily available in all areas. There are several stockists in the U.S. including Credo Beauty, but there are only a small handful of international retailers that offer these products.

Cleansers & Creams

Today, Marie Veronique has a considerable range of products for a variety of different skincare concerns. But her real speciality has been in constructing innovative treatment routines for those with adult acne. She’s written the book on acne, literally. Since she is so knowledgeable about the subject, the brand aims to provide both products as well as education on how to effectively, yet gently treat your skin concerns without damaging your skin barrier. Some of the most talked about within the range include the Barrier Restore Serum and the Gentle Retinol Night Serum.

Barrier Restore Serum
The Barrier Restore Serum is designed to help you improve the quality and repair the condition of your moisture barrier. As more research continues to be done on why we experience different skin conditions, overwhelming evidence has shown that much of it, especially as adults, has to do with the quality of our moisture barrier. If this is compromised, you can experience everything from dryness to breakouts and everything in between.

In order to help you rebuild your moisture barrier, there are a number of key ingredients that need to be present. This is where the Barrier Restore Serum from Marie Veronique steps in. Her formula includes all of the necessary compounds that you need to rebuild your moisture barrier, including ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids, sodium PCA and more.

Gentle Retinol Night Serum
There are very few ingredients that have as much positive research surrounding it as retinol does. If fact, this single ingredient alone has over forty years or studies to back up its efficacy. Different types of retinol and its derivatives can be used for a variety of different concerns. Marie Veronique uses a unique microencapsulated form of retinol so that the stability of the formula and the pH is most compatible with our own skin. This, along with several other ingredients makes this formula extraordinarily effective, while still being gentle enough to use on a regular basis.

Inside the Ingredients

The main aspect of this brand that separates it from others in the green beauty community is their extremely scientific approach to everything. Marie Veronique herself is a chemist, and her daughter, who now works closely with the brand as well, is a physicist and bio-medical engineer. Together, these two research-driven inventors have created a brand whose sole focus is using research to yield results. Some of the most well-researched ingredients that are most frequently used in this range include panthenol, ceramides and niacinamide.

Panthenol is a relative newcomer to the skincare industry, but there is quite a bit of mounting evidence to suggest that this ingredient could be a game changer in your skincare routine. Otherwise known as B5, panthenol can serve as a moisturizing ingredient, but new research shows that in skincare, panthenol can also penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, moisturizing more effectively than other typical emollient agents that sit on the surface.

Another one of the key moisturizing ingredients to key mind, especially if you think you may have a compromised moisture barrier, is ceramides. Ceramides are naturally occurring compounds in our skin, and make up to 50% of the composition of our skin barrier. So as you can imagine, if your moisture barrier is damaged, the first thing you’d want to do is replace the most abundant compound within this area. Looking out for things like Ceramides 3 and 6 in serums and moisturizers can help you start to rebuild a healthy moisture barrier.

One of the big time ingredients from this past year has definitely been niacinamide. Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide can help with a whole host of skincare concerns including enlarged pores, acne, discoloration and even fine lines and wrinkles.

Review Recap

While this brand has quite a bit of promise, it’s sorely lacking in positive reviews to back it up. Since Marie Veronique only has a few larger stockists, most of which are only in the U.S., it’s almost impossible to find reviews for most of her products. With that said, the handful of reviews that we were able to find, were overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers saw a significant difference in the overall appearance of their skin and would be continuing to use the product going forward. But we’d love to hear from you! Have you tried any products from Marie Veronique? Let us know in the comments below!




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  • Anna Original review: Dec 13, 2021. Reply

    I’ve tried quite a few clean beauty products with no success until I found Marie Veronique. I realized coconut dries my aging mature skin and I am sensitive to a lot of plant based products including essential oils. It’s very difficult to find clean skin care without these ingredients. In addition, I have very dry skin due to Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism I invested in the KH + MV starter kit and am completely sold on these products. They are my holy grail skin care line! Worth the investment.

  • Joanne R Power Original review: Mar 13, 2019. Reply

    I’ve been using several of the products for the last 2 months and have had good results. The B3, Intensive Repair, Repair Serum and Gently Retinol and Barrier Repair Serums and Treatment Oil have all helped keep my skin clear and fade past acne marks. The line even seems to be helping my sebaceous hyperplasia. This is the only Retinol serum I’ve used that hasn’t broken me out. I even like the tinted sunscreen but it doesn’t play well with most of my foundations. I’ve just ordered the Vit C serum which I hope is ok, I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t break me out.

  • Barb Original review: Jan 01, 2019. Reply

    This product was highly recommended to me. No trails or samples. In ordering I found that I am allergic to each serum. They have no refund policy, one can get an exception and a store credit if returned paying your own postage within a month…but I would undoubtedly be allergic to the whole line…and I am out over $200.00!

  • samantha Original review: Dec 04, 2018. Reply

    I have sensitive, acne prone skin with occasional rosacea flare-ups that cannot tolerate much. I use the gentle retinol serum every second day and my skin loves it. It helps with my bumps and my skin glows the next day. It’s not drying, however, it’s too strong for me to use daily. I tried the soothing B3 serum which is great for flakiness, however, it made me very oily and broke me out anywhere I used it.

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