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Are you a fan of the hit reality show Real Housewives of Orange County? If so, you may have come across a product line called Consult Beaute. The brand was launched by one of the show’s contestants, Heather Dubrow, who designed this anti-aging skin care line with Terry Dubrow, her husband. Terry can also claim celebrity status, as he is a plastic surgeon who has participated in the TV show Botched. In this Consult Beaute review, we’ll discuss key products, key formulation details, Consult Beaute reviews from real customers, and an alternative for you to consider. 

Key products

Consult Beaute is an internal and external approach to skin care that combines anti-aging topical products and ingestible supplements to help support healthy skin, hair, and nails. The brand offers a 4 piece “Start Here” Skincare Set, which includes Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Facial Concentrate, Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Facial Cream, Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Eye Cream, and Beaute Caps for Gorgeous Skin, Hair & Nails. 

Consult Beaute Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Facial Concentrate is a lightweight serum that is said to support the body’s own natural collagen production while physically depositing dehydrated marine filling spheres across the skin’s surface, temporarily filling-in and plumping-up the look of the complexion. This serum is recommended to be used both morning and night. 

The Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Facial Cream is a facial cream that is said to boost moisture absorption allowing the skin to look young and resilient. This cream is recommended to be applied after the concentrate, both morning and night. 

Consult Beaute’s Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Eye Cream is said to target the look of deep under eye hollows, fine lines, and wrinkles with daily use. It also helps to create the look of greater volume making the delicate eye area look more contoured and firm.

Beaute Caps for Gorgeous Skin, Hair & Nails is a daily dietary supplement that requires you to take two capsules every day. We’ll discuss the formulation of these capsules more in the next section. 

Key formulation 

In this section, we’ll discuss the formulation details for each of the key products in the Consult Beaute 4 piece “Start Here” Skincare Set.

The Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Facial Concentrate contains a high concentration of several types of silicones, including cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, and polysilicone-11. Silicones improve product spreadability, give the skin a soft and silky feel, and help to lock in moisture. This concentration also features a high concentration of 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, a derivative of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can protect the skin from free radicals, stimulate collagen production, and brighten the complexion. Lastly, we’d like to point out that while hyaluronic acid is said to be a key ingredient in this concentrate, there’s only a tiny amount present in the formula (less than 1%). 

The Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Facial Cream includes high concentrations of emollients like caprylic/capric triglyceride, shea butter, squalane, and several types of silicones. Emollients help to keep the skin soft and smooth while locking in moisture. There are many beneficial anti-aging ingredients in this formula, like vitamin C, hexylresorcinol, bakuchiol, panthenol, allantoin, and more. However, all of these great ingredients are present in very low concentrations (less than 1%). 

Unlike the Facial Concentrate, the Consult Beaute Volumagen Volumizing Collagen Eye Cream actually does feature a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (in the form of sodium hyaluronate). Sodium hyaluronate is an exceptional ingredient for adding hydration to the skin, and it may also help to plump the skin and temporarily reduce signs of aging. Another key ingredient in this eye cream is acetyl hexapeptide-8, also known as Argireline. This peptide works by limiting the ability of neurotransmitters to activate movement in your facial muscles, for example, when forming facial expressions such as smiling or frowning. By inhibiting the nerves that cause facial muscles to contract, subtle facial expressions are limited and wrinkles are subsequently reduced.

Beaute Caps for Gorgeous Skin, Hair & Nails provides high levels of the B vitamin biotin (8,000 mcg). Many people believe that ingesting high levels of biotin will promote better skin, hair, and nails. However, there is actually no evidence showing that biotin improves skin health in people who aren’t deficient in the vitamin. One nutrient in the Beaute Caps formula that has been shown to improve skin health is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). MSM is a rich source of sulfur (34% by weight). Sulfur is a key component of collagen that supports the skin’s structural framework. Sulfur is also a building block of keratin, the chief structural constituent of hair and nails.



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  • Ruth Judd Original review: Feb 10, 2022. Reply

    I bought dr dubrow cream for crinkel skin. It is creamy and rich. I used it religiously for months. I felt it was helping but then my daughter got covid and was in hospital for 76 days, thru that time i used other lotions because i was not at home. I found that as long as you use somting good it does the same thing. Its very nice and a good texture but for the money i dont think its worth while, also i had to wuit for a while due to no time for myself. Soon a i stopped i looked the same! What does that say, any nice moisturizer will do iny opinion.

  • C Original review: Apr 17, 2021. Reply

    Used these products a short time, then stopped. My skin was super dry and product did not go into my skin but rolled off. Worse product I have ever purchased.

  • Mary Original review: May 01, 2019. Reply

    I have primarily used the vitamins, but after trying the basic volumagen kit, serum, cream, and eye, I am also pleased with that. I don’t believe, or know from experience that any ingredients are toxic, they certainly have not been with me, and my skin, though not as sensitive as Mary Robbins, it is somewhat sensitive and I’ve had no problems. I do know that the B vitamins in the Beute Caps are a miracle! My nails had ridges and we’re turning under if they had any length, but after two months of these, they are ridgeless and straight. I am trying the beets and colla holla and in the two weeks I’ve been on them, I’ve had more energy and better looking skin. My primary skin care is Skinn by Dimitri James on hsn. ,but I like to switch things up every now and then.

  • Mary Robbins Original review: Mar 24, 2019. Reply

    I am 57 with rosacea and extremely sensitive to everything I’m a stage 3 lung cancer survivor and have a hard time with using products that have a lot of chemicals in them I tried to do things more naturally but need a little something more for my dry aging skin I purchased consult Beauty on evine recently but after receiving them I read an article that consult beauty products have very strong chemicals in them that may be harmful. Could somebody please tell me if they know if the ingredients in these products are toxic and can cause any permanent damage other than maybe just a breakout sensitivity to what’s in them I’m just very cautious of what I ingest internally and put externally on my skin, if anyone has any feedback about this I’d really appreciate it thank you sincerely’ Mary.

  • Anna Original review: Jan 21, 2019. Reply

    I also like the spot corrector however, it is not on the Evine site anymore! I just tried the copper infused eye serum and face/neck cream and serum. It is outstanding. Whether it is temporary or not is does firm up my neck area and the eye serum is so user friendly and I have not had any issues with irritation. Glad I ordered the set. I am 70 yrs. young!

  • Joy Moody Original review: Nov 28, 2018. Reply

    I have used this since the end of October and have not seen any results. How can you make statements like you do when the product doesn’t even work!

  • Elizabeth Newell Original review: Dec 08, 2017. Reply

    I have tried SO many products. Proactiv, differin, all Say Yes products and Neutrogena-like products. I LOVE Heather from RHOC and saw the segment on Evine and the set was fairly reasonable, so I bought it and I am so glad that I did. The complexion corrector has really transformed my skin. It has cleared up, sustained clearness as well as controlled my oily skin. I’m just nervous about running out!! I use every day and the spot corrector is fabulous. I have stubborn acne. Did I mention that I am 24 years old? You can imagine how over I am with this acne. Any way, I cannot wait to try other Consult products. I cannot recommend the complexion corrector enough.

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