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Science driven beauty has been on the rise for the past year and will likely continue to become more and more prevalent in mainstream skincare. This is partially due to the growing popularity of science-first brands like ClarityRx. Are brands like these the future of skincare? We’re tackling this question today, as well as looking at how ClarityRx use research and scientific evidence to formula their products and the ingredients behind them.

ClarityRx Skin Care Products

ClarityRx is all about combining the best of both worlds. As research led compounds continue to create transformative results and consumers become more conscious of the ingredients within skincare and body care products, and interesting debate has immersed. What’s better, natural or scientific? Luckily, brands like ClarityRx Skincare believe that you don’t have to choose one over the other.

This brand is formulated to include the most well-research active ingredients, but without any of the more questionable fillers or preservatives. In fact, they have a whole laundry list of commitments they make in the formulation of all their products, which includes:

  • No Artificial Colorants
  • No Fragrances
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • No Synthetic Chemicals
  • No Extenders
  • No Fillers
  • No Bulk Ingredients
  • And many more!
  • Multiple Masks

ClarityRx offers everything from cleansers to serums, but where they really shine is their masks. Following the multi-masking trend that surged over the lasts year, all of the masks they offer can be used on different areas of the face at once to deliver a more customized masking experience.

Daily Dose of Water
This is a very simple ingredients with 4 ingredients. It has a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid. HA is found in just about every serum formulation today. What we like about this serum is that it doesn’t contain a hundred ingredients that can irritate skin. Water, a preservative and skin conditioning agent are the only other ingredients found in this product. 

Sleep it Off
We like the amino acids in this formula because they are designed to support collagen and elastin. The formula contains algae, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients. It’s a good all round formula.

Live + Be Well
We’re not a big fan of this formulation. Skip this for a serum because they contain higher concentrations of actives and penetrate deeper into the skin.

Take Your Vitamin
Sea salts contain minerals, but there not the most impressive ingredient when it comes to skin. We’re not big fan of this formulation.

Get Fit
This is a great formula if you are concerned about signs of aging. It’s an impressive formulation which includes 7 peptides. These peptides signal your skin cells to produce specific things, like support collagen. Use this if you are concerned about the loss of firmness, laxity and overall suppleness. It may improve visible lines but don’t expect it to get rid of deeper lines or expression lines. 

Clay Masks
Within the ClarityRx range, there are several masks that contain one or more types of clay. Clay is an excellent ingredient for detoxification and pulling impurities from the skin. That being said, certain types of clay can offer additional benefits including hydration and soothing properties, so you don’t have to worry about stripping your skin.

Of the clay masks available, the most popular is the Rehab Mediterranean Detoxifying Mud Mask. This particular mask contains both bentonite clay and kaolin clay. These two types of clay work together to draw out toxins from the skin and absorb excess oil, while still being gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. Because of these ingredients, as well as dead sea mud, this makes a great addition for those who struggle with breakouts and irritation.

Cucumber Mask
Speaking of irritated skin, this mask is the one to keep an eye out for. The Cold Compress Soothing Cucumber Mask is designed specifically for when your skin is having a bit of a hissy fit. With calming ingredients including cucumber, chamomile and aloe, this mask is great for those who suffer from frequent inflammation, redness or rosacea. This could also potentially also be a great addition if you find that another product has caused you to break out. Additionally, this product also contains salicylic acid, so it’s great for acne-prone skin as well.

Inside The Ingredients List

ClarityRx is another one of those brands that is making the move to create skincare that is both clean and clinical.

This means that while all of the ingredients are safe and free from parabens, sulfates and other harmful fillers, the ingredients that are included do have research and scientific evidence to back-up their efficacy. The result are formulas that include all the things you need, without any of the stuff you don’t.

Because of this, the products from this range predominantly feature a high concentration of active ingredients.

Products like their Cleanse As Needed 10% Glycolic Acid Cleanser offer quite a strong dose of Glycolic acid in comparison to similar cleansers and toners on the market that hover around 5-7%. They also take full advantage of the combined benefits of several ingredients to boost the efficacy of the formulas as a whole.

Within this same cleanser, there is also Mandelic Acid. While this AHA is considerably gentler than Glycolic Acid, due to its larger molecule size, it is still quite effective on its own. But together, this duo really shines. AHA’s and BHA’s have been shown to work better, quicker and more effectively when used together.

Plus, if they are surrounded by moisturizing and soothing ingredients like glycerin, rose hip seed oil and seaweed extract, you can safely use AHA’s like these two regularly without irritation. With that said, this is only one example of how this brand is combining already effective ingredients to deliver simple yet safe skincare.

Review Recap

Unfortunately, there are very few reviews to go off of with this line. While the products have done extraordinarily well in the press, and have had mentioned in media sources like Shape, Allure, InStyle, Essense and Curve, this product hasn’t become a review winner just yet.

This is still a young brand, with very impressive ingredients, so we may see a growth in their popularity over time. Have you tried this clean but clinical brand yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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  • Kels Original review: May 07, 2022. Reply

    I started using this brand when I started my job at a Hand and Stone spa, and this whole line is awesome. I haven’t seen any reviews for it online but it is fantastic. There are items that my skin doesn’t like and that’s totally fine, everyone has different skin. The main products I love though are my saving grace. I have hormonal acne and it really helps get rid of it and helps the painful spots go down. I 100% recommend the ClearZit spot treatment, Cleanse As Needed Glycolic cleanser, Restore It glycolic acid, Daily Dose of Water hyaluronic acid serum, and Return to Calm CBD moisturizer. Great brand!

  • Debra L Stewart Original review: Nov 29, 2018. Reply

    I have been using Clarity products for several months now. I love this line! I just turned 65 and the difference in my skin is amazing. It’s so much softer, hydrated and brighter. I hope it becomes more widely available, as I have only found it at the Hand and Stone Spa. My favorites are the daily cleanser, hyaluronic acid, cucumber mask and squalane oil. The moisturizers are nice and creamy and you only need a small amount of any product. It goes a long way, so you definitely get what you pay for!

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