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Choosing the Best Anti Aging Products

We all know the perils of aging. The skin undergoes changes that affect volume, tone and texture. In many cases, skin and the underlying tissues can undergo so much change that it can be difficult to recognize your own reflection in the mirror. 

In an attempt to control these signs of aging, it’s common for people to test the most important products in an anti aging regimen, including cleansers, creams, masks and serums. 

When you take a stroll down the cosmetic store aisles or search the Internet for anti aging products, there’s an abundance of products that claim the world. Of course, we’d all be happy to buy products that lift sagging skin, smooth out wrinkles and improve uneven skin tone. But, rarely do these products actually work! That is why choosing the right anti aging products can be daunting. 

So, what is the best anti aging cream? Which skin care lines come out on top? What works? What doesn’t? Keep reading to find out!

Is there Enough of the Active Ingredients?

Whether you’re looking for a product to target wrinkles, loss of firmness, or uneven skin tone, we’ve put together a list of the top rated anti aging creams in 2016. From anti aging creams to serums to masks, we’ve studied hundreds of products. While the best anti aging products can be expensive, there are a handful of reliable drugstore skin care brands that you could look at if you are on a budget. 

The trick to finding a good product is to focus on the formulations. But to achieve results, effective concentrations of those ingredients need to be used. If both conditions aren’t met, the results will be lackluster, and you’ll be once again searching for skin care solutions in a few weeks, spending more of your hard-earned money. 

Unfortunately, many cosmetic manufacturers use only trace amounts of active ingredients, just for label claims. Often, the active ingredient concentration is so low that you are better off without it! Think about it this way; a product with 0.01% retinol will perform poorly compared to a product that contains 1% retinol. Yet despite this, cosmetic companies keep skimping because the cost of the right ingredients can be quite high. Therefore, look for manufacturers with a good reputation and those who invest in ingredients and not marketing. 

So what ingredients should you look out for? 

For much of the past decade, skin care professionals recommend ingredients like retinol, vitamins, minerals and alpha hydroxy acids. These ingredients can be found in the products on the shelves of your local drugstore and have been around for decades. But anti aging ingredients have come a long way in recent years. To better understand how these ingredients may improve the appearance of your skin, let’s take a brief look at what causes the skin to age. 

Causes of Aging Skin

As we age, the skin loses collagen and elastin – the two types of protein fibers responsible for keeping our skin tight. The gradual decrease in these structures leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Additionally, fatty tissues that provide volume under the skin begin to migrate downward (due to gravity) and become depleted. This results in loss of volume, which leads to the appearance of hollow cheeks and subtly changes the shape of the face. Unfortunately, the loss of skin elasticity further contributes to the problem, as the skin has a harder time keeping the underlying tissues in place. 

Old-school products use ingredients like silicones or even caffeine to temporarily firm the skin. But sadly, the results only last less than a few hours. In some cases, not even a few minutes! 

Another issue is photo aging, which is caused by prolonged sun exposure. This can accelerate what we discussed earlier due to free radical scavengers that break down collagen and elastin. The most obvious result of photo aging is uneven skin tone. 

So what are the most advanced anti-aging ingredients discovered recently? What ingredients should you look out for? 

  • Skin Damage Repair:  To address already existing wrinkles, take a look at peptides. This chemical family is the key to collagen synthesis. Examples of peptide-based ingredients include Uplevity, Matrixyl, SYN-Peptides, Preventhelia and Argireline. Just to name a few. 
  • Damage Prevention:  Antioxidants are some of the most helpful ingredients when it comes to prevention. Examples of well-known antioxidants include Lipochroman, PhytoCellTec and Venuceane. 

However, it’s vital to remember, that the ingredients need to be used in the right concentrations. A good anti aging skin care routine will include a host of innovative ingredients that target different skin concerns.

Different Skin Aging Stages

Your will experience different skin problems depending on your age… 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60.

For example, if you’re 20-something, you’re probably concerned about the first signs of aging like crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles. It’s likely that these issues are just starting to appear, which makes prevention an absolutely vital aspect of your skin care routine. Further, if you’re experiencing acne breakouts, then another concern is how to get rid of acne without causing long term skin damage.

The best anti aging creams in 2017

What makes a good anti aging cream? Multi-functionality, innovation, and the right ingredients. Look at anti aging regimens rather than individual products. Start with a good face wash. To cover your bases, we recommend a product with a mix of peptides and growth factors to stimulate collagen production. Free radicals attack collagen and elastin. That is why it is also important to also use antioxidants.

The #1 anti aging skin care routine you should to be using is Advanced Dermatology.

It achieved the highest score and contains highly innovations formulations that target visible signs of aging.

If you are concerned about aging skin, your skin care regimen should no longer consist of the basics. This routine consist of 6 products that each target different issues.




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