Preparation H Under Eyes



Preparation H Under Eyes

Although there are many ways to treat bags under eyes, some people have found that using Preparation H under eyes can improve their appearance. The problem with puffy eyes is that they make a person look exhausted and create an overall unpleasant or even apathetic appearance. The red swollen skin that is present under the eyes is most often caused by dehydration, bloating, allergies, fatigue, genetics and hormones. The condition is incredibly hard to correct after it has set in, but using Preparation H under eyes could very well be a solution in some instances.

Does Preparation H Under Eyes Help?

Although many super models have sworn by this remedy for years, using Preparation H under eyes must be taken with precautions. It is not a remedy for everyday use, and should only be utilized infrequently, for special occasions. In the best circumstances, a person should only use Preparation H under eyes on those rare occasions where they must look their absolute best and for whatever reason, puffiness and dark circles under eyes are present.

When considering the use of Preparation H under eyes and its treatment of puffiness and dark circles, it is best to explore what the cream is made of. For example, the active ingredients, such as phenylephrine, shark liver oil, and hydrocortisone all in the cream attack the very causes of some of the symptoms.

Phenylephrine reduces the size of veins and is a key ingredient in many decongestants because of its ability to constrict the blood vessels in the nasal cavity. This diminishes the flow of blood to the sinusoidal vessels, which in turn leads to a decreasing in swelling. Using Preparation H under eyes will do the same thing to the swollen veins under the eyes, decreasing their appearance relatively quickly.

Shark Liver Oil
Shark liver oil has been used for hundreds of years in skin care, because it is rich in vitamin A, which helps soothe the skin due to the nutrient’s anti inflammatory properties. It has been promoted as an ingredient that will help with the healing of wounds, with aiding in the functions of the digestive system, and respiratory tract. Shark liver oil is most often found in specialized moisturizers and hemorrhoid creams, such as Preparation h.

Hydrocortisone is a class of drugs called corticosteroids. It is used in a variety of products, mostly to treat skin problems, allergic reactions, and inflammation. It is found in Preparation h because it relieves the itchiness associated with hemorrhoids, while it alleviates the discomfort at the same time. If puffiness is due to an allergic reaction, using Preparation H under eyes can help alleviate the problem with hydrocortisone.

How to Use Preparation H Under Eyes

When using Preparation H under eyes, the most common goal is to reduce swelling, tighten skin, and protect it from further irritants. This is where the Phenylephrine and shark liver oil will have the biggest effect. If using for the first time, there are certain steps you should take.

  • Clean the area well before applying Preparation H under eyes, for maximum absorption. If time allows, place a cold compress over your eyes to reduce the swelling.
  • Apply Preparation H under eyes in a thin amount on the affected area. Blot the skin of any excess cream, and be careful to not get any in your eyes, as that may lead to severe irritation requiring medical attention.

Because of its inherent dangers to the sensitive tissues around the eyes, avoid using Preparation H under eyes or on other parts of the face.