Silica Silylate



Silica silylate is a synthetic silica derivative where some of the hydroxyl groups on the surface of the fumed silica have been replaced by trimethylsiloxyl groups. It is hydrophobic, which means it is not soluble in water. Silica silylate is a versatile ingredient, functioning as a dispersing agent, bulking agent, thickening agent, and a binder. For example, silica silylate can be used to thicken the oil phase of an emulsion, as well as increase viscosity and gloss of various oils by forming oil-gels. When used in the formulation of lipsticks, silica silylate improves payoff, reduces pigment settling, and reduces oil bleeding. It also provides grip in powder products (i.e. dry shampoos) and adds volume to dry shampoo products. Like other silicones, silica silylate improves the spreadability of a product and imparts a silky, smooth skin feel. Lastly, silica silylate can help prevent foam from forming in certain cases where this result is not desired.

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