Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Oil



Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) is an annual plant in the family Asteraceae, the daisy family, that produces white flowers with yellow inner discs. This plant is the most popular source of the herbal product chamomile. Chamomile has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mild astringent, and healing medicine. You may be familiar with chamomile tea, which is thought to promote sleep.

The flowers of Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) contain 1 to 2% volatile oils including alpha-bisabolol, alpha-bisabolol oxides A & B, and matricin (usually converted to chamazulene and other flavonoids which possess anti-inflammatory activity). According to a publication in Molecular Medicine Reports, a study on humans demonstrated that chamomile flavonoids and essential oils penetrate below the skin surface into the deeper skin layers. Once through the skin, these components can inhibit LPS-induced prostaglandin E2 release, as well as reduce COX-2 enzyme activity. Overall, this means that Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) flower oil is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that can help to improve a variety of skin conditions.

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