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Using a Caffeine Cream



If you’re looking to give an added boost to your skin care routine, you may have heard about the possible benefits of caffeine cream. But what does this cream do? What can a caffeine cream heal? Well, you may be surprised, but creams with this ingredient are used for a variety skin conditions. For example, some consumers swear that skin care products with caffeine are able to reduce fat in the treatment area, while others point to the chemical’s ability to reduce undereye puffiness. Further, some of these claims are even becoming backed by scientific studies and experiments that seem to suggest the creams are indeed effective. Before buying a caffeine cream and incorporating it into your skin care routine, it’s important to understand what the cream can do, and how it works.

Caffeine Cream for Fat and Cellulite

There are many uses for a caffeine cream; however, the three most common current applications are for treating fat, cellulite and undereye bags. Let’s consider fat and cellulite first.

Caffeine cream has been gaining attention for its seeming ability to target cellulite and reduce the associated bumps on the skin. Cellulite is really just fat, but is characterized by a bumpy appearance, and is commonly associated with the thighs and buttocks. The reason for such an appearance is because the natural support structures between the fat and the skin weaken, leading to an uneven skin surface.

If you’re considering caffeine cream for cellulite, it’s important you first understand that cellulite is not your fault. Although we’ve come a long way as a society, body shaming is still a part of our lives, and women are routinely made to feel guilty about developing cellulite or gaining weight. It’s really quite amazing how quickly the public jumps at a celebrity or a random photo of someone with cellulite (like Iggy Azalea, as a recent example) with very little actual knowledge of the condition.

Here’s the deal; cellulite can form for many reasons, including genetics, which means that you don’t have full control over it. Even if you lather tons of caffeine cream on your thighs and hit the gym every day, you’re still going to have a hard time getting rid of it completely. There are even ultrasonic treatments out there that claim to remove cellulite, but even those often produce only temporary results.

So if you’re going to get a caffeine cream or some other treatment to get rid of cellulite, do it for yourself, and yourself only – not for someone else. Love your body and yourself just the way you are, and use any skin care products not to change yourself, but to bring out the beauty you already have inside you.

Caffeine Cream for Eye Puffiness

Before caffeine cream became widely used for cellulite, it was first known for its ability to reduce under eye bags. In fact, caffeine treatments currently come in many forms, including creams, special twist-out applicators, and even serums.

The reason why caffeine cream is so effective for dark undereye bags is because it shrinks the bags by dehydrating the area. Often, undereye bags are caused by a collection of fluid due to poor diet and other health conditions. Caffeine cream temporarily dehydrates the area, and pushes the fluid away, thus decreasing the size of the bags under the eyes.

Further, caffeine is known to shrink blood vessels, a process known as vasoconstriction. When applied in the form of caffeine cream, this chemical shrinks the tiny blood vessels under the skin, which reduces the appearance of dark undereye circles.

How Caffeine Cream Works

Overall, it’s important to understand that caffeine cream does not actually repair the skin or improve skin health. Other ingredients, like olive oil, retinol, and antioxidants (for example) work directly to improve the health of skin cells. Exfoliating products also achieve this by removing dead skin cells, thus speeding up the cellular regeneration cycle.

Caffeine cream, on the other hand, provides only temporary relief. It addresses the symptom, not the problem.

The main results of caffeine cream are achieved through dehydration. For example, studies have shown that such creams can reduce fat and cellulite in the treatment area, when the product is applied regularly, several times per day. However, these effects of caffeine cream are due to its ability to temporarily shrink fat cells and push away water. Once you stop using the cream, the treatment area is likely to return to its former state.

With undereye bags, the caffeine cream functions in the same manner, and must be reapplied on a regular basis to maintain results.

Caffeine Cream Side Effects

Caffeine cream is believed to be relatively safe, especially since most Americans consume coffee with no problems or adverse effects. However, it’s important to look into other ingredients in your cream, to ensure your skin is safe.

For example, some creams with caffeine will also contain retinol. This derivative of vitamin A has been known to cause redness and irritation, especially during early weeks of use. Therefore, if you’re trying a caffeine cream with retinol or other ingredients for the first time, start out slowly to see how your skin reacts, before full-scale application.

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