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Upper Lip Wrinkles



How to Treat Upper Lip Wrinkles

 Upper lip wrinkles most commonly develop after age fifty, but in some cases can appear much earlier, especially when the skin is exposed to a great deal of sun and tobacco smoke. These wrinkles can make people look much older than they are, but because cosmetic surgery is expensive and time consuming, many are seeking non surgical skin tightening solutions to get rid of them. Upper lip wrinkles can be treated in a number of ways, from non invasive procedures like topical serums, to surgery, and even preventative measures that stop more wrinkles from forming. In order to achieve the best results and get rid of wrinkles, individuals should make an effort to understand how each treatment may affect their skin. Keep in mind that upper lip wrinkles are often linked to certain habits, and are more common in people who smoke and are also known as “Smoker’s Kiss.”

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The Main Causes of Upper Lip Wrinkles

 The most common cause of upper lip wrinkles is natural aging. As people age, their skin loses elastin and collagen, which give skin its firmness and ability to snap back into place. This leads to sagging skin and wrinkles, including those on the upper lip. While there is no way to replace elastin, there are a number of procedures and over-the-counter anti aging serums that help boost the body’s ability to produce greater quantities of collagen to tighten skin.

Another cause of upper lip wrinkles is exposure to toxins in the environment. UV rays from the sun contain free radicals that destroy skin cells and collagen, which causes sagging skin and lack of elasticity. Smoking is also a factor because it shrinks blood vessels and limits the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. But it is not just the tobacco smoke that causes the skin to age prematurely—the constant puckering action that smokers perform to inhale the tobacco also causes the skin to wrinkle.  When the same motion is made over and over, the skin on the upper lip forms creases that eventually deepen, creating upper lip wrinkles. While smokers are more likely to develop this condition, people who don’t smoke can develop them too; however, there are several options for those who want to know how to treat upper lip wrinkles.

Treatment for Upper Lip Wrinkles

One of the most common treatments for upper lip wrinkles is to get collagen injections, which plump the lips and smooth out these deep lines. Those who seek collagen injections can sometimes choose what type of collagen is used, synthetic or natural, depending on their physical health or skin type, as many people are allergic to synthetic materials. While these injections can be highly effective, they are also costly and must be repeated every few months in order for the lips to remain smooth and youthful looking.

Many people who are looking for treatments for upper lip wrinkles have turned to laser therapy. Not only are these treatments non-invasive, they usually take an hour or less and require no hospital stay. Laser technology skin care is becoming more advanced, and many fractional laser treatments are available that get rid of wrinkles without affecting the surrounding skin. Laser resurfacing is another option, but this procedure usually requires local anesthesia and the healing process is much lengthier than other laser treatments, as it may take patients up to a month to fully recover.

Other Treatments for Upper Lip Wrinkles

Those who are looking for a less invasive solution to get rid of upper lip wrinkles may find a viable possibility in collagen and retinoid serums that are made especially for the lips. These serums are designed to get rid of upper lip wrinkles by boosting collagen and increasing cell turnover, which causes the body to produce a greater quantity of lip-plumping collagen. However, those who use these products should remember that they make take some time before the appearance of upper lip wrinkles are improved, and results may vary depending on the type of product used.


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