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If you’re looking for a retinol serum or facial oil, then reviews for Sunday Riley Luna oil may have caught your attention. This specialty oil is manufactured by Sunday Riley, a fairly well known skin care brand, and is available for purchase through various online channels, as well as from Sephora retail locations. Although many claims are made about Sunday Riley Luna, and some reviewers claim that this product worked wonders for their skin, it’s important to avoid taking such statements at face value. When it comes to your own skin care routine, you are your only real advocate, which means you must diligently research the ingredients within such products. After all, individuals who leave good reviews for such items may not have your skin type, and could have skin concerns that are vastly different from yours. Therefore, before shelling out over $100 for just one ounce of Sunday Riley Luna, consider some of the basic attributes of this night oil.

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Sunday Riley Luna Ingredients

With an expensive product like Sunday Riley Luna, it’s a good idea to dive right into the ingredients. This oil has many chemicals beneficial to the skin, and can provide vital hydration. For example, here are just some of the ingredients in this night oil:

  • Trans Retinol Ester:  This Sunday Riley Luna ingredient is a form of retinol, a well-known skin care chemical. However, it’s important to note that trans retinol ester is not the same version of retinol that is more commonly found in skin care products. Further, this version of retinol has not been studied as extensively.
  • German Chamomile:  Believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, the chamomile oil in Sunday Riley Luna may soothe the skin and provide long term anti aging benefits (as skin aging has been linked to inflammatory processes).
  • Avocado Seed Oil:  A potent moisturizer, avocado seed oil can help restore hydration in the skin, and nourish it with vital nutrients.
  • Blue Tansy:  This extract is thought to have strong anti inflammatory and healing properties. The color of this extract is also what is claimed to give the Sunday Riley Luna night oil its color (though the ingredient list does contain some colorants, so the blue tansy may not be entirely responsible for the oil’s hue).
  • Vitamins:  Sunday Riley Luna also contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C, D and E. These vitamins can bring significant benefits to the skin, with vitamins C and E acting as antioxidants, for example.
  • Blood Orange Oil:  Like chamomile, blood orange oil is also thought to have anti inflammatory effects on the skin.
  • Ylang Ylang Oil:  This Sunday Riley Luna ingredient may help with regulating sebum production in the skin.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil:  This moisturizing oil is thought to boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier, to provide long term hydration.

How to Use Sunday Riley Luna

The Sunday Riley Luna night oil is formulated to be used at night, before going to sleep. There are several reasons why this oil should not be used during day time.
Firstly, because this night oil contains a version of retinol, there is an increased potential of skin damage. Retinol can temporarily weaken the skin’s natural defenses, which may increase potential damage from UV radiation in sun rays.

Secondly, the color of Sunday Riley Luna is very blue. In fact, it is so blue that once applied to the skin, it will be visible, even if thoroughly massaged into the skin. This creates an aesthetic concern and makes it impractical to use the oil during day time.

For best results, the manufacturer advises the consumer to apply a few drops of the oil to facial skin, and gently massage it into the skin using fingertips.

The Cost of Sunday Riley Luna

Unfortunately, the price of Sunday Riley Luna can be prohibitive for many individuals. At a cost of over $100 for just one ounce, using this product is impractical for those with a small skin care budget.

Those who are looking to buy this night oil for the retinol benefits may be better served purchasing an alternative retinol serum or cream with less exotic ingredients, at a lower cost.

Sunday Riley Luna Side Effects

Unfortunately, Sunday Riley Luna reviews suggest that this product can cause side effects like irritation. It is an interesting duality, because though some consumers love the product and gush about what an improvement it’s made in their skin, others are very frustrated that they spent so much money on an oil that caused irritation. However, this may be attributed to an allergic reaction from some of the botanical extracts in Sunday Riley Luna.

Another concern with this product stems from the artificial colorants included in the formulation. For example, this night oil has colors like Green 6 and Violet 2. These may also cause skin irritation in some individuals.

To avoid serious side effects from Sunday Riley Luna oil, it’s a good idea to seek out a sample of the product and conduct a skin patch test for a few days, before using on a regular basis.



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Sunday Riley Luna Oil

If you're looking for a retinol serum or facial oil, then reviews for Sunday Riley Luna oil may have caught your attention. This specialty oil is manufactured by Sunday Riley, a fairly well known skin care brand, and is available for purchase through various online channels, as well as from...

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