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StarSkin Face Masks Review



If you’re looking for a range of sheet masks that offer a wide range of applications and benefits, you may want to check out the StarSkin Face Masks. StarSkin as a brand specializes in offering bio-cellulose sheet masks that hydrate the skin while simultaneously delivering key active ingredients to the skin. The brand offers a full selection of benefit based masks including ones for nourishing, balancing, brightening, firming, recovering, hydrating, plumping, sculpting, purifying and anti-aging. The brand also offers several different sheet masks formulations, so that you can find the material and the ingredients that best suit your specific skin concerns. Because all of these masks come as single sheet products, the Starskin Face Masks are an exceptional addition to any travel skincare routine, when you’re looking to add in a little something to your regular line up. In order to get the most out of these products, we recommend applying the sheet mask to the skin and leaving it to soak in for 10-15 minutes. While you can leave these masks on the skin for longer, many brands have found that longer time doesn’t correlate entirely to increased benefit. After the desired time has elapsed, remove the mask and gently pat the excess product into the skin to increase hydration and plumpness.

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