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As aesthetic treatments technology continues to evolve, the skin care industry creates more diverse treatments, like Silkpeel dermabrasion, for example. This treatment option was created by Envy Medical, Inc., and is claimed to be a much gentler version of microdermabrasion. According to the manufacturer, what sets Silkpeel apart from similar treatments is that it does not irritate the skin as much as traditional, crystal-based dermabrasion treatments, and that it provides serum infusion during treatment. Further, the manufacturer claims that the intense serum/hydration infusion creates a plumping effect in the skin that can last for up to three days after treatment. However, though such claims are certainly enticing, it’s important to keep in mind that Silkpeel may not be the best choice for all consumers, and the treatment must be approached with great care, to avoid potentially serious side effects.

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How Silkpeel Dermabrasion Works

At the very core, Silkpeel is an exfoliation device that aims to remove the upper-most layers of skin cells, which are often the most damaged. To achieve this, the device is equipped with a diamond-tipped hand piece.

Although the use of diamonds may sound glamorous, the purpose is more steeped in utility. Diamonds are very hard by nature and can remain very sharp (this is one of the reasons why diamonds are often used in glass cutting applications). Further, unlike metal blades, diamonds will not rust and are much less likely to become dulled or to collect bacteria.

As the Silkpeel diamond tip is passed along the surface of the skin, it gently scrapes off dead and damaged skin cells at the uppermost layers.

In addition to the physical exfoliation, Silkpeel relies on vacuum-induced pore cleansing and removal of the scraped skin cells. To achieve this, the device relies on pro-infusion solutions, which are formulated with skin healing ingredients. The vacuuming action pushes the solution deep into the pores as the Silkpeel hand piece is passed along the skin, where the ingredients can have a more profound effect.

Silkpeel Pro-Infusion Solutions 

One of the differentiating factors of Silkpeel treatments is the use of specialty Pro-Infusion liquids that are delivered deep into the pores. By using a vacuuming system to infuse these solutions into the skin, the skin healing ingredients are delivered to layers where they may achieve a greater effect. (One of the biggest hurdles with any topical application of products revolves around getting the ingredients deep enough into the skin.)

To better understand how these Silkpeel Pro-Infusion solutions work, we need to consider the ingredients contained in these items.

  • Clarity MD Pore Clarifying Pro-Infusion Solution:  This infusion liquid may be a good choice for individuals who are struggling with acne. The primary ingredient in this Silkpeel infusion is salicylic acid. This chemical is well known for its anti-acne properties, and is often included in acne face wash and cream products due to its ability to dissolve pore plugs and cleanse pores. In addition to salicylic acid, this Silkpeel infusion serum also contains bisabolol, which is extracted from chamomile, and works to calm inflammation and condition the skin.
  • Vitamin C Skin Hydrating Pro-Infusion Solution:  The primary ingredient in this Silkpeel infusion serum is vitamin C, which has a variety of skin healing properties. Some of the uses of vitamin C in skin care include collagen stimulation, damage repair through antioxidant properties, and its use as a skin brightener. As such, this Silkpeel serum may be a good choice for individuals struggling with sun damage and hyperpigmentation.
  • Lumixyl Pro-Infusion Solution:  This Silkpeel serum infusion uses the lumixyl peptide as the active ingredient. The manufacturer claims that one of the biggest benefits of this ingredient is that it can brighten dark spots by neutralizing a skin enzyme which plays a crucial role in melanin production.
  • Skin Hydrating Pro-Infusion Solution:  To help individuals with dry, crepey skin, this hydrating serum is formulated around hyaluronic acid. This acid appears naturally in the human body, and is prized for its ability to attract moisture to the treatment site. In fact, some skin care experts suggest that hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture.

Silkpeel Reviews

The reviews for Silkpeel procedures are generally positive, with few consumers seeming to express dislike of the procedure. One of the reasons for such positive reviews may have to do with the comparative comfort of the procedure when compared to traditional, crystal-based microdermabrasion. The latter can produce significant improvements in skin texture, but can also cause significant discomfort, as the crystals are blasted against the skin.

However, it is also important to note that there is a comparable procedure on the market, called DermaSweep. Instead of a diamond-tipped hand piece, however, this Silkpeel alternative relies on metallic bristles to scrape the skin. Further, the serum infusion is typically performed after the exfoliation, versus the nearly-simultaneous process during Silkpeel treatments.

Silkpeel Side Effects

Serious side effects from this exfoliation procedure are not believed to be a major concern. However, consumers should keep in mind that they may experience skin irritation and redness from the physical exfoliation aspects, as well as from ingredients in the Silkpeel infusion solutions.





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