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Climate Control by SeneGence is an innovative anti-aging moisturizer created and manufactured by SeneGence. This beauty manufacturer is known throughout the cosmetics industry for its personal care formulations and use of independent salespeople to spread the word about its makeup, skin care, fragrance, and body care products. Most notably, SeneGence is known for the SeneGence LipSense, which was the company’s first product. Following the success of LipSense, Climate Control SeneGence and other skin care products were soon added to the brand’s growing portfolio. Climate Control by SeneGence is the company’s popular moisturizer designed for dry and sensitive skin that promises to provide a number of anti-aging benefits. Utilizing an innovative technology dubbed “DualSense”, Climate Control by SeneGence is able to deliver a one-two punch to dry skin.

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Climate Control by SeneGence Uses

Climate Control by SeneGence is used by women across the world to help regulate the moisture levels in their skin. At its most basic level, Climate Control by SeneGence works to hydrate the skin and provide extra moisture when it is the driest. Because dryness is one of the main concerns of mature skin, the hydrating effects of Climate Control by SeneGene help it to work to protect the skin against the most common signs of age.

Since the main Climate Control by SeneGence uses is related to hydration and moisture, it makes sense that the leading components of the moisturizer’s formulation are dedicated to increasing moisture in the skin. Inside the Climate Control by SeneGence formulation are innovative complexes that harness hydration on multiple levels to deliver moisture and other beneficial skin care ingredients deep into the skin. Special attention is used to ensure the smallest molecules and most nourishing oils are used to help the Climate Control by SeneGence to help support healthy skin function and repair skin that has been damaged.

The secret to Climate Control by SeneGence is its two-step delivery process. With the two Climate Control by SeneGence complexes, SenePlex and SelPlex, each one remains separate from the other until they are ready for use. SenePlex is the enzyme complex within Climate Control by SeneGenece that supports cellular function and SelPlex is the complex of herbal extracts and nutrients. When shaken, the Climate Control by SeneGence complexes fuse together and are activated to deliver a powerful dose of moisturizing and anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Key Climate Control by SeneGence Ingredients

While the highlight of Climate Control by SeneGence is its dual delivery system, the ingredients inside its formulation play a key role in the moisturizer’s effectiveness. In addition to the SenePlex and SelPlex complexes, there is a number of essential Climate Control by SeneGence ingredients that support the delivery system’s benefits.

Glucosamine HCL – This supplement is most commonly known for its anti-inflammatory and elasticity properties. In skin care, this is extremely helpful to calm irritated skin and help with firmness. In Climate Control by SeneGence, glucosamine HCL helps to support the production of collagen, the essential protein that gives skin its strength and elasticity.
Jojoba Seed Oil – One of the key moisturizing ingredients inside the Climate Control by SeneGence formulation is jojoba seed oil. This plant based oil is known for its highly nourishing properties and its natural tocopherol content. In Climate Control by SeneGence, jojoba oil is used to moisturize the skin along with supporting its elasticity.
Sandalwood Oil – A typical side effect of extremely dry or dehydrated skin is inflammation and chapped areas. Sandalwood oil is known to help heal the irritations associated chronically dry skin while adding a healthy dose of hydration in the process. Sandalwood is one of the Climate Control by SeneGence ingredients that is multipurpose and helps to improve the appearance and the feel of skin.
Algae Extract – In recent years the benefits of algae extract in skin care have become more prominent. Surprisingly, this water-based plant is known for its penetrating and protectant properties of the skin. Climate Control by SeneGence utilizes the benefits of algae extract to protect the skin from environmental factors like sun exposure, in addition, to help penetrate below the surface of the skin allowing the other Climate Control by SeneGence ingredients to assist with healing damages.

Is Climate Control by SeneGence Good for Eczema, Rosacea, and Acne?

Since Climate Control by SeneGence was developed specifically for dry and sensitive skin, it is common to ask if the anti-aging moisturizer will work well for those with specific skin concerns like eczema, rosacea, and acne. As the main Climate Control by SeneGence uses is to restore hydration, Climate Control by SeneGence for eczema is an excellent choice. With anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients in Climate Control by SeneGence, rosacea and its common side effects may be improved. Climate Control by SeneGence anti-inflammatory properties may be able to soothe irritation caused by rosacea and help to neutralize the common redness.

Climate Control by SeneGence and acne, however, may or may be the best combination. Climate Control by SeneGence doesn’t have any standout anti-bacterial or acne fighting ingredients so it most likely will not assist with helping to combat or clear blemishes. Using Climate Control by SeneGence to moisturize acne-prone skin may be an option, but it’s best to try in small doses to review how the skin reacts.

Climate Control by SeneGence Reviews

As a company, SeneGence generally has favorable reviews. And for those who have tried Climate Control by SeneGence, reviews fall in the same fashion. Common Climate Control by SeneGence reviews note smoother skin, more even complexions, and reduction in the appearance of scars and dark spots. There are also many Climate Control by SeneGence reviews that celebrate a huge improvement in hydration and moisture of the skin. There isn’t, however, many Climate Control by SeneGence reviews that specifically address reducing signs of age like fine lines and wrinkles, so it appears the moisturizer is best suited for those with mature skin whose main concern is restoring hydration.

What Are Alternatives to SeneGence Climate Control?

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