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Rodan and Fields has been at the forefront of the skincare industry for years. These two dermatologists have created a number of brands, including ProActiv, and of course, their namesake brand Rodan & Fields. Today, we’re looking at their Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex, talking through the formula and seeing exactly what makes this product unique. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

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Who is The Rodan & Fields Bright Eye Complex For?

The Rodan & Fields Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex is suitable for all skin types, but there are a few important things to take note of before incorporating it into account. This eye cream was designed for those who are concerned with premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles. Because of this, some of these ingredients are incredibly nourishing and moisturizing, which can potentially cause milia if you have sensitive skin or are prone to clogged pores.

Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex

The Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex was designed to serum as an under eye serum and cream in one product. This product features the 3D3P Molecular Matrix technology as well as a number of regenerative, hydrating ingredients to plump up and smooth your under eye area. But what does this unique technology do?

The 3D3P Molecular Matrix is described as a three dimensional platform that is infused with a combination of different humectants, including glycerin and hyaluronic acid. The structure of this technology allows these ingredients to adhere to the skin all day, continuously moisturizing and hydrating the skin. While other hydrating eye creams and moisturizers excel at delivering moisture and hydration to the surface of the skin, very few are able to reach the deeper layers and deliver that long lasting result. the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex goes beyond these traditional methods to replenish hydration to the deeper layers of skin without creating that overly heavy layer of moisture at the surface.

A lightweight eye cream can really change up your skin care game. Traditionally, eye creams were much thicker, heavier, richer products that worked well for some, but could actually cause clogged pores and milia for others. These more lightweight products, that rely more heavily on humectants rather than occlusives, are suitable for all skin types, and significantly lower your chance of developing milia as a result of using an eye cream.

Formula Focus

For a rather small product, the Rodan & Fields Bright Eye Complex is packed with a ton of interesting ingredients which target different concerns. The base of this formula starts out with a blend of water, caprylyl methicone, glycerin, PEG-12 dimethicone , dimethicone, and alcohol denat.

First and foremost, this is a very silicone heavy base and formula as a whole, which can be a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, silicone is an excellent texture enhancer, moisturizer, emollient and lightweight occlusive, which is why this ingredient is so popular in cosmetic and beauty products. But this sand-based synthetic can be problematic for some. Many with sensitive skin often find that silicones can be pore clogging and may cause irritation. In addition to these silicones, alcohol is also one of the base ingredients in this formula, which is also problematic. For those with dry skin, this can make you feel even drier. Plus, alcohol has no skin care benefits other than as a slight penetration enhancer, so many choose to look for products without this ingredient completely.

While the base of this product may be a bit controversial, the core of this formula is packed with a number of beneficial ingredients including ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and caffeine. Starting off with ceramides, there are actually three different types of ceramides in the Bright Eye Complex, including Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP and Ceramide EOS. Ceramides are an important part of creating your skin’s moisture barrier, and as you age, incorporating ceramides into your routine helps to ensure that your moisture barrier stays healthy and well maintained. Along with cholesterol, which is also included in this formula, ceramides make up the building blocks of happy, moisturized skin.

Moving on to hyaluronic acid, this ingredient, paired with the 3D3P Molecular Matrix technology, helps to provide intense hydration, without adding any additional heaviness or greasiness. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which draws in an incredible amount of moisture to the skin’s surface.

Finally, caffeine is especially beneficial for the under eye area. The skin around your eye is the thinnest, as well as the most fragile. But it can also be the area that shows tiredness and fatigue. To combat the puffiness and fine lines that come along with those early mornings, caffeine helps to increase blood circulation.

How to Use the Rodan & Fields Bright Eye Complex

The Rodan and Fields Bright Eye Complex is best applied after cleansing, with the ring finger. The skin around the eye is the more delicate, so applying very light pressure is recommended.

Review Recap

Currently, Rodan & Fields products are most readily available online through the brands website. Unfortunately though, the brand does not display customer reviews on any of their product pages, so reviews for this product are fairly difficult to track down. Some of the product line, including their Bright Eye Complex, iis available on Amazon, where there are a small handful of reviews. The feedback is hit or miss though, with some reviewers having excellent experiences while others saw no change in their under eye area, even with consistent use. But we’d love to hear from you! Have you tried this eye cream from Rodan & Fields? Let us know you thoughts in the comments section down below!



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