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How Radical Skincare Works

Radical Skincare is the brainchild of two sisters, Liz and Rachel Edlich. They founded this brand with the idea of creating skin care products that don’t lose their potency from sitting in a jar, or other inefficient packaging. Before launching Radical Skincare, the two sisters have spent about 15 years in the skin care industry, and claim to have started working in their father’s laboratory, before they were even teenagers. Today, the company distributes its products all over the world, and according to the founders, this growth was achieved without any marketing – only word of mouth advertising. However, although Radical Skincare has a compelling message, the consumer is advised to work with a dermatologist when selecting skin care products. As with any new skin care brand, it’s certainly easier to do some basic research, read some Radical Skincare reviews, and take a leap of faith by making a purchase. However, only a dermatologist has sufficient knowledge and experience to assess whether a particular skin product makes sense in your situation.

How Radical Skincare Works

Unlike many skin care brands that focus on specific ingredients or skin goals, the centerpiece of Radical Skincare is the company’s packaging technology. Officially referred to as Trylacel Technology, the approach looks to maximize the life of antioxidants and repair actives within the formula by utilizing a lipid bi-layer membrane.

Whether, Radical Skincare’s Trylacel Technology is actually effective remains debatable. However, if it can indeed achieve a longer shelf-life for the antioxidants and other ingredients, then the products may be more effective, even when compared to similar formulations that don’t utilize the bi-layer membrane technology.

Radical Skincare Ingredients

Radical Skincare offers a wide range of products, such as moisturizers, skin brighteners, anti aging products, and face masks, among others. Let’s take a look at some of these in greater detail:

  • Hydrating Cleanser:  This Radical Skincare cleanser was created to infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals, while removing dirt and oil buildup from pores. The main ingredients include aloe, to soothe the skin; grape seed oil, to promote skin healing; green tea, for its antioxidant content; and mango oil, to fortify the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Youth Infusion Serum:  This anti aging serum contains a variety of ingredients that are meant to moisturize the skin repair damage. Some of the ingredients in the formulation include hyaluronic acid, to plump up the skin with moisture; apple stem cells, in an effort to boost skin elasticity; pullulan, to create a thin layer on the skin that reduces wrinkles; and rice extract, to reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • Age Defying Exfoliating Pads:  To reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, Radical Skincare offers special exfoliating pads that rely on alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Glycolic acid is one of the key ingredients, and is often used in many skin care applications. Additionally, the pads contain salicylic acid, to cleanse pores; butylene glycol, to condition the skin; glycerin, to moisturize; and oat kernel extract, to calm skin irritation.
  • Extreme Repair Cream:  The goal of this Radical Skincare cream is to boost skin health through moisturization. Some of the ingredients in this formulation include glycerin, a common moisturizer; capric triglyceride, to add hydration; shea butter, to enhance the skin’s protective barrier; and rice bran oil, for added moisturizing effects.

Where to Buy Radical Skincare

One of the useful aspects of Radical Skincare is that the products are available both online and through a number of retail outlets. For example, the consumer can purchase the products from the company’s own website, from Dermstore.com, and Barneys.com, among many other e-tailers.

Additionally, the brand is available at some retail locations of Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Ave, Space NK, and a number of spas.

The cost of Radical Skincare products can be somewhat prohibitive, especially for those who are looking to create a skin care kit. For example, the Hydrating Cleanser is $45 for four ounces, the Youth Infusion Serum is whopping $170 for just one ounce, Age Defying Exfoliating Pads are priced at $1.25 per pad, and the Extreme Repair Cream is $150 for less than two ounces.

However, those looking for Radical Skincare coupons may find special deals where the company sometimes may offer substantial savings (up to 40% in some cases) for purchasing special skin care kits.

Radical Skincare Reviews

The consumer feedback expressed in Radical Skincare reviews is generally positive. However, it appears that some consumers who purchase the company’s products from third party sources may have been sent counterfeit items. Additionally, some reviews seem to take issue with the small amounts of actual creams and serums in the jars. For example, if you’re paying over $100 for a pump-action dispenser, then inevitably some of the cream/serum will be left inside the bottle, which makes the product even more expensive. Of course, Radical Skincare reviews that express concern with the packaging are not indicative of the product effectiveness, but such issues may play toward your overall satisfaction when trying these products.




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