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There’s a lot to be said for simplicity.

Some people love to take care of their skin with an elaborate daily ritual that involves layering multiple products and a nightly facial massage with a jade roller. But most of us can’t devote that kind of time to our skin every single day, and too many products can also aggravate the skin. In an ideal world we would pare down our products and ingredients to be only what we need.

The “less is more” philosophy is what drives the new skincare brand Quantini. The company takes a simple approach to skincare, whittling down skincare ingredients to just the essentials, which are safe and gentle. Think of it as thoughtful, intentional beauty. Anything that isn’t absolutely critical has been eliminated from the formula, which means that the product line offers purity as well as value. Here’s a closer look.

What is Quantini?

Quantini is a new skincare company that embraces purity and transparency as well as value. The brand offers “just what you need and nothing more” and will appeal to skincare minimalists. Think of it as taking a quantum leap to a new kind of skincare routine.

The products are formulated with pristine ingredients that are the heavy lifters of a skincare regimen. These simple and powerful ingredients are free of toxic chemicals, so they’re gentle on the skin. The ingredients are carefully chosen with respect to the health of people, the planet and all living creatures. Everything about Quantini is intentional and carefully thought out, from the ingredients used to the product’s packaging.

Quantini offers something for everyone, covering all skin types and skin concerns. The collection includes scrubs, serums, cleansers, masks and moisturizers.

What Is the Quantini Philosophy?

The Quantini philosophy is all about value, simplicity and transparency, and the brand’s mantra is “always gentle, never overcomplicated.” Quantini sees itself as a mindful skincare company. It strives for purity and integrity of materials and of purpose. It does this by stripping skincare down to just the essential ingredients, which are powerful but also kind on the skin. The formulas give skin what it needs to look its best, and anything not needed has been eliminated. The result? A product line that offers purity and safety as well as great value.

Who Should Use Quantini?

Quantini will appeal to anyone who wants a skincare routine that is focused on essential ingredients that are gentle to the skin, while also offering good value. It will also appeal to anyone who cares about the impact of products and packaging on the environment- will also appreciate Quantini’s approach. The brand also offers good value.

Beyond its clean and simple philosophy, Quantini is ideal for any age and any skin type. The products address a wide variety of skin concerns, from hydration to exfoliation as well as blemishes and fine lines.

What Ingredients are in Quantini Products?

Quantini products are formulated with pristine, powerful ingredients that are the workhorses of a skincare routine. It’s also important to note what Quantini products don’t contain: there are no sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban, synthetic fragrances or animal-based ingredients.

Instead, Quantini harnesses the power of gold standard ingredients.

Vitamin A derived retinols are the superheroes of fighting fine lines, and it’s the key ingredient in Retinoic Defense Oil. The HA + Squalane Hydrator is powered by two of the best known hydrators- hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, and squalene, which is similar to the body’s own sebum (natural oils). Salicylic acid targets blemishes, and is a key ingredient in the Herbal Anti-Blemish Oil. Vitamin C is another powerhouse when it comes to helping skin look brighter and clearer, and is the main ingredient in the Vitamin C serum.

Some of the lesser known ingredients include cloudberry and snow algae in the Snow Algae + Cloudberry Gel-Cream moisturizer, along with bamboo in the Honey Amber Polishing Scrub. Bamboo is a natural exfoliant. Red tea is an antioxidant that helps skin look firmer and healthier, and is found in the Red Tea Antioxidant Serum, along with hydrating hyaluronic acid. The Blackcurrant + Strawberry Scrub taps into the power of fruit for exfoliating and fighting free radicals.

What Does Quantini Sell?

The Quantini collection includes moisturizers, serums, masks, toners, cleansers and targeted products for skin concerns. Here’s a closer look.

Quantini Exfoliators – Giving the skin a good exfoliation is a cornerstone of any solid skincare routine, and Quantini offers a few different ways to whisk away dull skin. Honey Amber Exfoliating Scrub smells good enough to eat, with a honey vanilla scent, and gives the skin a mild but efficient exfoliation thanks to amber and bamboo powders. Strawberry seeds are a natural exfoliant and the key ingredient in the Black Currant + Strawberry Seed Scrub.

Quantini Moisturizers- The Snow Algae + Cloudberry Gel Cream has a light weight texture but delivers plenty of hydration. Cloudberry and snow algae are antioxidant-rich botanicals that help protect the skin. If your skin is extra thirsty, pat on a thin layer of HA + Squalane Hydrator. This intensive moisture treatment helps plump up the look of fine lines.

Quantini Anti-Blemish – Salicylic acid is a hero ingredient when it comes to zapping blemishes, and is one of the key components in the Herbal Anti-Blemish Oil. The salicylic acid gets a boost from the addition of turmeric, tea tree, niaouli and phloretin extracts, and the oil based formula helps soothe the skin. The Retinoic Defense Oil pulls double duty by tackling fine lines as well as blemishes, thanks to vitamin A derived retinoid.

Quantini Serums- Quantini offers several serums to address multiple skincare concerns. If the priority is addressing the signs of aging (fine lines, creases) the Peptide Line Preventor can help. It quenches the skin and helps soften the look of fine lines. If you want to boost your glow factor, options include the Multi-Effect Radiance Serum and the Vitamin C Serum. The Multi-Effect Radiance Serum drenches skin in moisture while peptides give it that coveted glass skin look. Vitamin C is a powerhouse when it comes to brightening the appearance of skin and softening the look of fine lines. To protect your skin from damaging free radicals, reach for the Red Tea Antioxidant Serum. The main ingredient is red tea derived from the rooibos plant which is high in anti-inflammatory flavonols. If you wake up with tired looking eyes, pat on a few drops of the Brightening Eye Serum, which contains a cocktail of yeast, rice and soy peptides to help support essential collagen and elastin for skin that looks smooth and rejuvenated.

Quantini Masks- Masks are a great way to give skin a little extra love and attention. The Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mask helps with dehydrated, dull looking skin. Glycerin and shagbark hickory extract attracts moisture to the skin while aloe helps soothe it. If you have combination skin or are prone to blemishes, try the Mineral Retexturizing Mask. Charcoal powder helps draw out impurities while clays absorb excess oil. If your goal is to boost skin brightness, the Rose Clay Refining Mask can help. Rose clay helps refine and brighten the skin, which is left feeling soft and nourished thanks to hyaluronic acid and chamomile.

Quantini Acids- Although it sounds daunting to put acids on your face, skincare acids are derived from milk and fruits, so they provide a gentle but thorough exfoliation. The Lactic Acid Rejuvenation Treatment is ideal for anyone trying an acid and is suitable for dry, mature or sensitive skin. For a deeper exfoliation Quantini offers the Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Peel. It tackles discoloration and the signs of aging to reveal smoother looking skin. The Fruit Enzyme Peel comes in two strengths- 7.5% for the face and 15% for the body. It’s powered by three different types of acid for maximum results: glycolic acid, pyruvic acid and lactic acid.

Quantini Toners– Applying toner is another essential skincare step, as it helps calm and balance the skin after cleansing and before applying moisturizer. The Marine Balancing Toner is formulated with a blend of four seaweed extracts to support healthy moisture levels in the skin. Those with normal or blemish prone skin can try Quantini’s Botanical Radiance Toner, which helps minimize oil buildup and shrink the appearance of pores. The soothing formula also primes skin for the next skincare step, such as a serum or moisturizer.

Quantini Cleansers – Good skin starts with clean skin, which means it all comes down to having the right cleanser. The Superfruit Micellar Cleansing Water does double duty as a skin cleanser and makeup remover. Botanical extracts of açai, goji berry and pomegranate infuse the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s also a breeze to use, as micellar water cleansers don’t need to be rinsed off. The ideal facial cleanser gives the skin a deep clean without over drying it, which is exactly what Quantini’s Rose Radiance Face Wash does. This gel cleanser is formulated with nourishing rose hip seed oil and soothing neem leaf extract to leave skin squeaky clean but feeling soft.

How Much are Quantini Products?

Quantini products are sold individually as well as in a bundle. Three products can be purchased for $55 while individual products range from $15-40, with most being in the $20 range.

Is Quantini Cruelty Free?

Yes, Quantini is cruelty-free. The company is also environmentally friendly, with practices that include minimizing packaging, and using recycled components wherever possible

Where Are Quantini Products Sold?

Quantini products are sold directly to the consumer via its website.

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