Pendulum Probiotics Review: Should You Take Pendulum Probiotics?



Pendulum Therapeutics is a company based in San Francisco, USA. Their mission is to advance research into metabolic health and the gut microbiome. 

Fostering partnerships with organisations such as Mayo Clinic, J. Craig Venter Institute and Johns Hopkins University, Pendulum Therapeutics have made a name for themselves as a company backed by science. 

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This can be seen in their governance and oversight within the business with medical and scientific advisory boards for their products as well as a CEO and co-founders who come from a strong medical research background. 

They conduct their own medical research into the ingredients in their products and support their formulations with peer-reviewed research. All green flags in our books.

Pendulum Therapeutics’ flagship product was their Pendulum Glucose Control developed to address the root causes of metabolic conditions like type 2 diabetes and obesity. The Glucose Control is formulated to target glucose metabolism through probiotics. They have since come out with four other products; Akkermansia, Metabolic Daily, Butyricum and Polyphenol Booster. We will take a deeper dive into their products and science in a moment.  

What Are The Pendulum Therapeutics Products?

Glucose Control

The Pendulum Therapeutics Glucose Control is a high dose probiotic blend that is designed to reduce blood sugar and minimise the liklihood of post-meal slumps. 

The formulation has been clinically tested and proven in studies conducted by the company to reduce A1C which is a marker used to test your blood sugar levels across three month intervals. The clinical research indicates that Glucose Control induces a 0.6% decrease in A1C and a 32.5% decrease in post-meal glucose spikes

While this product is designed specifically for those who experience type 2 diabetes the company states that the product can be used by anyone. 

The strains of bacteria that are included in this formulation are; Akkermansia mucinphila, Clostridium beijerinckii, Anaeributyricum hallii, Clostridium butyricum, Bifidobacterium infantis and chicory inulin, which is used as the main food source for the bacteria. We will ge into a little more about these strains in the next section. 


Akkermansia is Pendulum probiotics general gut health formulation. It is designed to improve gut health, permeability and resistence and increases GLP-1 production. According to an article published in Acta Diabetologica, GLP-1 is a hormone produced in the gut that slows gastric emptying and may reduce food intake and cravings. 

Pendulum’s survey results suggested that there may be benefits to improved gut health, improved bowel movements, improvements in mood and decreased sugar cravings. It is important to note here that the survey was conducted on 180 customers and was not completed under clinical research conditions. 

If you haven’t heard of this probiotic strain before, we will be unsurprised, given that it is a strain that can only grow in oxygen-free environments, like your gut, it has previously not been manufactured for supplementation. This is because it is hard to manufacture in oxygen-free environments. 

There is one strain in this formulation: Akkermansia mucinphila

Metabolic Daily

Metabolic Daily is a multi-strain probiotic that focuses on metabolizing sugars and carbs, food efficiency and sustained energy levels. 

Whilst this formulation has a similar composition to the Glucose Control it varies in the strength of the strains that are included. For instance, this formulation has the lowest amount of Akkermansia mucinphila out of their formulations. 

This formulation includes the following strains: Akkermansia mucinphila, Clostridium beijerinckii, Anaeributyricum hallii, Clostridium butyricum, Bifidobacterium infantis 


The Butyricum formulation is formulated for the more symptomatic issues with gut health such as gas, bloating, regularity, diarrhea and constipation. This formulation was co-developed with doctors out of the Mayo Clinic, UCLA and Cornell University. Pretty strong collaboration if you ask us. 

Much of the research on this strain of bacteria indicates that it helps keep things status quo. In a Journal of Gastroenterology article from 2015, it discusses how Clostridium butyricum may help to reduce inflammatory responses in the gut and regulate homeostasis (science talk for status quo). 

The strain included in this formulation is: Clostridium butyricum

Polyphenol Booster

Polyphenols are a group of compounds that research suggests have a protective effect against many chronic and degenerative conditions. For instance, support healthy aging and heart health. It may also increase the natural levels of Akkermansia mucinphila, in the gut.  

What Are The Key Ingredients In Pendulum Therapeutic’s Products?

Chicory inulin 

Chickory inulin is a source of solubl fibre that can travel to the lower gut and act as a food source for the strains of bacteria. 

Bifidobacterium infantis

Bifidobacterium infantis is a probiotic strain tha thelps to maintain a healthy GI tract. It is also considered a butyrate producing strain. Butyrate is a regulatory molecule that helps to reduce inflammation in the gut’s mucosal layer, improve barrier defense and reduce sensitivity. 

Clostridium butyricum

Clostridium butyricum is another butyrate producer. It is a probiotic strain naturally occurring in the gut and commonly linked with immune support. 

Anaeributyricum hallii

Anaeributyricum hallii is yet another butyrate producer. This strain may help to support the body in processing sugar and improve gut lining resilience. 

Clostridium beijerinckii

And no surprise here, Clostridium beijerinckii is also a butyrate producer. 

Akkermansia mucinphila

Akkermansia mucinphila tends to be considered a probiotic that helps support your gut’s lining. Interestingly the research indicates that those with type 2 diabetes usually are deficient in this strain of bacteria in their gut. Studies support the link between Akkermansia mucinphila and weight management. 

What Are The Potential Benefits of Using Pendulum Products? 

The generalized benefits of using the Pendulum Therapeutics range may include: 

  1. Blood sugar control – in particular their Glucose Control formula which is designed and tested for this purpose. 
  2. General gut health – many of the strains included in Pendulum products support the gut’s homeostasis and resilience. 
  3. Metabolic support – The Metabolic Daily and Glucose Control are designed to support glucose regulation and help improve metabolic function. 
  4. Overall wellbeing – There is growing research to suggest that probiotics and gut health in general are incredibly important to heart health, mood etc. Keep in mind that the research on how the gut interacts with the rest of the body is still ongoing. 

Are Pendulum Products Legit? 

As far as legitimacy and reputability go, Pendulum Therapeutics is up there. With a strong scientific foundation and science led corporate governance, they are leaps and bounds ahead of many supplement companies, particularly in the United States. 

They have peer reviewed research to back up their formulation choices and strong partnerships with industry leading organisations in the health sector. 

What’s The Difference Between Seed Health and Pendulum Therapeutics?

Pendulum Therapeutics and Seed Health are both companies that formlate probiotics for gut health. However, they do have some key differences in their approaches. 

Both companies include pre and probiotics in their formulations which ensure that the strains of bacteria have a source of ‘food’ when they reach the gut. 

Pendulum Therapeutics focuses on specific, targeted formulations for metabolic health, with a strong focus on type 2 diabetes management. 

While both companies’ products will support overall gut health, Seed Health’s products have a broader range of strains included in their products. This makes them slightly less targeted to any specific need or purpose. 

When talking about legitimacy, both companies prioritize scientific backed research, however Pendulum Therapeutics have invested more heavily in this area. 

If you’re wanting to know more about Seed Health you can check out our review here. 

Are There Any Side Effects To Pendulum Therapeutics?

Like with any probiotic there can be an adjustment period as your body gets used to the increased amount of bacteria in the gut. This can present itself as bloating or gas. This side effect may be slightly reduced due to the inclusion of strains designed to reduce this. 

With any probiotic you need to ensure that you are ‘feeding’ your gut with a well balanced diet that provides the bacteria with sources of fuel, think fibre. 

When introducing new supplementation into your routine it is advisable for you to speak with your health practioner before doing so to determine if it is a right fit for you. 

How to Use Pendulum Therapeutics?

In terms of dosage, most of the Pendulum Products work on a 2 capsule a day schedule. Their monthly supply contains 60 capsules. 

Where to Buy Pendulum Therapeutics

You can purchase Pendulum Products online at their website or on Amazon.

How Much Is Pendulum Therapeutics? 

The price does vary significantly depending on the product. We have included a rough price guide below based on their one off purchase monthly supplies for each product. Their subscription discount usually incur a 35% discount off the one off purchase price. 

Akkermansia – USD $89

Metabolic Daily  – USD $79

Glucose Control – USD $230

Butyricum – USD $79

Polyphenol Booster – USD $45

What Is Pendulum Therapeutics’ Return Policy?

Pendulum Therapeutics offer a money back guarantee for all of their products if you are dissatisfied with their product after 30 days of use. 

Pendulum Therapeutics Reviews

Overall Pendulum Therapeutic product’s reviews are positive with many expressing their gratitude for the support around type 2 diabetes. Most of the criticism comes from the expensive price tag attached to the products. 

Both the Pendulum Therapeutic’s website and Amazon have reviews of their products. To reduce the risk of bias we have included reviews from Amazon on Pendulum’s Akkermansia as their Glucose Control formula is only available through their website. Akkermansia has over 600 reviews and a star rating of 4.2 on Amazon

One reviewer said that after two weeks they noticed a significant change in their digestive issues, rating the product 5 stars. 

Another reviewer said that they didn’t notice any specific benefits and noted that the products were expensive. 

Our Verdict: Is Pendulum Therapeutics Worth It? 

As far as we are concerned there are plenty of green flags for Pendulum Therapeutic’s products. They are well-researched, backed by peer reviewed articles and are specific to their solutions. Where many may be able to justify the price tag based on their specific health needs but for general health and wellbeing we have included some alternatives below. 


  • Clinically tested for type 2 diabetes support
  • Science backed 
  • Targeted formulation
  • Supports gut resilience and metabolic need


  • Limited product range 
  • Expensive 
  • May be too specific for everyone

What Are Some Alternatives to Pendulum Therapeutics? 

Ritual Synbiotic+ Probiotic Capsules is considered all rounder for gut health with a larger variety of probiotic strains and a larger CFU count. 

Culturelle Women’s 4-in-1 Protection has a large number of lactobacillus strains which are generally more well-researched. 

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is one of the highest strengths in terms of CFU and probiotic variety. They also offer refills to their product to reduce waste. You can read our review here.

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