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Olay ProX Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel Review



Exfoliate and Renew with the Olay ProX Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel

The right kind of exfoliation can be hard to find, but could the Olay ProX Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel be the perfect product for renewal and regeneration?

Caring for your skin is so important. No only to keep it looking radiant and youthful, but also for your health. Healthy skin isn’t hard to achieve, but it isn’t handed to you either. With the effects that everyday life can have on the skin, as well as environmental factors, it’s easy for it to become tired and stressed. Healthy and youthful skin is often a skin care aim, but it does take a little work to achieve, often with a few simple steps.

Nighttimes are one of the best times to do this. When you’re sleeping, your skin gets a chance to recover. When it’s recovering, it can heal and make its way back to health. Renewing itself and rejuvenation are some of the ways the skin does this, but sometimes it needs a little help. In best case scenarios, our skin should be able to take care of itself. But when we throw a lot at it and expose it to the elements, it could use a little help.

Through the renewal process, skin takes those vital steps towards becoming healthier again. Getting rid of old, dead skin cells is an important step to achieving this. When the skin becomes blocked, it isn’t healthy. But when dead cells and cleared and newer, healthier ones replace them, radiance if never that far behind.

This is something that Olay has never taken too lightly. Optimum skin care has always been at the front of the business and drives what they do. Since 1949, the brand has believed in caring for skin the right way and giving women the right tools to do it. The ProX collection is just one of their ranges that puts scientific skin care first.

Designed by dermatologists, the Olay ProX skin care range consists of carefully created products that work towards radiant and youthful complexions. One of their most renowned products in the range is the ProX Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel. Designed to work at night, it is the perfect way to help your skin during the rejuvenation process.

As it is created by skin care science professionals, the micro-peel has also been clinically tested. It works to exfoliate the skin and help to renew the cells whilst you sleep. You could definitely say it’s assists with beauty sleep in that case! Because it gets to work during the night, you will find you start to notice a difference after just 5 nights of using the product.

The formula itself is made up of vitamin B5 and a combination of three acids, Glycolic, Citric and Lactic. It’s gentle, yet potent enough to get to work on restoring the skins surface. It also helps to prevent the build up on the skin, just like the dead skin cells discussed earlier.

Fragrance, oil and dye free, the Olay ProX Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel is a great at-home alternative to more invasive spa-like skin peels. With anti-aging at the heart of the process, using the product will allow the skin to appear visibly younger and radiant.

Using the micro-peel daily, before bed, you will notice a change within a weeks time. Apply the product after cleansing, but before you moisturize, then let it get to work. In the morning, cleanse your skin as you usually would, but then make sure to follow up with a great SPF product. It’s important to protect the skin. If you’re repairing it, you’ll want to make sure no further damage is done in the future.

Countless Olay ProX Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel review comments have been made by happy customers and they’ll definitely continue. For an at-home, nightly rejuvenation treatment, the Olay ProX Nightly Purifying Micro-Peel is the perfect product for visible results, in a gentle way.





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