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Modere is a global direct selling company that sells products across the personal care space. Currently, Modere offers beauty, health, wellness, and even some household items that promise to be safe and effective for your family. The beauty division of Modere offers a number of unique products for your skin, hair, and body that are settled at the intersection of safety and luxury.

Modere takes a straightforward approach when it comes to the beauty products by seeking first to solve your most common cosmetic concerns, at a price that doesn’t break the bank, that doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness and quality. Each of the Modere products is developed by experienced chemists that incorporate safe ingredients with advanced technology to create their high performing products.

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Modere Products

Modere’s beauty division follows both the traditional direct selling approach while also offering their products online for interested customers. Like the parent Modere company, there is an extensive collection of Modere products across the beauty space. We’ll take a look at a few of the most popular Modere products in each space to get an idea of the quality and makeup of the Modere beauty brand.

Modere Anti-Aging Serum: The Modere Anti-Aging serum is a powerful skincare treatment that helps to dramatically reduce the signs of age including diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, smoothing fine lines, calming undereye puffiness, and hydrating the skin. Enjoy a number of advanced skin benefits with this Modere serum like increased elasticity, a more even complexion, and smoother, supple skin. The Modere Anti-Aging serum is formulated with a number of nourishing ingredients including walnuts which help to lock in moisture. With daily use of this dermatologist tested Modere serum, skin will look and feel more youthful and radiant.

Modere Body Lotion: The Modere Body Lotion is a creamy body hydrator that works to nourish and smooth the skin. Gentle enough to be used on the face but powerful enough for the whole body, the Modere Body Lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and provides moisture that lasts all day long. Inside the Modere Body Lotion formulation is a number of natural nourishing ingredients like sweet almond oil which is great for soothing irritated skin, antioxidant packed rosehip oil which is commonly used in many anti-aging formulations, and vitamins A and E for added environmental protection.

Modere Key Hair Collection for All Hair Types: The most popular Modere products are the shampoo and conditioner formulated for all hair types. The Modere sulfate-free shampoo works to gently cleanse and moisturize the hair. This Modere shampoo is formulated without any sulfates, parabens, and ethoxylate as well. The Modere conditioner also is formulated without of harmful hair ingredients and instead contains amino acids which help to strengthen and shine the hair along with healing damaged hair. Both the Modere Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for all hair types and are best when used together inside the key hair collection.

Modere Reviews

There are a number of Modere reviews floating around and with the beauty aspect being part of a larger global company, it can be difficult sifting through to the truth. As far as the products discussed here, the Modere reviews are positive with the anti-aging serum being celebrated for its ability to soften and moisturize the skin. The Modere reviews regarding the body lotion applaud the product for being intensely hydrating and the consistently sold-out Modere shampoo and conditioner back up the Modere reviews of how well each of those work whether separately or together.

You will come across a number of negative Modere reviews which focus primarily on a lack of trust and transparency when it comes to their products and processes. Modere frequently promotes safety and effectiveness but can be very vague when it comes to those terms both within their beauty division and company on a whole. Additionally, as a direct selling company, there have been a number of Modere reviews that complain about some of the sales tactics and techniques used as well. If you’re interested in trying out Modere for yourself, start off slow and try the Modere products mentioned here.

What Are Alternatives to Modere?

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