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Should You Choose Lip Venom to Plump Up Your Lips?

If you comparing cosmetic products in order to create a custom kit that suits your beauty needs, you may have heard of lip venom. This product is formulated to plump up the lips to simulate a pouty appearance and offers color and conditioning as well. When you think of lip venom, you may think of exotic products that contain actual snake venom, but in most cases, products that bear this particular name contain a blend of spicy and stimulating ingredients that cause the plumping effects that so many women try to achieve. Lip venom products are available at a wide array of cosmetic retailers online and in stores that carry cosmetic items.

How Does Lip Venom Work?

While there are some lip-plumping cosmetics that contain bee or snake venom, ones that are more common, such as DuWop Lip Venom, contain a variety of natural ingredients that stimulate blood flow and temporarily plump the lips.

Other ingredients include wintergreen, cinnamon, and ginger, while other ingredients, such as avocado and jojoba oil, nourish and protect the lips by providing hydration. You should keep in mind that while lip venom products will plump the lips and give them a slightly puffy appearance, the effects are temporary and you will have to reapply the product often.

If you’re going to use these types of products, speak to your dermatologist, and read lip venom reviews to see how others have reacted to these products.

Who Would Benefit from Using Lip Venom?

People who would most benefit from the addition of Lip Venom to their cosmetics kit are those who want to achieve pouty lips but do not want to undergo collagen injections because of their cost and possible side effects.

Most brands of lip venom cost around $16-$20 and are affordable for almost any beauty budget. However, before choosing a product that seems like a good match for your cosmetics kit and for the results you’re trying to achieve, it’s important that you compare ingredient lists so that you can avoid any allergic reactions or irritating side effects.

Lip Venom Ingredients

Most lip venom products include a blend of stimulating herbal ingredients that give it its plumping abilities, as well as several different moisturizers. Many of these products often have a minty or cinnamon scent, and the texture of some of them has been described as thick or sticky. The mint and wintergreen ingredients provide the tingling effect that this product is supposed to provide so that you know it’s working, but some people have found thing tingling unpleasant or even uncomfortable.

Before you purchase a lip venom product, read the ingredient list carefully and avoid those that have caused you discomfort in the past. If you have sensitive skin, you may find the tingling effects of lip venom especially uncomfortable.

If you are sensitive to dyes or artificial colors in your cosmetics, you should be aware that several different lip venom products contain these ingredients in order to give the product its color. If you experience any swelling or redness after using a lip venom product, you should avoid reapplication until you have spoken with your dermatologist.

Is Lip Venom Right for You?

While the effects of lip venom have varied for those who have tried it, whether it will work for you will depend on your skin type, what type you choose, and its ingredients. One of the best ways to know if this product will work for you is to find a local cosmetics or skin care counter that carries the product and ask if they have testing available. Keep in mind that lip venom is a short-term solution to your lip-plumping needs and may not be strong enough for you to achieve your beauty goals

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