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Consumers looking for Asian skin care tips may come across a brand called Ling Skincare. This line of products is manufactured by a New York based company that also operates several spas, and has been featured in popular magazines like Us Weekly, Elle, and People Magazine, among others. Founded in 1984 by a Chinese immigrant, Ling Chan, Ling Skincare originally started as an upscale spa in New York. Over the years, the company has grown to offer a wide range of skin care products, including moisturizers, cleansers, and even skin care devices, just to name a few. However, although Ling Skincare has received a lot of favorable publicity and is even rumored to be used by some celebrities, it’s important to note that the popularity of a product does not necessarily mean it will have value for your skin. After all, every individual’s skin is unique, and needs the right combination of active ingredients to achieve the best results.

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Ling Skincare Ingredients

The ingredients in the Ling Skincare product line can vary greatly from one item to the next. This makes it imperative to carefully review the full ingredient list with your dermatologist, for the specific item you are considering. However, to help you better understand how some of the Ling Skincare work, we are including a brief overview of some of the ingredients:

  • Purifying Facial Cleanser:  This Ling Skincare product was designed by the manufacturer to cleanse the skin, while soothing it at the same time. Some of the ingredients in the formulation include butylene glycol, to condition the skin; stearic acid, to facilitate cleansing by reducing surface tension between water and oils; rose water, to reduce inflammation; and cetyl alcohol, to improve skin softness. For best results, Ling Skincare recommends using this product in the morning and at night.
  • Elastin Collagen:  This Ling Skincare moisturizer was created by the company to help consumers moisturize and tighten skin. The cornerstone ingredient in this lotion is olive-derived squalane, which is valued for its ability to moisturize the skin. However, what sets squalane apart from other moisturizers is its ability to penetrate the skin deeply, where it can effect a more substantial change. Other ingredients in this Ling Skincare lotion include hydrolyzed collagen, to help rebuild collagen fibers in the skin’s support network; lactic acid, for exfoliation; and allantoin, to promote healing. For best results, the manufacturer suggests using this lotion twice a day, after thoroughly cleansing the skin.
  • Hydra Squalane:  To help consumers suffering from dry, flaky skin, Ling Skincare developed this facial cream, with a variety of ingredients to moisturize and draw hydration to the treatment site. The two main ingredients in this face cream include squalane and sodium hyaluronate. While squalane helps to moisturize and even increase skin penetration by other ingredients, sodium hyaluronate works by drawing moisture to the treatment site. This chemical is highly valued in skin care applications because it can hold many times its weight in water, and can provide nearly-immediate improvements in skin plumpness and volume. This Ling Skincare cream also includes butylene glycol and caprylyl glycol, to condition the skin. According to the manufacturer, the best results are achieved when using this cream in the morning and at night.

Where to Buy Ling Skincare

Ling Skincare products are available through the company’s website, as well as through its spa locations. Some online outlets also offer this brand; however, it is difficult to tell whether these sellers are authorized distributors. Ling Skincare items can also be found at select spas around the United States.

The cost of Ling Skincare products isn’t exorbitant, but may be difficult to afford for even medium skin care budgets, especially for the consumer who is interested in creating a complete skin care kit with this brand. For example, the Purifying Cleanser costs $42 for just under seven ounces, the Elastin Collagen runs at $48 for 1.7 ounces, and Hydra Squalane is a whopping $80 for just one ounce.

Ling Skincare Reviews

Unfortunately, there are not many Ling Skincare reviews available on third party websites. This is an issue for any consumer conducting research on the company’s products before making a purchase. When used correctly, reviews for Ling Skincare (and other products) can serve as sources of vital information that can help you understand how others with your skin type have reacted to the company’s products.

However, reviews for this brand are only available from the company’s website. Such situations where a company inherently controls the review process can be frustrating for the consumer, because overzealous employees may sometimes block negative reviews, so as not to hurt their company’s image. Although it’s perfectly natural for employees to try and protect their company, the potential for such behavior makes it vital to seek out product reviews that are not in any way affiliated with a manufacturer’s website, regardless of whether you’re looking for Ling Skincare reviews, or reviews for any other manufacturer in the world.



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