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Consumers looking for the best face cream for wrinkles may eventually come across a product called Idrotherapy. This face cream (currently sold in the European Union, Canada and U.S.) was designed with a focus on boosting the amount of collagen in the skin, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In fact, the manufacturer claims that Idrotherapy is so effective that it can increase the thickness of your skin by up to 9% in less than four months. If true, this spectacular change in skin thickness may indeed reduce the appearance of fine lines and moderate wrinkles. However, when researching this face cream, the consumer will eventually notice a number of Idrotherapy reviews that are negative and rate the product at only one or two stars out of five. This potential red flag makes it essential to seek the advice of a skin care professional, especially since the cost of Idrotherapy can amount to over $100 per month.

Idrotherapy Reviews

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: the negative consumer reviews for Idrotherapy. A number of customers who’ve purchased this product express disbelief at how an initial free trial turned into hundreds of dollars of unexpected expenditures, while others felt the product was completely ineffective. The contrast between these Idrotherapy reviews and the manufacturer’s claims is quite stunning at first. But upon deeper analysis, some clear trends become apparent.

Reading reviews for this anti aging cream, the consumer will first notice that the majority of negative reviews complain about the unexpected costs of the product, and not the actual quality of the cream. This is a very important distinction, as just because someone wrote a bad Idrotherapy review, that doesn’t mean the product was ineffective. In fact, the biggest frustration expressed by reviewers is that they were automatically enrolled into a monthly membership subscription – a fact that is clearly disclosed by the company in the fine print.

Of course, please review the all the terms and conditions directly on the Idrotherapy website (the below are not the complete terms, and these may become incorrect if the company ever updates the terms on their website), but at the time of the writing of this article, the basic terms were as follows:

  • After signing up for the free trial, you have 18 days to cancel.
  • If you don’t cancel, you’re enrolled into the Elite Member’s Club, and will receive a new bottle of Idrotherapy every 30 days, at a cost of $99.99, plus shipping and handling fees.

The other aspect of Idrotherapy reviews are complaints about the product being ineffective. Although it is hard to say with great certainty how this face cream will affect most customers, keep in mind that negative reviews may be simply attributed to lack of treatment time. So someone might have used the cream for just a few weeks, saw the unexpected charges on their credit card, stopped using the cream and fired off an angry Idrotherapy review about how the product is bad. But in reality, using any cream for just a few weeks isn’t likely to produce meaningful results.

Idrotherapy Ingredients

To learn about how Idrotherapy works, we have to look at the ingredients in this skin care product. Unlike anti aging products that focus on moisturizing, the manufacturer of this cream is focused on touting Idrotherapy’s ability to increase collagen and skin thickness. To achieve this, the company uses a combination of two active ingredients; Matrixyl 3000 and Renovage.

Matrixyl 3000 is another name for a peptide formulation that is believed to stimulate collagen production. An increase in collagen will typically reduce the appearance of wrinkles due to the added support under the skin.

Renovage is another Idrotherapy ingredient that is aimed at increasing the amount of collagen, but works differently from Matrixyl 3000. Renovage is a proprietary name for a formulation that includes Teprenone; a chemical believed to prolong the life of fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen fibers). Theoretically, the more of these cells in the body, the more collagen is produced.

However, though Trepenone is sometimes billed as “DNA therapy” it actually isn’t believed to repair the fibroblast cells, but rather prevents their demise by limiting the production of shock proteins, which signal these cells to destruct. Some have pointed out that this may be a potentially dangerous approach to skin care, as many of the cells in our bodies are programmed to self destruct at some point, to avoid the development of potential diseases.

At the time of the writing of this article, the FDA has not yet approved Trepenone for skin treatment, and the jury is still out as to the potential dangers of using this chemical on the skin. Because of this, it’s essential for anyone considering Idrotherapy to speak to a doctor before using this cream.

Where to Buy Idrotherapy

Idrotherapy can be purchased directly on the company website and Interestingly, this anti aging cream is difficult to find at third party retailers.

The cost of this cream is not for the small skin care budget, running at nearly $100 for just half an ounce of product. Because of the high cost of Idrotherapy, it’s important to speak to your doctor before using this product, to ensure that it’s the best choice for you and won’t cause any side effects.

  • Elli Farrle 08.14.19 Reply

    I have used the cream for more than a month only and I can see that it really lessen and removed the fine lines on my face!

  • Fiona D. 09.19.18 Reply

    I have been having so many issues with my face, too dry, pimples, and black heads popping out. My face is a mess. I have tried a lot of products. They work but they were too expensive for me. I found this online and tried it. It worked for me, so I need to check how much I can work with the product. They offered me the best price and freebies. I am happy. It worked and the price range is just what I can afford.

  • margy brookes 09.19.18 Reply

    the product works really really good. the idro works well with the essence of argan cream. but the idro cream can stand alone. you may apply it before using your foundation. can be used as a premier.

  • Diane Sheldrick 09.14.18 Reply

    This product is amazing, it works miracles on my face. Reduced fine lines on the third application.
    Skin on my face and hands look brighter and smoother. I am sold on this product, and will use it as long
    as it is available for their DAD promo.

  • Sarah O. 09.10.18 Reply

    I love this product! It really feels great on my face. It moisturizes the face amazingly! I will be keeping this as part of my routine!

  • Zane 08.31.18 Reply

    I am getting this product for a great deal. I am using this right now, and it is part of my daily beauty routine. I think the terms are way too confusing, but I was willing to listen and understand it. I love it with the freebie every after 2 months!!

  • Sam Bliss 05.18.18 Reply

    I have been using the cream for a few months now, and the results were awesome!!!! I was able to get my bottles at a promotional rate. Good thing I was able to come across this product. I have tried a lot of brands and a lot of products, this is so far the best ever!!! I couldn’t get enough of it!!

  • Jen Silas 11.13.17 Reply

    I got my free trial 2 weeks ago and I called customer service right before my free trial ends, I really loved the results as it helped smoothen out fine lines around my forehead and eyes but I was too scared reading reviews online. Their representative was very accomodating and explained everything and even gave me a discount. I was taken aback that the free trial was not the product itself but you gotta do what you gotta do for beauty. I am still going to recommend this product to my friends as I have seen real results myself.

  • Dina Browne 11.11.17 Reply

    I was very cautious when I placed my order as I have read the fine print I would be sent a regular sized product for the promotion, I called customer service right away and asked more. I was very much interested on using Essence of Argan but was too afraid to take the risk of being billed every month so I decided to cancel. They offered me to buy the product instead which I already paid postage to begin with a big discount. Im just glad the product worked wonders on my skin and it has never been more firm and glowing. I now on their promotion for a couple of months and Im still using it!

  • Amanda Wilde 10.09.17 Reply

    For many years i have fine lines on my face already at the age of 40. I have tried a lot of methods. I have seen the result , but fine lines do not completely disappeared. One day I have found the idrotherapy cream, and decided why not to try it. By the way you can get a free trial . And what do you think? After 1 week of using it, my problem began to disappear. The result exceeded all my expectations! I hope that my review will come handy to someone. This solution is really just WOW!

  • Amanda 10.04.17 Reply

    I am 51 years old. I have not been using any facial products for many years. I had these terrible lines under my eyes, which I hated. I purchased Idrotherapy Cream. And oh boy what a wonderful product. My frown lines between my eyes and lines under my eyes are 80% gone in just 4 weeks of use. I am feeling and looking 200% better. The dark puffy eyes are gone. I am all bright eyed and puffy tail at the moment. Thank you for a great product

  • Kat Terway 08.17.17 Reply

    I bought my Essence of Argan Oil through their website and got it on a discounted price.
    Argan oil made my skin glow and it did help me A LOT! my face looks healthy and hydrated and let me tell you my friends kept asking me what’s my secret they said I look younger. Thank you Argan Oil……

  • Sara-Jane Ludemann 11.11.16 Reply

    I signed up for a free trial only paying the postage. I received the packages and they note attached said value $10.00 on each. I checked my bank account and found that $328.45 had been taken out by these people. I did not agree to pay that only receive a free trial. What sort of company are these people. I have sent them an email and have not had a reply. I am on a pension as I am 73 years old, and they have taken half of my pension out so I have nothing left to live on. I think they are very dishonest. I recommend that nobody buys these products and certainly never give them your account number. I am very upset and distressed about it all.

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