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Heritage Store Rosewater Review



Of all the rosewater based products on the market, one of the most well known, as well as budget friendly options available is the Heritage Store Rosewater. As a brand, Heritage Store has been offering simple formulations with natural, beneficial ingredients for years. Most of their product offerings only have between 1-5 ingredients, making them a great option for those who like to experiment while also keeping things minimalistic. Heritage Store offers several different floral waters including Lavender, Plumeria, Valencia Orange, Bergamot Grapefruit and more, but their Rosewater formulation is by far their most popular. Whether you’re looking for their original Rosewater formulation or their Rosewater & Glycerin option, both products help to refresh the skin, while simultaneously hydrated the surface. Hydrating sprays as a whole can be incredibly versatile in your skincare routine, as they can be used in different ways throughout the day. You can start by using this product as a toner during your skincare routine, which helps to rebalance the skin’s pH as well as prep the skin for further product application. The skin is most receptive to active ingredients when slightly damp and well hydrated, so incorporating a light spray helps to ensure proper penetration for the rest of your skincare routine. This product can also be used throughout the day to refresh the skin, as well as cool overheated or irritated skin.

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Vegetable Glycerin

Rosa Damascena (Hydroessential Rose) Flower Oi

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