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GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper Review



If you’re looking for a brand that specializes in lip care and lip plumping technologies, look no further than GrandeLips. This cult favorite brand has thousands of reviews for their featured product, the original GrandeLips Hydrating Lip Plumper. This product was designed to improve lip volume and fullness in as little as three to five minutes while simultaneously adding a shot of color to brighten and illuminate the lip area. This product contains two main ingredients including Volulip and hyaluronic acid. Volulip is a blend of volumizing ingredients that is completely unique to GrandeLips products, while hyaluronic acid helps to plump and soften the skin over time to create healthier lips overall. The GrandeLips Hydrating Lip Plumper is currently available in seven different shades, including a clear version for layering underneath other lip colors.


Octyldodecanol is a long chain fatty alcohol that is used in cosmetics and personal care products as an emollient and emulsifier. As an emollient, octyldodecanol works to soften and soothe


Polybutene is an organic polymer made from a mixture of 1-butene, 2-butene, and isobutylene. In cosmetics and personal care products, polybutene functions as a viscosity increasing agent. The term viscosity


Silica Dimethyl Silylate

Silica dimethyl silylate is a synthetic derivative of silica, a naturally occurring mineral. Specifically, it is a hydrophobic fumed silica that is used in cosmetics to thicken oils and polyols,

Ethylhexyl Palmitate



Quaternium-90 Bentonite

Quaternium-90 bentonite is a reaction product of bentonite (an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay) and quaternium-90. The inorganic cations of natural bentonites are substituted by quaternary ammonium cations, thus converting a


Caprylyl Glycol

Caprylyl glycol is a skin conditioning agent that adds moisturization and wetting properties to many cosmetics and personal care products, as well as functions as a preservative booster....

1-2 Hexanediol

Methyl Nicotinate


Butylene Glycol

When reading skin care product ingredient lists, you may come across a chemical called butylene glycol, and wonder about what it does and how it works. After all, this ingredient...


Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate

Sorbitan Isostearate

Sorbitan isostearate is composed of sorbitol and isostearic acid, a fatty acid. It is a nonionic surfactant that can function as an emulsifier, detergent, spreading or dispersing agent. The key


Caffeine is being increasingly used in cosmetics and skin care products due to its high biological activity and ability to penetrate the skin barrier, providing benefits such as reducing signs...


Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, nicotinic acid, or niacinamide, is an essential nutrient that helps the body perform critical functions such as cell signaling, DNA repair, and energy metabolism.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is a major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, muscles, and skin.

Portulaca Pilosaextract


Phenoxyethanol is glycol ether used as a preservative in cosmetic products and medicines. This is a kind of ether alcohol with aromatic properties that can enhance a skin product’s scent....

Hexylene Glycol

Hexylene glycol functions as a surfactant, emulsifier, and a viscosity-reducing agent in many different cosmetics and personal care products....

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate is the water-soluble sodium salt form of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in various connective tissues of humans that has a unique capacity for retaining water. Skin...

Sucrose Cocoate

Palmitoyltripeptide-38. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide

Red 7 Lake

Red 28 Lake

Red 6 Lake

Yellow 5 Lake

Red 21 Lake

Iron Oxides

Iron oxides are inorganic compounds of iron and oxygen that have been used as coloring agents in cosmetics since the early 1900s.  Iron oxides occur naturally, for example, rust is

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