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Grande Cosmetics is the brand behind one of the most popular eyelash growth serums as well as multiple other products including brow and lip enhancements. The company’s aim is to help women not only restore their natural beauty, but retain healthy and strong eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as supple, moisturized lips. This award-winning brand prides itself on its safe products that use innovative formulas to achieve dramatic and realistic results as well as other benefits. Grande Cosmetics is a professional-quality brand with the experience and products to show for their hard work and commitment to the beauty industry.

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Grande Products

Grande Cosmetics offers lash enhancing serum as well as other products that can work together or separately to create thick, voluminous, and beautiful lashes. If your concern is how to grow eyelashes, the brand offers an eyelash growth serum that works. GrandeLASH-MD has won multiple beauty awards for its formula, offering visible results in just a few weeks. GrandeLASH-MD is packed with vitamins and acids, which will not only lengthen lashes but create fuller and thicker eyelashes. Eliminate the risk of lash breakage as well as lashes that fall out with this product.

Safe for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes, GrandeLASH-MD is simple to apply with a small brush applicator, very much like a liquid eyeliner applicator. You can also use GrandeLASH-MD if you’re currently wearing lash extensions. The formula strengthens lashes as well as filling in bare spots if your lashes have fallen out for a number of reasons. Use GrandeLASH-MD as an added step to your evening beauty ritual, applying the lightweight formula before you go to bed.

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Grande also offers accompanying products, including GrandeMASCARA, which conditions, darkens, and lengthens lashes and offers water resistance. GrandePRIMER goes on underneath mascara and prepares lashes for mascara. The brand also offers its own Lash Boosting Liner, which actually has GrandeLASH-MD serum in it to not only line and define lashes but promote lash growth as well, making it a double whammy product packed with benefits. According to the brand, using the entire line of products can result in dramatically thicker lashes.

Eyelash Growth Serum Ingredients

GrandeLASH promises a formula that’s full of safe and healthy ingredients, including the brand’s own special blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids, including peptides, which are used to build up weak lashes. These products, including naturally-derived as well as chemical ingredients, work together to strengthen and lengthen lashes while repairing brittle lashes. The formula is vegan and safe for sensitive eyes. Other ingredients in the GrandeLASH formula include hyaluronic acid, which is an ingredient that is found in many lash enhancing products due to its ability to help create stronger lashes that are hydrated, thick, and glossy.

One ingredient consumers may recognize is called prostaglandin I.C. This ingredient is used to promote eyelash growth from the root. Prostaglandin I.C. is also found in Latisse, a prescription lash growth serum. According to claims, this is the key ingredient that produces the results many consumers have seen using this product, and not all lash growth serums contain this specific product.

There are some natural extracts in this product, including panax ginseng root extract, chamomilla recutita flower extract and radish root ferment filtrate, which offer their own natural benefits when it comes to creating and maintaining healthy lashes. The ginseng is supposed to mimic a hormonal effect, which promotes lash regrowth. Acids, vitamins, and antioxidants combine to create a truly effective product that has many overall benefits if used daily, with results seen in as quickly as a few weeks, and overall, complete results in three months’ time, according to the Grande brand.

Reported Side Effects

GrandeLASH has only reported 3% of its numerous users that have reported side effects, which have included tingling or burning.  However, according to these users, the side effects have lessened after a few days of use, so discontinuation of the product was unnecessary. However, use of prostaglandin could come with its own risks, which include eye pain and dark spots around the eyes. However, if you do experience side effects, they are reversed immediately upon stopping usage of the product. In summary, it may be slightly irritating, but shouldn’t cause you to stop the product unless it becomes unbearable or darkening occurs.

GrandeLASH-MD Reviews

The reviews are in; GrandeLASH makes a big impact in the beauty world. Some reviewers comment that results were seen in as little as two weeks, and not only dramatically improved lash volume, but repaired bald spots and reduced breakage. Other consumers speak to the serum’s effect on lash length, saying that lashes are so long they reach users’ sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Other users get questions like, “Are you wearing fake lashes?” after using GrandeLASH for just a few weeks. Many users call this eyelash growth serum one of their ‘best kept beauty secrets’ and a regular part of their beauty regimen.

Grande reports that after 12 weeks, over 97% of users reported a noticeable difference in the way their lashes look. Reviewers bring up the product’s ease of use, lack of any side effects or sensitivities, and affordability of the product.

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    So I’ve been using the grand lash md and I’ve noticed blurry vision which is getting worse. I’ve just realized this and will be stopping the use of this product. However I am very nervous my vision will not go back to its original state. Is there anyone that has any feed back about this issue and if they know if it’s reversible and I’ll get my eyesight back

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