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Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review



When it comes to cleansers, less is often more. That’s exactly the type of mentality that led Fresh to create their fan favorite, Soy Face Cleanser. As the first step in your routine, your cleanser should both remove your makeup, as well as prep the skin for the treatment products that you’ll soon layer on top. So we’re diving into this cult product to see how their brand and the formula aim to tackle this step.

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Behind the Brand

Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg originally started as soapmakers in a small apothecary shop in Boston. But as their business grew, so did their passion for creating special sensorial moments in seemingly everyday routines. This passion led the pair to expand their scope to include bodycare, skincare and even makeup. But behind every product is the same commitment to creating effective products that highlight the natural ingredients that are at the forefront of each item.

Along with natural ingredients, the brand has a keen interest in modernizing classic beauty rituals from around the world. In order to do this, they’ve traveled around the globe and have found the skin care secrets that have stood the test of time. This has led to the creation of several popular products within their line, including favorites like the Rose Hydrating Range, that is based off of Cleopatra’s own skin care regimen.

About the Soy Face Cleanser

As one of the earliest products from the brand, the Soy Face Cleanser was a key starting point for the beauty brand. Released in the late 90’s, the Fresh founders were inspired by a growing trend that was taking over the health and wellness industry: Soy. But while the ingredient was popular in the wellness industry, there was virtually no crossover into the beauty business. So the team went to work, trying to find proof that their hypothesis was indeed correct: if it’s good for your gut, maybe it’s also good for your skin.

After extensive research, they found that the amino acids found in soy products could help to improve skin’s elasticity while still being incredibly gentle. Nearly two decades later, this cleanser is still a holy grail item for those with very sensitive skin, as well as those who are trying to avoid the stripping effects that harsher cleansing agents can produce.

Inside the Ingredients

This Fresh face wash offers a gentle formula that produces more subtle benefits that what you’d expect from more potent, treatment-based products. The goal with this formulation was to create a non-irritating first step that works for every skin type, and the ingredients reflect that. Some of the most notable properties include the soothing properties of soy, the cooling and hydrating effects of cucumber extract and the benefits of rosewater as well.

As the name would suggest, soy is really the backbone of this cleanser. The formula contains several different soy-based ingredients, including soybean oil, soy proteins and soybean sterols. All three of these ingredients take advantage of the different beneficial properties of the soybean. Soybean oil is a great moisturizing ingredient, which helps to cleanse your face without drying out your skin. The inclusion of oils is also great for helping to remove any stubborn makeup that may still be on your skin. Soy proteins are rich in amino-acids which helps with skin elasticity, making this ingredient even better for mature skin. And finally, the soybean sterols acts as an emulsifier, giving the formula great anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Moving on to cucumber extract and rosewater, these two plant extracts increase the hydrating properties of this Fresh cleanser. Rosewater is an excellent pH balancing ingredient, which can often be difficult to find in a cleanser, and cucumber extract calms down any skin irritation, redness or overall stress. These three ingredients together create a formula that is rich in nourish, non-irritating ingredients that protect the skin instead of stripping it.

Review Recap

This face wash has been used faithfully by Fresh fans for years, and the reviews are a testament to that. This product alone has over 5500 reviews on Sephora, and still has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

In particular, this face wash works particularly well for those that are prone to redness, rosacea, dryness and sensitivity. There are many reviewers who have noted a significant difference between this cleanser and others as being able to calm and soothe these types of skin conditions.

But this is a simple cleanser. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that more treatment based cleansers have, so it is a cleanser that depends heavily on personal preference. If you have skin that tolerates most products fairly well, you might find this cleanser a bit boring in comparison.

Either way, this cleanser continues to be one of the most well-loved products from the brand based on its efficacy and simplicity. Have you tried anything from Fresh? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!





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