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Essential Oils for Skin Treatment

Essential oils for skin care have been used for millennia, but with the recent surge in the popularity of natural products, these oils have garnered significant attention. The interesting aspect of these ingredients is that they can address a variety of skin issues; from skin discoloration to finding unique ways for how to get rid of acne. Many of the best essential oils for skin go even further, and contain nutrients that have been found to reduce signs of aging, hydrate the skin, and protect skin cells from cancer-causing free radicals. As you learn more about these ingredients, keep in mind that they will often come as part of other skin care products, and won’t always be sold individually. Nonetheless, carefully selected essential oils for skin can provide a variety of long term benefits.

Geranium Essential Oils for Skin

One of the most beneficial essential oils for skin care is geranium oil. This oil contains nutrients that help hydrate the skin, which is imperative for the regenerative process of skin cells. This oil is generally considered safe for sensitive skin, as well for those with frequent breakouts. When used as part of a regular routine, the geranium essential oils for skin may increase skin elasticity along with reducing the wrinkles and dry flaky skin on face.

This oil also includes an anti-inflammatory property to address acne or to be used as an ingrown hair treatment. Geranium essential oils for skin can also get rid of dark spots on face, or scars, and can help the melanin pigment spread more evenly, to give the skin a more balanced hue.

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oils for skin care are another viable choice if you’d like to make your skin healthier. Like geranium oil, lavender oil also helps the skin retain moisture and fight dry flaky skin on face. It also helps fight acne as well as return elasticity. Lavender oil contains antiseptic qualities, which helps acne and other blemishes heal faster by targeting acne causing bacteria. Of all the essential oils for skin care, the oil of lavender is one of the best known for its scent, but the odor can feel offensive to some individuals.

Frankincense Essential Oils for Skin Care

Frankincense essential oils for skin care also help fight aging by stimulating the natural skin rejuvenation process. This ingredient works by balancing out the skin’s moisture and preventing dry flaky skin on face, hands and elbows. This oil has been used for centuries by Egyptians who are believed to have been the first to discover the benefits of this woodsy-smelling substance. It may also be used as an astringent, and is one of the better known essential oils for skin care when it comes to addressing irritation and allergic reactions.

Lemon Oil

You might not think of putting lemon oil on your face, but this is one of many essential oils for skin care that can do wonders for the skin. It is best to use this ingredient on the skin in its most diluted form to decrease the risk of breakouts. Lemon oil contains an element called limonene, which acts as an antioxidant to help fight free radicals that destroy skin at the cellular level. It will help balance oily skin and may also help fight blemishes. Lemon essential oils for skin can sometimes be rubbed into cellulite as well, to help increase circulation and remove waste at the cellular level.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang oil is another beneficial skin care ingredient. This is one of a few sweet floral essential oils for skin care, and can be an acquired taste for some customers. Ylang Ylang oil can be used on its own or may be often be combined with coconut oil for greater skin moisturizing. This ingredient is believed to be full of phenols, which are often used in chemical peels due to their skin lightening properties. The Ylang Ylang essential oils for skin care may also be helpful in filling in wrinkles, and fighting acne by balancing oily skin.

Pregnancy Contraindications

Many essentials oils do not have side effects, but there are often warnings for expectant mothers, because the concentrated versions of these oils can affect the fetus after being absorbed through the skin. Also, any of the oils that increase elasticity in the skin should be avoided by those who are pregnant, because their skin already has increased elasticity due to the hormones associated with pregnancy. Anyone who is pregnant or expects to become pregnant should first consult with their dermatologist before using any essential oils for skin treatment.

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  • Annette 04.19.16 Reply

    Absolutely, you can use grape seed, olive, coconut or any medium chain oil. If you have very sensitive skin, lemon could cause a burning sensation if used straight. The great thing about Essential Oils is that a little goes a long long way! Lemon oil is great for lightening dark spots or brightening a sallow skin tone. I use lemon on break outs too. However, never put citrus oils on your skin if you will be out in the sun within next 24 hours and always wash off before going outside for more than 15 minutes. Melaluca (tea tree) oil is good for break outs too.

  • CherylK 02.06.15 Reply

    I also think that I might have a sensitivity to essentials oils but not sure yet. I am being told that the reaction could be due to the oil bringing out the toxins. I would like to know for sure because I do believe in the essential oils.

  • Conrad Zimmerman 01.03.15 Reply

    I am personally sensitive to most essential oils yet tolerate AHA’S, BHA’s, Retinoids and other similar ingredients quite well. In my opinion they are nothing more than volatile compounds marketed as all in one phytoceutical/fragrance whatever you want to call it. There are so many of them and each aromatherapist or “skin care expert” will attribute whatever miraculous quality they can to them.

  • yun 09.09.14 Reply

    i wonder best recommend for using lemon oil for skin brightening, how much is enough, could i mix lemon oil with grape seed oil

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