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Dr. Andrew Weil is a professor, writer and the founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. He was born in 1942 in the state of Philadelphia and completed his undergraduate A.B. degree in botany at Harvard and obtained his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Andrew Weil is the creator and pioneer of a distinct field of medicine called integrative medicine. As a well known dignitary, Dr. Weil has appeared twice on the cover of Time magazine and is a frequent guest on popular TV shows, like Oprah and Larry King Live.

Books – Dr. Andrew Weil has written several books on matters related to health and wellness, with the first one being The Natural Mind. It was followed by titles such as Marriage of Sun and Moon, Health and Healing, From Chocolate to Morphine, and many other titles focused on healthy living. With Dr. Andrew Weil’s popularity also came literary success, and to date, he has sold over 10 million copies of his books worldwide.

Integrative medicine – This field of medicine proposes the intake of alternative medicine types in addition to prescribed medicines. Dr. Andrew Weil promotes the use of integrative treatments such as herbal formulations, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin supplements for healthy living, including healthy skin. He also advocates overall well being with the help of meditation, exercise and stress reduction techniques. His alternative therapies for health issues often take a philosophical and spiritual approach and the various remedies and diets that Dr. Weil promotes are organic and nature-based.

Vitamins and supplements – Dr. Andrew Weil has formulated several dietary supplements to address perceived nutrient deficiencies and to provide health support. For example, some of the vitamin packs marketed under his philosophy aim to provide support to the digestive system, immune system, joints, skin care, memory, heart and bone health, and cholesterol. In addition to these, he has also developed supplements to reduce stress, enhance energy, and supplement regular nutrition with Omega 3, anti oxidants and multivitamins.

With a goal of generating a more personalized approach for a large scale offering of supplements, Dr. Weil has designed a vitamin advisor. The vitamin advisor is an online questionnaire that recommends vitamin supplements to shoppers based on customer answers to a variety of questions relating to health and daily habits. After receiving the recommendation, a customer has the option to place an order directly on Dr. Weil’s website.

Personal care – As part of the overall product offering, Dr. Weil has created a collection of personal care items that address skin problems such as, redness, signs of aging, acne marks, under eye circles and puffiness, sensitivity and dryness. Personal care products include face creams and lotions, lip balm, cleanser, eye serum, face serums, and a face mask.

Healthy Aging – A big part of Dr. Andrew Weil’s philosophy is healthier aging. As part of his approach, he has developed an anti-inflammatory diet that aims to prevent age related diseases and to support healthier aging. The particulars of this anti inflammatory diet can be found online for a weekly fee of $3.99, after a 14 day trial period.

The subscription gives customers access to recipes, articles and videos related to the anti-inflammatory diet. It includes shopping and eating guides, health and nutrition tips, kitchen makeover ideas etc. It also contains instructional videos for different forms of activities and exercises such as Tai Chi and yoga. In addition to vitamin supplements, personal care products, and dietary information, Dr. Andrew Weil’s webiste presents a list of books, CDs and DVDs for those who like to purchase these types of items to read at their leisure.

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