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When it comes to using essential oils for improving skin health, the doTERRA skin care brand is one of the largest private U.S. companies specializing in this arena. The company is based out of Utah and, interestingly, is located near the manufacturer of Young Living Essential Oils. In fact the two companies have been battling each other in courts for several years, with doTERRA being accused of unfair business practices and poaching some of the sales talent from Young Living. This is certainly an interesting case, and perhaps the intense competition between the two companies can have a positive effect for consumers, in the form of higher quality oils and lower prices. Better oil quality is an especially important point, as the series of depositions between the companies have revealed a potentially huge issue:  Young Living and doTERRA skin care oils may not be as natural as these companies suggest.

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Are doTERRA Skin Care Oils Really Pure?

Several years ago, Young Living sued doTERRA for using the term “Certified Therapeutic Grade,” and suggested that the latter sells oils with synthetic ingredients. The subsequent discovery and depositions showed that the claim may have had merit, as certain synthetic molecules were discovered in some of doTERRA’s oils.

Interestingly, the controversy didn’t end there. Upon testimony from chemists, it was discovered that Young Living may be facing the same issue, as synthetic compounds were found within its oils as well.

Upon this development, the lawsuit against doTERRA seems to have been dropped, and both companies appear to have taken a step back and are no longer accusing each other of selling adulterated skin care oils.

To make matters even more complicated, the Food and Drug Administration recently sent a warning letter to these two companies, suggesting that they must remove any references to healing/medicinal benefits from their marketing materials. This poses an especially difficult problem for the doTERRA skin care line, as its use of independent sales representative makes it difficult to control what the reps actually say to close the sale.

With all of the potential issues of synthetic chemicals and unfounded medical benefits, it’s vital to take any claims about doTERRA skin care oils with an objective mindset and to work with a doctor to ensure that the oils will not cause serious side effects.

doTERRA Skin Care Applications

Essential oils from companies like doTERRA can be used in a variety of applications, including cooking, aromatherapy and skin care uses. However, not all of the oils offered by the company are a good choice in skin care. To better understand the gamut of uses for these oils, let’s consider some of them in greater detail.

  • Frankincense Oil:  Although doTERRA doesn’t explicitly suggest that frankincense oil has any skin healing benefits, some skin experts believe that this oil can tighten skin by improving elasticity. Further, some experts go so far as to suggest that this oil is a good choice for preventing acne breakouts and reducing the appearance of scars.
  • Lavender Oil:  This doTERRA skin care oil has several uses when it comes to topical application. For example, this oil is said to have strong antiseptic properties, which can help it destroy harmful bacteria and promote skin healing. Additionally, there is some evidence that lavender oil may also calm the skin and reduce inflammation. However, conflicting reports also suggest that some individuals may actually experience skin irritation from lavender. Therefore, this doTERRA skin care oil should be handled carefully, and the consumer may want to conduct a skin patch test before use.
  • Ylang Ylang Oil:  One of the reasons why consumers may be interested in purchasing doTERRA’s skin care oil made from ylang ylang is because of the plants reported anti-inflammatory properties. If the oil can indeed reduce inflammation, it won’t just increase comfort, but may slow skin aging process which is closely intertwined with inflammation.

Where to Buy doTERRA Skin Care Oils

Those looking for where to buy doTERRA products can do so through either the company’s website, or through one of its direct sales representatives.

When it comes to the cost of the products, the price can vary greatly, depending on the specific item being considered. For example, approximately half an ounce of Cedarwood oil is only $17.33, while the same amount of Ylang Ylang essential oil is $47.

doTERRA Reviews

The reviews for doTERRA skin care oils are typically positive. One of the reasons for this likely has to do with the very general nature of essential oils; they have many uses and no one really expects them to work miracles. After all, when a company creates a brand new formulation for a skin care product and claims that it can brighten skin, consumers will expect it to work as advertised. But when a manufacturer simply distills plant matter into essential oils, consumers are typically more understanding of poor results as the primary driver is to use pure and organic products, rather than achieving improvement in skin appearance.

However, doTERRA reviews do point to a potential issue with purchasing items from third party vendors, as some vendors have apparently been caught diluting the oils to increase profits.



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