With exfoliation playing a vital role in skin health and reduction of wrinkles, devices like DermaFlash have piqued consumer curiosity. This device was created by Dara Levy, a spa owner in Chicago, who realized there was no way for women to safely perform dermaplaning at home. To address this need, Dara created DermaFlash, a specialty device that offers at home exfoliation with the promise of smoother skin. However, because it has a high price tag and could potentially cause skin damage (if used improperly), it’s important to speak with a dermatologist before purchasing this device. Because some dermatologists may be biased – since many perform dermaplaning in their offices – it’s a good idea to seek out a dermatologist who does not provide any exfoliation services in the office, so that they give you an unbiased opinion about DermaFlash.

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How DermaFlash Works

The idea behind DermaFlash is very similar to dermaplaning. The latter is an exfoliation method used exclusively by skin care professionals to exfoliate the skin through physical removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface.

To perform dermaplaning, a skin expert can use a variety of specialty tools. However, many simply use a very sharp razor. The skin is exfoliated through gentle strokes that basically shave off dead skin and the associated “peach fuzz.” If done correctly and at the right angle, this treatment is very safe and does not pose significant danger of cutting or damaging the skin.

By routinely performing dermaplaning treatments, the consumer can maintain their skin looking softer and tighter. It’s the same basic mechanism by which the lower half of men’s faces tends to remain wrinkle-free; the regular exfoliation through shaving every day for decades will keep the skin looking much smoother.

DermaFlash put a twist on this process to make it possible for consumers to perform dermaplaning at home. Further, the manufacturer aims to create a more unique product, by adding ultrasonic technology to the device.

How to Use DermaFlash

DermaFlash is designed to be used once a week, to exfoliate facial skin. Although the exfoliating device can be used on a standalone basis, the manufacturer suggests combining the treatment with its Prep and Soothe creams.

To start treatment, take the Prep cleanser to thoroughly wash the face and remove debris and excess oil. This DermaFlash cleanser contains ingredients like Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, a surfactant that helps cleanse the skin by reducing the surface tension between water and oils.

After the skin has been cleansed and patted dry, the scraping head (called the edge) needs to be attached to the hand-piece. These blades are situated in a plastic container, and can only be removed by being clicked directly into the unit. The customer can “click in” a special blade into the hand-piece, much in the same way a new blade is attached to the handle of a shaving razor.

Once the blade has been attached to the unit, exfoliate the entire face by gently gliding the edge across the skin. To prevent inadvertent injury, it’s important to work DermaFlash in a way that follows the contours of the face. Special care must be taken to avoid eyebrows or the hair line, as this may cause some hair to be inadvertently shaved off.

After the exfoliation has been completed, it’s important to place the used blade back into the plastic holder, to avoid accidental cuts and nicks. Even though the blade is saved (rather than being disposed of in the trash right away), it should only be used once in order to avoid infection and to avoid giving the DermaFlash blade an uneven surface that can increase accidental cuts with future uses.

Once the blade has been removed, the exfoliation process needs to be followed up with the Soothe cream, which was designed to moisturize and calm the skin after the exfoliation. The DermaFlash Soothe gel contains moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, capric triglyceride, honey, and aloe vera leaf juice extract, among others.

Where to Buy DermaFlash

DermaFlash can be purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website, or through retail locations like Sephora, Neiman Marcus, or Bergdorf Goodman. Although it is also available through ecommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, the high cost of DermaFlash can make it an appealing target for counterfeiters. Therefore, extra caution is highly advisable if purchasing this exfoliator from an unauthorized distributor.

The cost of DermaFlash is quite high, at $189 for the device itself, and $39 for a supply of creams and blades that last about 4-6 weeks.

DermaFlash Reviews

The reviews for DermaFlash are quite mixed. Some consumers suggest they are very happy with the product, while others claim this is basically just a razor. In fact, some consumers suggest that simply purchasing a cheap safety razor from a drug store will yield similar results.

Another common issue in negative DermaFlash reviews seems to be a problem with the device’s ability to charge correctly and not run out of power.



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