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A company that calls itself the Abnormal Beauty Company is one that is here to disrupt the beauty industry in a big way. Deciem, a company that houses a number of unique and innovative skin, body, and hair care brands is the abnormal beauty powerhouse that the industry has been waiting for. The Deciem core philosophy is to offer beauty enthusiasts, experts, and everyday people the beauty products they are looking for and that can not be found anywhere else. With this interesting and dedicated philosophy driving Deciem, they have steadily grown to become an authority in the beauty space.

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About Deciem

With a striking brand portfolio that contains quite a few innovative beauty brands, it’s hard to believe that Deciem was only founded a few short years ago. In 2013, Deciem officially entered the global beauty industry with a plan to acquire beauty brands that were doing something different and unique from the countless companies that were on the market. In less than five years, Deciem has been able to add over ten beauty brands to their family, while continuing to search the industry for more. What started out as Deciem’s humble beginnings with just one innovative product in one market, Deciem now has over 50.

Aside from the Deciem commitment to innovation, the company also prides itself on its dedication to quality. In a world where everything is fast and quantity is appreciated more than quality, Deciem begs to differ. For Deciem, quality encompasses not only holding a standard of uniqueness but also one of authenticity, functionality, affordability, all without sacrificing aesthetics. A theme you will find across the Deciem brand portfolio.

Deciem Brand Portfolio

The Deciem company is home to over ten Deciem skincare, hair care, and body care brands. Each complimenting each other while providing unique solutions in various markets. Let’s take a quick look at each of the main brands inside Deciem’s brand portfolio to get a deeper understanding of the companies’ philosophy and commitments.

NIOD – NIOD is a Deciem skincare brand that is rooted in dermal science. So much so, that it’s a part of their name. NIOD stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science and consists of a number of products designed to be used in combination for a core regimen and a support regimen. How Deciem’s skincare brand NIOD differs from other scientific based skincare brands is its dedication to continuous learning. Whether that’s consistently formulating new products or exceeding scientific expectations, NIOD seeks to combine past technologies with modern science to set the standard in science-based skincare.

Hylamide – Another Deciem skincare brand is Hylamide. This Deciem brand provides daily treatments rooted in technological advancements to transform anti-aging skin care. The Deciem Hylamide brand consists of a number of products and collections designed to target the main concerns of skin when it comes to age. The Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age line focuses on hydration and diminishing the visible signs of age on the skin while the Hylamide SubQ Eyes line focuses on improving the appearance of the eyes which is the first area on the face to show signs of age.

The Chemistry Brand – The Chemistry Brand is one of Deciem’s first brands that focuses on body care. Like another Deciem brand, the focus for The Chemistry Brand is helping improve anti-aging skin, specifically when it comes to the hands and body. The Chemistry Brand is home to a number of hand and body creams that work to improve the appearance of skin while helping with elasticity, firmness, and density. Many of the products from this Deciem brand are packed with active ingredients that hydrate and nourish the skin and work to even the complexion as well.

The Ordinary – Probably one of the most well known Deciem brands is The Ordinary. If you follow beauty guru’s and influencers, you’ve most likely seen these minimalist designed Deciem skincare products popping up all over the social beauty space. The Ordinary is a Deciem brand that was created to offer effective, easy to use, and nonintimidating skincare products for the everyday person. The Ordinary prides itself on being a company that uses “clinical formulations with integrity” making them a brand that people feel comfortable with and trust.

Stemm – The first hair care Deciem brand to make its debut on our list is STEMM. STEMM is a Deciem brand that creates hair care treatments for the hair from the follicle to the end of the strand. STEMM takes a holistic approach to hair care that is typically missing when it comes to the many hair care products that you can readily find available today, making it the perfect addition to the Deciem family. STEMM combines nutrients, minerals, and natural ingredients to help create the best foundation for healthy hair growth.

Fountain – Fountain is perhaps the Deciem brand that helps people truly understand that beauty starts from within. Unlike the other Deciem brands that we’ve discussed, Fountain does not create topical treatments but instead creates liquid supplements to support your natural beauty. Currently, Fountain is home to a number of targeted supplement blends that combine science with feelings to provide their liquid beauty blends. Choose from the Beauty Molecule or the Geek Molecule or explore their collections: Be Good, Look Good, Feel Good to get your daily beauty fix.

HIF – Another Deciem hair care brand is HIF and it is one that will flip your previous thoughts about shampoo and conditioner on their head. HIF (which stands for “Hair is Fabric”) is a Deciem brand that prides itself on being professional cleaning for hair and asks you to consider treating your hair like you would your couture clothing. HIF offers a number of targeted cleansing conditioners to meet your hair needs whether you focus is on keeping your blonde strands bright, turning down the frizz, and everything in between.

White RX – As its name suggests, White Rx is the Deciem brand that is focused on brightening the skin. But unlike many of the traditional skin brightening companies today, this Deciem brand does not use any of the chemicals and technologies that have been known to cause more harm than good when it comes to the skin. Instead, White Rx leans heavily on traditional and natural based ingredients like kojic acid, vitamin c, and various plant extracts to effectively brighten the skin.

Ab Crew – The last Deciem brand to mention here is one that all the fitness gurus are loving. AB Crew is one of the first brands to combine an active fitness lifestyle with effective and stimulating grooming products. Specifically designed for men. From the packaging to the quality of the products, Deciem’s Ab Crew is the men’s grooming brand to watch.

Deciem Reviews

Of the extensive roster of Deciem brands and products, there are a few that stand out amongst the rest. You’ll find a host of glowing Deciem reviews surrounding it’s popular The Ordinary brand along with Deciem skincare brand Hylamide. The most common Deciem reviews of the Hylamide SubQ lines celebrate the serums for their hydrating qualities without leaving skin oily or greasy. While skin care enthusiasts have offered countless Deciem reviews that highlight the ease of use, effectiveness, and affordability of The Ordinary brand. As for the beauty industry on a whole, Deciem is definitively achieving the goals it has set out to do: disrupting the industry, providing unique products, and giving solutions to people who are interested in innovative ways to address their most pressing beauty concerns.



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