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Colorescience: History and Company Overview

Colorescience cosmetics and skin care products are formulated with a number of different mineral compounds that are dye and fragrance-free. The company, which was founded in 2002, is based in North America but ships and sells its products on a global basis. Colorescience products are designed to cover flaws and improve skin tone without irritating existing skin conditions or causing new ones to form. The company claims that the line of products also includes a number of items that offer one of the highest rates of SPF protection available in cosmetics today. Colorescience products are available online, at authorized spas, and dermatologist offices throughout the United States.

Colorescience Product Information

The Colorescience product line includes foundation, concealer, eye and lip cosmetics, and a number of makeup primers and setting mists. The company’s website states that because their products are made of mineral blends and because they use no oils in their product, all the cosmetics are non-comedogenic and will not cause acne or make existing breakouts worse. The research and development team behind Colorescience uses minerals like mica and iron oxides to create new color combinations for their cosmetics while keeping them free of chemicals that may irritate the skin.

One aspect of the company’s products is that they are claimed by the manufacturer to be effective in protecting the skin against sun damage. Hence, most Colorescience items are rated as either SPF 20, 30, 35, or 50 to protect the skin from UV rays and free radicals. Further, Colorescience states that the SPF protection is only provided by natural minerals such as micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide so that no chemical additives are necessary.

However, some researchers believe that, overall, mineral makeup cannot be as effective as regular sunscreen because it is applied in thinner layers than more standard sun protection alternatives. Therefore, you may want to speak with your skin care specialist before spending money on Colorescience products to see how you can maximize sun protection to prevent further skin damage.

Purchasing Colorescience Products

Individuals can browse the entire line of Colorescience products on the company’s website, or they can use the retail locator on the website to find local businesses and dermatologist offices. If shopping online, the Colorescience website itself can find products in a number of different ways. A drop-down menu across the top of the page gives customers access to cosmetic collections, the company’s best-selling products, and their SPF products. Customers can also shop by their skin type or have direct access to clearance items.

The price of the company’s products ranges from $25.00-$30.00 for foundation and other cosmetics, while SPF products and setting mists can cost up to $60.00. Although there are no individual Colorescience reviews available on the site, there are before-and-after photos and several testimonials from customers that may help those who are comparison shopping for mineral cosmetics make a more informed purchase.

Colorescience Shipping Information

All Colorescience orders totaling $50.00 or more qualify for free ground shipping, and some promotional items may also qualify as well. While the site does not offer international shipping, they offer off-site links to global Colorescience pages where international customers can order products. Shipping is available throughout the U.S., but to physical addresses only: P.O. Box shipments are not accepted. Ground shipping is delivered via UPS and arrives within three to five days. Because of certain shipping and federal regulations, not all Colorescience products are available for two-day or overnight delivery.


Colorescience accepts returns within thirty days of any initial purchase, but only on items that were purchased directly from the company. Customers must fill out an exchange and return form, which is available for download and printing on the website, and allow up to thirty days for the refund to process. Colorescience sale and clearance items cannot be returned for any reason, and all sales on these items are final.





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    I really like one of your sunscreen products. Your products are reasonably priced but I am disabled and have a limited amount of income.
    I would like to try additional products and was wondering if I could get a discounted price. If you need proof I would be able to provide it for you.
    If you can’t I understand.

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