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Clinique Sculptwear is one of many product lines offered by Clinique, an international skin care brand that was illounded in 1968. The company created an interesting marketing concept and suggests that using the products in this line is “skin fitness for the face.” Currently, the manufacturer offers three skin care items under this line; the Sculptwear Contouring Massage Cream Mask, the Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum, and a Sonic System Massaging Treatment Applicator. With the use of these products, the company suggests that the skin can be lifted for an overall tightening effect. Though such claims certainly sound enticing for anyone struggling with aging skin, and words like “fitness” and “sculpt” may evoke the idea of changing the shape of the face, the effects of the products in this line must be considered carefully. After all, going to the gym and targeting a part of the body to change its tone and size are one thing, trying to change the shape of sagging parts of the face by using a topical cream is quite another.

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How Clinique Sculptwear Works

The idea behind Clinique Sculptwear is to improve the appearance of aging skin by lifting it, to create a tighter appearance. Both the serum and the cream in this line contain a number of moisturizing ingredients that may be able to achieve some increase in skin plumpness, which may account for a bit of a lifting effect (if dehydrated skin is moisturized, the increased hydration in the area may simply create a plumper look, which smoothes out wrinkles).
Additionally, Clinique Sculptwear products contain some collagen-stimulating ingredients that can produce an additional degree of skin tightening.

However, the idea of drastically improving the appearance of sagging skin is probably not achievable with any topical skin care product. The issue here is the ability to penetrate deeply-enough to stimulate meaningful production of collagen. Further, as we age, the fatty tissues under our skin tend to become depleted and even migrate downward under the effects of gravity (one of the contributing factors of jowls). It’s no coincidence that our face literally changes shape as we age – there are many factors that account for this.

Topical anti aging products like those in the Clinique Sculptwear line can certainly help reduce some of these effects. However, they cannot address all of these factors and are quite limited in overall effects.

Clinique Sculptwear Ingredients

There is a variety of ingredients in the Clinique Sculptwear Serum and Massaging Cream. Many of these are meant to boost skin health through moisturization and antioxidant damage repair.

  • Lift and Contour Serum:  This Clinique Sculptwear serum was designed to produce a tightening sensation with an ingredient called pullulan. It’s the same chemical that’s at the core of making breath strips. When breath strips are dry, they look like a solid sheet, but when mixed with water, they dissolve. With the same concept, when pullulan is mixed into the Lift and Contour Serum, it remains in a liquid state. When applied to the skin, the water dries out and pullulan forms a thin film on top of the skin, which produces a tightening sensation. Though it’s important to note that this film is not really strong enough to create a dramatic lifting effect – it may be simply too thin to lift several grams or ounces of sagging skin.

Other ingredients in this Clinique Sculptwear serum include glycerin, to moisturize; coffee extract, to reduce puffiness and remove dark under eye circles; jojoba esters, to boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier; clary extract, to reduce inflammation; and bamboo extract, which is high in silica content, to condition the skin.

  • Contouring Massage Cream:  This moisturizing Clinique Sculptwear cream has a variety of ingredients formulated to hydrate the skin. It includes chemicals like capric triglyceride, to hydrate skin cells; butylene glycol, to condition the skin; barley extract, to repair damage with antioxidants; sweet almond seed extract, to soften the skin; and sodium hyaluronate, to moisturize.

Clinique Sculptwear Sonic Applicator

In addition to the serum and cream, the Clinique Sculptwear also offers a specialty applicator that is meant to be used with the Clinique Sonic system. This applicator is supposed to use sound waves to help ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Although there isn’t a scientific consensus yet on the effectiveness of such applicators, it’s important to note that this is not an ultrasound skin treatment device. Many consumers may be aware of Ulthera, a professional skin care treatment that uses ultrasound to heat up dermal layers as a means of stimulating collagen production. This Clinique Sculptwear applicator is not the same thing.

Clinique Sculptwear Reviews

Although Clinique Sculptwear reviews are generally positive, some consumers express frustration with the lack of results. This is to be expected, because the results are largely subjective in nature. What seems like a great improvement to one person may not seem substantial to another.

Further, Clinique Sculptwear reviews must be read with a grain of salt, because every person’s situation is unique. Someone in their 30’s will not have the same degree of skin sagging as someone in their 60’s. Therefore, the resulting effects will be quite different.

Lastly, with the cost of the Massage Cream Mask at $44.50 for 1.7 ounces, and the Lift and Contour Serum at $82 for the same amount, the high price also seems to be an issue in some Clinique Sculptwear reviews.

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