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The name of the Clinique Even Better Foundation should be enough to get you intrigued. A foundation that claims to make your skin even better without makeup? Where do we sign up? Honestly, a foundation of this caliber is to be expected from a brand that is founded on the principle belief that great skin can be created. So naturally, they followed their own advice and created the Clinique Even Better Foundation, a foundation that promises to do just that.

Clinique Even Better Foundation Overview

The Clinique Even Better Foundation is a liquid foundation designed not only to conceal skin imperfections but literally improve the appearance of skin. The Clinique Even Better Foundation promises that after just four to six weeks of prolonged use, you will see a significant improvement in your skin. The Clinique Even Better Foundation targets your skin tone, working to even out your complexion, your skin clarity, and even to reduce the appearance of age spots. With a natural finish and medium coverage, the Clinique Even Better Foundation is the foundation to try if youre looking to achieve flawless skin with or without applying foundation.

The Clinique Even Better Foundation has a silky smooth texture that applies to skin like a dream. Not only does the Clinique Even Better Foundation feel good on skin but it works to protect your skin the moment you apply it. The Clinique Even Better Foundation is formulated with a powerful blend of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and a synthetic sunscreen additive which provides the foundation with broad spectrum SPF 15. This sun protecting combination within the Clinique Even Better Foundation helps to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun while protecting your skin from any future dark spots or signs of aging. In addition to the skin protecting properties of the Clinique Even Better Foundation, it is also formulated with a number of natural minerals that work to illuminate the skin. After applying the Clinique Even Better Foundation, these minerals help to instantly brighten and illuminate the skin. The robust yet gentle Clinique Even Better Foundation formulation is dermatologist tested and will work best for those with normal to oily skin types.

Where the Clinique Even Better Foundation really shines, aside from its high performing formulation, is its extensive shade range. Where many brands fall short when it comes to skincare infused makeup shades, the Clinique Even Better Foundation leaves no skin complexion shade to be desired. The Clinique Even Better Foundation houses an extensive 30 color shade range starting with Linen, best for those with very pale complexions and ending with Espresso, suited for those with very deep complexions. In between are 28 shades of Clinique Even Better Foundation making it a hard task to walk away from this foundation due to not finding your shade.

Clinique Even Better Foundation Reviews

The Clinique Even Better Foundation reviews are some of the most universally positive reviews across foundation brands. Both beauty experts, consumers, enthusiasts, and fans have nothing but raving Clinique Even Better Foundation reviews. Each Clinique Even Better Foundation review celebrates the foundation for being gentle and good for oily skin. People have noted that the texture of the  Clinique Even Better Foundation glides on and feels like it melts into skin without settling int wrinkles, fine lines, pores. Some of the most common Clinique Even Better Foundation reviews agree that after using the Clinique Even Better Foundation they have noticed brighter more luminous skin. True to the brands claim, the Clinique Even Better Foundation works great for those with oily and acne prone skin with people of both skin types being impressed with the foundations performance. The only things to note regarding the Clinique Even Better Foundation is that while it does promote healthy sun protection, it can still be deemed a little low to excuse you from using another sunscreen before applying. Additionally, it should be noted that while the Clinique Even Better Foundation shades may have some of the same names as other Clinique foundations, pay special attention to make sure you are getting your correct shade because the colors are slightly different amongst different formulations.

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