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When struggling with skin blemishes like sunspots or acne scars, it is common for women to turn to products like Clinique Advanced Concealer, which claim to cover up hyperpigmentation issues. Although it’s important to address such blemishes in the long term (through AHA creams, exfoliation, and even professional skin treatments), a concealer can be a great short term solution to feel beautiful and boost your self esteem. However, not all concealers are created equal. To be effective, the concealer must look natural and has to withstand sweat and moisture. Further, products like Clinique Advanced Concealer have to be lightweight, so as not to clog pores and exacerbate acne. Let’s take a look at how Clinique Advanced Concealer works, and how it measures up in the fight for healthy skin that looks youthful.

How Clinique Advanced Concealer Works

The idea behind Clinique Advanced Concealer and similar products is to cover up red and brown spots caused by sun damage, as well as acne scars. Although some individuals, especially teenagers, may use a concealer to cover up acne breakouts, this may do more damage by further clogging pores and leading to more sebum buildup.

Where to Buy Clinique Advanced Concealer

Because Clinique is a large and popular brand, those looking for where to buy Clinique Advanced Concealer will not have a hard time finding it. This concealer is available for purchase through the manufacturer’s website, and through many other online retailers and ecommerce platforms.

Consumers who prefer to make purchases in a physical retail setting can find this product at stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom.

Due to the large number of distributors offering this product, the cost of Clinique Advanced Concealer can vary quite a bit. However, the average price of this Clinique concealer tends to fall in the range of $30 – $45 per ounce.

Clinique Advanced Concealer Reviews

The reviews for Clinique Advanced Concealer tend to be either very positive or very negative, with little middle ground. Although this may seem strange at first, it’s a completely understandable occurrence for beauty products, because the effect is immediate and objective.

With skin care products, for example, the results can take weeks (or even months) to appear. Further, the way a consumer measures a cream’s or serum’s effectiveness can be very subjective, especially over a long time period.

A product like Clinique Advanced Concealer, on the other hand, is meant to provide immediate results by covering up blemishes and other skin imperfections. Therefore, the consumer is much more likely to have either a very positive or a very negative opinion.

For many individuals who left bad Clinique Advanced Concealer reviews, the issue seems to revolve around how this product affects wrinkles around the eyes. Consumers who have noticeable crow’s feet or other eye wrinkles expressed frustration about this concealer actually highlighting the problem. Other negative Clinique Advanced Concealer reviews pointed out that the product can have a caked appearance (though it’s difficult to verify whether the reviewer used the product correctly).

Lastly, some consumers who left lackluster Clinique Advanced Concealer reviews suggested that this product may not be the best choice for dry skin. It appears that the concealer can make dry skin appear more flaky, thus making the problem more noticeable. Applying a strong moisturizer beforehand (with emollients and other ingredients that enhance the skin barrier) may reduce this problem.

How to Use Clinique Advanced Concealer

For best results, the manufacturer suggests squeezing out a small amount of Clinique Advanced Concealer onto the back of the hand. This helps avoid contamination of the remaining product in the tube.

From the dollop of the concealer on the hand, apply small amounts of this product to specific problem areas. This can be done with a concealer brush or fingertips. However, a brush may be a better choice as fingers can be the source of bacteria and can cause unnecessary pulling and tugging on the delicate facial skin.

Further, using a brush to apply Clinique Advanced Concealer can make it easier to target small blemishes without unnecessarily adding the product to parts of the face that are completely clear (using less product means your concealer tube will last longer).

Clinique Advanced Concealer Side Effects

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not openly disclose the Clinique Advanced Concealer ingredient list on its website. This can be problematic, because product ingredients can change from time to time, making it difficult for the consumer to assess any potential allergies before making a purchase, unless they go to their local beauty counter and physically inspect the product packaging.

However, such lack of transparency about ingredients isn’t unique to Clinique Advanced Concealer. Many makeup manufacturers avoid putting the full ingredient list for beauty products on their websites because it takes away from their sales message. While consumers will typically review skin care product ingredients to see the possible effects on their skin, they don’t take the same care when it comes to cosmetics. This is a shame, since poorly formulated cosmetic products can cause skin irritation and inflammation, which in turn can lead to issues like Rosacea and early signs of aging.

It’s important to note, however, that Clinique Advanced Concealer is claimed to be 100% free of fragrance, and ophthalmologist-tested.

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