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Consumers who know about the skin care company, Clarins, may have heard about Clarins Boosters, which are specialized skin care serums for targeted treatment. The products are meant to be an addition to a regular skin care routine, to help rejuvenate the skin with concentrated botanical extracts. In some ways, Clarins Boosters are meant to do for the skin what energy drinks are meant to do for the mind – to provide an additional infusion of concentrated ingredients, beyond regular face serums and moisturizers. However, before trying these products, it’s important to speak with your dermatologist to assess your medical needs. It’s a vital step because the layman consumer often misdiagnoses their condition and ends up spending hundreds of dollars treating the wrong problem. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to mistakenly believe that their dermatitis is Psoriasis, or vice versa. Therefore, relying on Clarins Boosters reviews is not enough, and the consumer should seek the help of a skin care expert before using any such products.

How Clarins Boosters Products Work

The idea behind Clarins Boosters is similar to skin serums and essential oils. They are meant to have greater concentrations of active ingredients, almost like vitamins for the skin. And just like vitamins don’t take the place of a good, healthy diet, products like the Clarins Boosters are not meant to replace a thoughtful skin care routine.

At the time of this writing, the manufacturer offers three boosters; one to energize the skin, a booster for detoxification, and another one for enhanced skin damage repair.

How to Use Clarins Boosters

Clarins Boosters are meant to be used in conjunction with other products, like face creams and moisturizers.

For best results, the manufacturer suggests mixing a few drops of the booster with your regular skin products, in the palm of your hand. Then, apply the cream or serum as you usually would. 

Clarins Boosters Ingredients

When considering Clarins Boosters, it’s important to carefully review the ingredient list and dig deeper into the possible side effects. For example, the way that these products are presented on the manufacturer’s website may be misinterpreted by the average consumer, because only the main ingredient is listed. Therefore, the customer may incorrectly perceive these boosters as essential oils or esters.

However, the ingredient lists for Clarins Boosters are much more involved. Let’s consider some of these in greater detail.

  • Booster Energy:  This Clarins Booster was created to energize the skin and improve radiance. The main ingredient in this product is ginseng extract, which is thought to stimulate skin cells. Other ingredients include wheat protein, which may have moisturizing properties; propylene glycol, to soften the skin; and acetyltetrapeptide-2, for its skin conditioning properties. 
  • Booster Detox:  The goal of this Clarins Booster is to detoxify the skin from the daily exposure to toxins in our environment. The main ingredient is green coffee extract, which may neutralize toxins. In addition, the caffeine may reduce general puffiness around the eyes. Additionally, this product contains ingredients like glycerin, to moisturize the skin; oat kernel extract, for its soothing properties; and sodium hyaluronate, to draw hydration to the area.
  • Booster Repair:  The main ingredient in this Clarins Booster is extract from the mimosa tenuiflora tree. Also known as tepecohuite, this extract is thought to have been used in Mexico and South America for hundreds of years. The most important aspect of tepecohuite is its antibacterial properties. In fact, the extract has been used to help burn victims heal the skin faster. Other ingredients include glycerin, to moisturize; allantoin, a skin softener; and sorbic acid, a formula preservative.

Cost of Clarins Boosters

All Clarins Boosters are priced at $39 for half an ounce. This is somewhat expensive, as even the best drugstore creams can cost half that price. 

The other issue about the relative high cost is that these products are not meant to replace any aspects of your current skin care kit. Therefore, this is an additional expense that must be figured into the monthly skin care budget.

Clarins Boosters Side Effects

Serious side effects are not believed to be a major concern with Clarins Boosters. However, some ingredients, like sorbic acid, may cause skin irritation and redness.

Clarins Boosters Reviews

Clarins Boosters are somewhat mixed. Although some consumers suggest that these products are a good value, other customers complain that they don’t see any results. Considering the high cost of these items, it’s important to speak to a dermatologist first, to make sure the products will be effective in your situation. 

Where to Buy Clarins Boosters

The Clarins Boosters can be found directly through the manufacturer’s website, as well as through skin care stores like Sephora.

Additionally, the items may be found through third party sellers on unaffiliated websites. However, it’s important to read Clarins Boosters reviews for these vendors, to ensure that they don’t send defective or expired products.





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