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Chest Wrinkles



Chest Wrinkles: Causes and Treatments

While it’s common for many people who are fighting the natural signs of aging to notice and treat wrinkles on their face and neck, one area that is often neglected is the upper chest, where unsightly chest wrinkles inevitably develop. Wrinkles on the upper chest, which is also referred to as the décolletage, are not as common as facial wrinkles, but they can cause individuals to appear older than they are. There are a number of ways to combat the development of these wrinkles, as well as to treat the ones that have already developed. However, the key to understanding how to prevent chest wrinkles is to keep in mind that skin on different parts of your body is, well…different, and treatment of wrinkles on chest is not the same as getting rid of facial lines.

The Causes of Chest Wrinkles

There are two major causes of chest wrinkles: the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin and because of environmental factors, especially sun exposure. Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein in the skin that allows the skin to snap back into place when it’s manipulated into different positions. Think of healthy skin like a brand new rubber band; no matter how much you pull it, it always goes back to normal shape once you release it. In healthy, glowing skin, collagen and other connective proteins help the skin stay taut and firm. As people age, they begin to lose collagen and elastin; in fact, the body stops making elastin permanently just shortly after puberty. The loss of these proteins in the skin causes it to lose its firmness, which creates chest wrinkles.

Chest Wrinkles

Environmental factors also play a loss in the development of chest wrinkles. Exposure to the UV rays of the sun allows free radicals contained in those rays to enter the skin, where they destroy healthy cells and collagen. This causes the skin to age prematurely, which can also contribute to these types of wrinkles. However, there are several ways that you can treat wrinkles on chest, from cosmetic surgery to over-the-counter skin creams.

Cosmetic Chest Wrinkles Treatments

Recent developments in cosmetic surgery have allowed skin professionals the opportunity to treat their patients’ chest wrinkles with laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing works by directing precise beams of laser light at the skin to remove thin layers of damaged skin so that new, younger-looking skin is revealed. Many people are choosing this method to treat their chest wrinkles because it’s long-lasting and effective for most types of skin. However, there are several drawbacks, such as the risk of side effects (discoloration of the skin, swelling, burns) and the expense, which can total several thousand dollars. Those who are considering laser resurfacing should do so under the guidance of a dermatologist, who can help them understand the benefits and the risks of this procedure.

Treating Chest Wrinkles with Topical Creams and Serums

There are a number of topical creams available for people who want to treat their chest wrinkles without expensive laser procedures. However, keep in mind that the skin on your chest is thicker than facial skin, which means you facial creams will not be as effective if you want to get rid of chest wrinkles. The most helpful creams and serums are those that contain retinol. This form of vitamin A has the ability to penetrate the top layer of the skin and sink deep to boost collagen production and skin cell turnover, which fights the effects of free radicals. Retinol can be used each night to rebuild skin as you sleep so that skin appears tighter and more firm the next morning. Those who decide to use a topical retinol product should remember that it may irritate sensitive skin, especially in the sunlight, so it should be used under the guidance of a professional.

Preventing Chest Wrinkles

The best way to treat chest wrinkles is to stop them from developing in the first place. Since environmental factors are the main cause of these wrinkles, protecting skin from the sun is key. Individuals who are fighting these wrinkles should wear a daily moisturizer that includes sunscreen and shield their décolletage from the sun as often as possible. The use of tanning beds and sunbathing should especially be avoided to prevent chest wrinkles, as these both cause premature aging that contribute to the problem.

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