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What causes eye bags



Try as you may, but at some point in our lives, we women experience bags under our eyes. Time and again, research has proven that there are some very basic reasons for this happening. Highlighted below are some symptoms and causes which have been put together through clinical research and insights to help us better understand how under eye bags come about.

Help! My eyes are giving my age away!

It cannot be denied that as we grow older, the muscles and tissues supporting our eyelids weaken. This will inadvertently cause the skin in this area to sag, making them look like bags under the eyes. At times, the fat around the eye area may also move below the eyes to appear as eye bags. Well, this is how Mother Nature meant it to be so it’s one of the things we will have to live with.

Blame it on the salt!

While salt is a necessity in our lives to make food taste better, too much of it, especially from food like fried chicken and potato chips has a tendency to cause puffy eyes in some women. Who would have thought that something as simple as salt could affect the beauty of your eyes? Well, now you know.

When the hormones starting acting up…

During your menstrual cycle or even as your body matures with age,
it is possible for fluid to be retained under the eyes, causing what we often refer to as eye bags. This is actually blood which tends to pool under the eyes. Some women even experience bags under their eyes as they go through their pregnancies.

It runs in the family

Believe it or not, puffy eyes could be a feature that is inherited. If your Grandma or Grandpa had it, chances are you and your children will have it too. You may not see it in a young child, but as puberty hits, the bags under the eyes may start to appear. You can do your part to not make it worse by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Get your beauty sleep

There is a lot of truth in getting enough of beauty sleep as all the make-up in the world will not quite cover your eye bags. Over the years, it has been proven especially in brides-to-be, that too much partying before their big day or not getting enough of sleep which is ideally eight hours of refreshing rest, can actually result in puffy eyes.

Look out for allergies

Unfortunately, when we have an allergy, our eyes may be affected. What happens is the body releases histamines to counter the harmful bacteria which is causing the allergy. These histamines will most likely make your eyes itchy, red and puffy. So, if it’s been proven that you are allergic to pollen, dust, a particular food or drink, stay away from it so you do not get bags under your eyes.

Stop that puffing!

Smoking brings about what is known as a smoker’s face. The skin around the eye area becomes tensed and tight and in some cases lines begin to appear. The reason for this is during the night, while the smoker is trying to sleep, nicotine withdrawals come about and interrupt the sleep. The next day, due to a restless night, the eye bags become very visible.

Drink up your water!

A busy lifestyle is bound to draw you to endless cups of coffee and tea, not to mention fizzy drinks. But, have you ever realised that in order to have good skin, you need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day? If you suddenly notice bags under your eyes, it could be that you are focusing too much on drinking everything else but water. In reality, the lack of water in your body will make the skin beneath your eyes look dull and your eyes will be the first part of your body to respond to this lack of water.

Keep the blood flowing!

Sitting at your desk all day while working on your computer does nothing to circulate the blood in your body. When you continue doing this day in and day out, your body will start giving you signs that it is not very fit. One of these signs could be puffy eyes which look like eye bags. Therefore, it is important to carry out some form of exercise every day, be it simply taking a walk in the park, yoga, aerobics, hitting the gym or simply carrying out your favourite dance routine to stay energised and to keep the blood in the body circulating properly.

Where’s the iron?

Shopping for meat and vegetables? Be sure to include some pork liver and spinach in your diet. Both these food types are known to increase the iron levels in your blood. If you’ve been experiencing under eye bags and they disappear or become less apparent after you increase your iron intake in your diet, be sure to continue with this routine in order to keep your eyes happy and healthy. Vitamin B12, red meat, raisins and apricots are also known to be good sources of iron.

Have you removed your make-up?

At times, after a long day at work or being out with friends, you may be too lazy to remove your make-up in a proper manner. Leaving eye make-up on for too many hours has also been known to create under eye bags as itchiness comes into play around the eye area simply because the eyeliner or eye shadow has been left on for too long.

Beat the stress

When the body succumbs to stress, besides all the aches and pains that may come on, puffy eyes which look like bags under the eyes tend to be very visible. This could be the result of staring at a computer screen for too long at work, rushing to catch multiple flights in a week, trying to be on time for one meeting after another or simply straining your eyes to read long documents for a very important meeting or presentation the following day. One or all of these actions can place a lot of stress on the eyes and cause them to look tired and puffy the next day.

Whatever the reason may be for your eye bags being visible, it is always best to seek natural remedies for the symptoms that you see. More often than not, a healthy lifestyle, especially one that is free from all kinds of stress, be it work, financial or family stress will result in your eyes looking as bright and beautiful as you want them to look.

A healthy diet will also do wonders in keeping your eyes free of eye bags. Avoiding food and drink that we now know are not so good for our eyes is key to maintaining eyes that look vibrant and lively.

Because our eyes are so precious to us, it is important that we look after them and treat them well. Sometimes, taking in a beautiful scenery during a well-deserved holiday or simply not glaring at your laptop during the weekends could be a simple, carefree way of ensuring that your eyes are healthy, happy and free of those ugly eye bags.




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