Bloom Nutrition Greens & Superfoods Review: Is It Worth The Hype?



Founded by Mari Llewellyn, a fitness and wellness influencer, Bloom Nutrition is a company that produces a number of wellness products. With a focus on natural ingredients and tasty flavors, their product offerings include the Greens & Superfood powder, Matcha, Protein powders, collagen peptides and collagen creamers. 

For this review we will be looking into their greens powder to see how it stacks up to other greens powders on the market. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Bloom Greens?

The benefits of greens powders haven’t been fully researched but are often touted as a good way to increase your nutritional needs. 

We have summarised the generalised benefits of the ingredient types in the Bloom Greens formulation below: 

Greens – Powdered greens such as spinach, spirulina or wheatgrass can provide the body with a boost of nutrients, aid digestion and support overall nutritional needs. 

Probiotics and PrebioticsProbiotics are beneficial bacteria that can help support your health. Your gut has a large amount of naturally occurring bacteria that help with immune health, digestion, and some studies suggest, mental health. With our modern diets, medications and lifestyles it can be easy for the balance of bacteria to get out of whack, this is where probiotics may support your health. Now, prebiotics are a little different, they are the source of energy or ‘food’ for the bacteria in the gut. Sources of prebiotics often include soluble and insoluble fibre from plants. The Bloom Greens formulation includes both pre and probiotics, often referred to as synbiotics. 

The Bloom Greens formulation includes three probiotic strains. This is fairly standard across probiotic formulations, however may not be enough variety or concentration to make a huge difference to your gut health, we consider it more for maintainance. 

Digestive enzymes – Digestive enzymes are the molecules that help your body to breakdown food so that it is easier for the gut to absorb nutrients. Supplementation with digestive enzymes may help to reduce digestive issues, particularly post meal discomfort. 

Fibre – You will have heard of the importance of fibre in your diet. This formulation includes a small amount to supplement your daily intake. The amount of fibre in the Bloom Greens is not enough to replace a well balanced diet or fibre specific supplements. 

Fruits and vegetables – Including powdered fruits and veggies or extracts from them are a good way to get the benefits such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals without having to consume large amounts of the whole fruit or vegetable. However there is limited research on how well absorbed they might be.

Antioxidants and adaptogens – Adaptogens and antioxidants help to support the body’s stress response and help to protext against oxidative stress. 

Is Bloom Greens Good For Weight Loss? 

There is limited research to suggest that any greens formulation actually has a measurable impact on weight loss. They may help you get enough nutrition as you reduce your caloric intake or may help you to mentally change your habits by creating new routines but are unlikely to have any effect. 

Here are some considerations: 

  • Improved nutrient density 
  • Support gut health 
  • May help to improve satiety 
  • Greens powders may help you to get into a better daily routine

It is important for you to speak with your healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplements into your routine or into a fat loss regimen. 

What Are The Ingredients In Bloom Greens?


  • Barley grass, spirulina, wheat grass, alfalfa, chlorella 

Prebiotics and probiotics: 

  • Blue agave inulin, bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus

Fibre blend: 

  • Chicory, flaxseed, apple fruit powder 


  • Licorice roor, rhodiola, american ginseng, ashwaganda, astragalus, eleuthero

Fruits and vegetables 

  • Carrot, beetroot, kale, blueberry, spinach, broccoli, ginger


  • Cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, tart cherry, elderberry, acai, goji, horseradish tree leaf, grape seed extract, matcha 

Digestive enzymes: 

  • Maltodextrin, amylase, amyloglucosidase, protease, acid protease, cellulose, lipase. 

Bloom Nutrition Greens Superfoods Reviews

Bloom Greens vs Metamucil

The difference between Bloom Greens powder and Metamucil lies in its intended use. 

While Bloom Greens powder contains sources of fibre, it isn’t considered a fibre supplement like Metamucil is. 

The Bloom Greens powder is designed to support your everyday nutrient needs and provide an additional source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. 

Metamucil is a fibre supplement, often containing psyllium husk, a soluble plant-based fibre. Metmucil is designed to support and promote digestive regularity and help reduce constipation. 

How to Use Bloom Greens?

Bloom Greens comes in a powder formulation, either in a tub or in sachets. In terms of dose you would take one scoop or one sachet, once a day. They have a variety of flavors including; mango, strawberry and kiwi, coconut, orange and passionfruit, citrus, original, and variety packs for the sachets. 

Bloom Greens formulation is fairly generic so the variety in flavors is really their main point of difference from other products on the market. 

Where to Buy Bloom Greens

You can purchase Bloom Greens online at their website or on Amazon.  

How Much Is Pendulum Therapeutics? 

The price does vary depending on whether you are purchasing a once off or subscription order.  For a one month supply and a once off purchase the price is USD $39.99 and a subscription will garner a 10% discount. For a two month supply the cost is USD $79.99. 

What Is Bloom Nutrition’s Return Policy?

Bloom’s return policy is Unopened and undamaged products can be returned within 15 days of receiving for a full refund. Unless you are an international customer, then they do not provide a returns policy. 

Bloom Greens Reviews

Overall Bloom Greens powder reviews are positive with many expressing that they found it beneficial or easy to introduce into their routine. Most of the criticism comes from the taste of the product not being liked by customers. 

Both the Bloom Nutrition website and Amazon have reviews of their products. To reduce the risk of bias we have included reviews from Amazon. The Bloom Greens and Superfood Powder has 2,191  reviews and a star rating of 4.3 on Amazon

One reviewer said that they don’t understand the negative reviews as they love the strawberry kiwi falvor and have noticed a significant change in their digestive issues, rating the product 5 stars. 

Another reviewer said that they noticed that their bloating gets worse with the product and the flavor made it hard to consume.  

Our Verdict: Is Bloom Greens Worth It? 

The Bloom Greens and Superfood powder has a fairly simple formulation, with little differentiation from other formulations on the market. However, one of the largest complaints with powder supplements as a whole is that many have an unpleasant flavor so the variety of flavor choices may appeal to a larger customer base.  If you are looking for alternatives we have provided some below. 

In terms of whether greens powders are backed by science, it can be hard to tell as the amount and type of ingredients in formulations vary greatly. Many of the ingredients in the formulation have research that supports their use, however it is often unclear whether they are beneficial in the amounts present in greens formulations. 

As always, consult your health practioner if you are considering bringing in a new supplement into your routine.  

Here are our Pros and Cons: 


  • Medium level formulation including a good variety of ingredients and ingredient types 
  • May support gut health with pre and probiotics
  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • Numerous flavor options 


  • Some customers dislike the flavors 
  • Not a substitute for a well balanced diet
  • Does not have a large variety of probiotic strains

What Are Some Alternatives to Bloom Greens? 

Vital Greens Vital Greens powder is a great alternative to Bloom Greens especially if you are looking for a product that packs a punch. With a greater number of ‘superfood’ ingredients and a larger variety of pre and probiotics it is a great option if you want a powder that will supplement your diet. 

WelleCo, founded by supermodel Elle Macpherson produces a greens powder called The Super Elixir. This formulation has a very well rounded formulation with some more luxury type ingredients. You can read our review of The Super Elixir here

Synergy Natural Super Greens If  you are looking for a greens powder that is purely just greens then this is your product. With a very simple formulation without the fuss. 

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