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Biotherm is a luxury skincare brand that falls under the cosmetic powerhouse, LOreals, prestigious luxury department. This luxury skincare brand is home to a host of separate Biotherm lines each targeting specific skincare concerns while providing effective solutions to meet those needs. From the extensive Biotherm lines for women that include the Aquasource, Biosource, Lait Corporel, Blue Therapy, Skin Vivo, and Biovergeture collections to the top rated mens collection, Biotherm Homme, Biotherm has been consistently delivering aquatic based skincare solutions to the beauty industry for the past 60 years.

The Rich History of Biotherm

Biotherm was born in 1952 after the companys revolutionary discovery regarding the benefits of using aquatic ingredients in skincare. With the initial breakthrough finding healing Life Plankton, the Biotherm brand set off on the journey that would lead them to become one of the pioneers in sustainable, eco-conscious beauty. Furthering their research in aquatic ingredients, Biotherm continued to develop highly effective and technologically advanced skincare products to the market. With their steady rise up the cosmetic industry chain, Biotherm eventually became acquired by its now parent company LOreal in 1970 providing them with an even greater opportunity to expand the brand. In 1985, Biotherm added an addition that would further solidify them as a force in sustainable skincare with their breakout mens skincare collection, Biotherm Homme line. With the introduction of the Biotherm Homme collection the line and quickly make its way to the top of mens skincare market, securing the number one spot. Today, the Biotherm brand continues to excel with a vast selection of skincare solutions for both men and women that provide superior performance and powerful results.

The Biotherm Skincare Line

Biotherm Aquasource: The Biotherm Aquasource line is one of the skincare brands most popular collections. Biotherm Aquasource is home to a number of intensely hydrating products designed to quench skins thirst. Within the Biotherm Aquasource collection of products you can find items like the top rated Biotherm Aquasource Night Gel which is an overnight gel treatment that promises to rehydrate, revitalize, and refresh your skin throughout the night leaving you with healthy, bright skin in the morning. The Biotherm Aquasource line also includes an intense daily moisturizer that boasts an impressive 500 hours of moisture in a single jar. And finally, taking care to target one of the most delicate areas of the skin, the Biotherm Aquasource Biosensitive Eyes is the nourishing eye cream that is formulated to soothe irritated, puffy, red eyes in a gentle phyto-omega packed formulation.

The Biotherm reviews surrounding the Aquasource line are overwhelmingly positive with users consistently applauding the extremely moisturizing abilities of the products. Many users of the Biotherm Aquasource products report the moisturizers leave skin feeling hydrated throughout the day without being greasy or causing clogged pores or other skin irritations.

Biotherm Homme: The Biotherm Homme Collection is the line of mens products that currently is regarded as number one in mens skincare worldwide. With Biotherm Homme, the brand takes the same aquatic based approach to skincare, adjusted to fit the specific skin concerns and needs of men. The Biotherm Homme collection is home to a number of individual lines each targeting a particular aspect of mens skincare. Within the Biotherm Homme collection, you can find the Aquapower, Aquafitness, Age Fitness Advanced, T-Pur, High Recharge, and Force Supreme lines dedicated to providing men with real skincare solutions.

As the number one rated mens skincare brand, the Biotherm Homme brand is naturally home to a host of positive reviews. Some of the most common Biotherm reviews of the Homme collection are focused on the Aquapower Moisturizer and Cleanser. Users of these Biotherm products consistently comment on the effectiveness and quality noting that the moisturizer leaves skin hydrated throughout the day while the cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh without the stripped or dry after feeling left behind.




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