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Best Pore Minimizers: Their Ingredients and Use 2019



When it comes to creating a skin care regimen for the face, adding an effective pore minimizer can make a big difference in how you look and feel. This is because, when fighting acne or other skin problems, it can be beneficial to try and focus on reducing the size of pores. There are many factors that cause enlarged pores, but fortunately, they can be treated and reduced with a proper skin care routine. Over-the-counter pore minimizer products are more popular than ever, but those who are considering their use should first understand what causes enlarged pores, how to use the treatments, and how their ingredients work to reduce pores for healthy, beautiful skin.

The Truth Behind Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are most noticeable on the bridge of the nose and the cheeks. Sun damage, acne, clogged pores, and aging can also cause this problem. The best pore minimizer products are designed to address the problem based on your specific skin type. Some people have enlarged pores because of certain genetic factors, and in some cases, makeup and pollution can irritate the pores of the face, causing them to swell. The good news is that these effects aren’t permanent, and that there are many different pore minimizer products available that will reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

How Treatments Work

Pore minimizer products typically contain ingredients small enough to penetrate the skin and sink deep below the surface to work with the skin’s natural oils. Many of these pore minimizer products contain zinc, which reduces the amount of oil the skin produces, as pores can appear larger when they become clogged with oil. Not only is this oil production reduced to help keep the skin clearer and less shiny, it also means that the open pores won’t become infected with the bacteria from dead skin cells. Most pore minimizer products contain a number of ingredients that all work together to give the skin a deep cleaning that regular soap cannot accomplish.

Active Ingredients

Not only do the best pore minimizers contain zinc in order to regulate the production of natural oils, they also have a number of other ingredients that work deep into pores in order to flush away pollution, makeup residue, and dead skin cells. One main set of ingredient in these products are retinols, which both provides the skin with a deep cleansing and also help it retain its natural elasticity. This helps reduce the size of pores, because when the skin on the face sags less, the pores will appear smaller.

Another active ingredient in pore reduction treatments is tea tree oil. This oil is a natural antibacterial cleanser and when it is used as an ingredient in skin care products, it helps to clean pores well below the surface, thus reducing their size. It also flushes away bacteria that cause pores to swell and appear larger. Tea tree oil is often combined with salicylic acid in pore minimizer products because this acid destroys the excess oil and dirt that cause acne to form in clogged pores. Salicylic acid also encourages the skin to shed dead skin cells, which it tends to do less often as we age. All of these ingredients in skin minimizer products work together to cleanse the skin and keep it healthy, which reduces pore size and promotes younger-looking skin. There are a number of pore minimizer products on the market today, but those who want to make their pores look smaller may have to try a number of different products before they find one that works best for them.

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