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The Beauty of Babe Lash Eyelash Serum



Created to help women halt signs of aging, which include eyelash loss and breakage as well as thinning lashes, Babe Lash serum is created with luxurious ingredients meant to lengthen and strengthen lashes in mere weeks. The brand promises dramatic results with an easy-to-use line of products that claim to be safe and effective. Babe Lash is available to purchase through beauty supply stores and beauty wholesalers.

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Babe Lash Products

The star of the Babe Lash line, Babe Lash Eyelash Serum comes in two sizes; a small 2ml size that lasts up to three months, and a larger 4ml option that lasts up to six months. The glamorous gold container gives way to a powerful product meant to enhance lashes in just four weeks. The slim applicator brush glides on clean skin easily, and you need to use the product once a day every day to see visible results. Combine the eyelash growth serum with the other products in the Babe Lash line to amplify results.

Babe Lash Volumizing Mascara is a dark black mascara that goes on smooth and pumps up lash volume. It’s also used to nourish and hydrate lashes, and it’s made with vitamins and peptides to give lashes a healthy boost while enhancing them at the same time. For even longer and more voluminous lashes, opt for Babe Lash Fiber Extend Mascara, which uses viscose fibers to create longer and fuller eyelashes with just one coat.

The last product in the Babe Lash line is the brand’s Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner. This waterproof liner pen stays on all day with bold and broad lines that make your eyes pop. Unlike other formulas, this eyeliner is made with lash-boosting ingredients, like peptides, that enhance lashes while adding drama to your lash line. The liner is said to last for 24 hours with no smearing or smudging.

Babe Lash Eyelash Growth Serum Ingredients

What makes Babe Lash serum so special? Babe Lash features prostaglandins, which is a powerful ingredient found in some prescription eyelash growth serums as well as glaucoma treatments. This is a synthetic form of a chemical that your body already produces, and though it is said to increase eyelash growth and thickness, there could be side effects to watch out for. The formula also contains hyaluronate, which is known to moisturize, condition, and protect eyelashes. Other ingredients include natural botanical extracts, such as chamomilla recutita flower extract, ginseng root extract, and vitis vinifera seed extract, which help bulk up thin lashes and stimulate hair follicles to increase growth.

Babe Lash also contains water and glycerin. The combination of natural ingredients with effective chemicals is said to produce real and visibly dramatic results in eyelash growth, strength, and softness while reducing the risk of breakage and lashes falling out. Babe Lash has been dermatologist-tested, is free of parabens, and is safe for contact lens wearers and for use with lash extensions.

Babe Lash Side Effects

As with any eyelash growth serum, there is a risk of side effects. Side effects of Babe Lash growth serum are said to be minimal. Some side effects to watch out for include red and irritated eyes, increased sensitivity, irritation around the eye area, and inflamed eyes. More serious side effects may include darkening of the irises or the skin around the eyes, as well as red and inflamed eyelids.

If you notice side effects, stop using the product immediately. If you have extremely sensitive eyes or have eye allergies, you may not want to use Babe Lash. However, side effects are not permanent, and will reverse once you discontinue use of the product. It’s not exactly a mild combination of ingredients, so use with care; minimal side effects, such as mild irritation, may go away after a week or so of use.

Babe Lash Consumer Reviews

Reviews for Babe Lash Eyelash Serum are generally positive. Consumers mention being asked frequently if they are wearing false eyelashes. Most users see positive, visible results after four weeks of consistent use, and some women say the product lasts for longer than they thought, making it well worth the price tag. Increased lash volume, dramatic length, and thick, shiny lashes are just a few results some users have seen.

Other reviewers enjoy the beautiful gold packaging of the product as well as healthy-looking and softer eyelashes with continued use. Some wearers enjoy not having to use as much mascara, or not having to wear eyelash extensions or false eyelashes any longer. Though there have been a few reviews mentioning irritation or other side effects, these are minimal and far between. On the whole, consumers enjoy using Babe Lash as well as the brand’s other offerings in order to enjoy longer and fuller lashes. Many women speak of the constant compliments they receive on their newly lengthened lashes, as well as the ease of use of the product.

Take a look at the best eyelash growth serums.




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