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Dr Kaitlyn rose

editor 03.05.21

I’m Dr. Kaitlyn Rose, a licensed pharmacist, certified health coach, freelance writer, and skin care enthusiast. I received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree after graduating with honors from Duquesne University in 2015. I worked in retail pharmacy for about two years after graduation, until I realized this career was not my true passion. Now I teach others how to approach health with a holistic perspective, focusing on identifying and treating the root cause of disease rather than masking the symptoms. I also have a passion for skin care, particularly for learning the science behind why certain ingredients provide amazing benefits and why others are all hype. I think it’s fun to debunk popular skin care myths, and I love teaching others what to look for in a skin care product and what to avoid. My favorite skin care products are those that are fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and include science-backed ingredients. When I’m not working, my hobbies include spending time outdoors, listening to podcasts, and weight lifting. And, most importantly, I love spending time with my son, Crew, who was born in May 2020.


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