Apothekary Reviews: A Review of The 3 Best Apothekary Products



Apothekary is a wellness brand that harnesses the power of herbal remedies and adaptogens to create a variety of products all aimed at promoting health and balance, including several alcohol alternatives. 

The Apothekary products are said to target the root cause of health imbalances like helping to ease stress, support the gut, strengthen immunity, boost energy, and sharpen mental focus.

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So do the Apothekary products live up to these claims? To answer that question, we’ll evaluate the formulation details, including the key ingredients in these products and the research that supports (or doesn’t support) their use. 

We’ll also share some Apothekary reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of these products. 

What Are The Top 3 Best Apothekary Products?

Apothekary offers a variety of products, including herbal blends, adaptogenic powders, and wellness elixirs. Here’s a breakdown of the top 3 best Apothekary products:

Apothekary Take The Edge Off

Apothekary Take The Edge Off is the brand’s best selling herbal tincture and non-alcoholic white wine alternative. The magic behind Take the Edge Off lies in its calming blend of nervine herbs. 

Passionflower helps to alleviate restlessness, stress, and bodily discomfort. Combined with linden and skullcap, it helps calm both the nervous and cardiovascular systems while easing bodily tension. Oatstraw, another gentle nervine, provides essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to enhance the body’s resilience to stress.

Mixed with mulberries, lemon peel, white nectarine, and pear fruit, this herbal concoction not only soothes the nervous system but also creates a deliciously fruity and refreshing white wine-like tonic.

Apothekary Stop Your Wine-ing

This herbal formula is ideal for those who desire the stress-relieving benefits of a glass of red wine but don’t want the sugar, alcohol, or the aftermath of a hangover. 

A combination of motherwort and jujube dates calm the mind, ease feelings of stress, and aid in restful sleep. Additionally, the formula includes antioxidant-rich acai and aronia berries that nourish the body and boost the immune system — not to mention they taste good, too!

Apothekary Chill The F* Out

One of the brand’s most popular products is called Chill The F* Out, and as you can probably guess from the name, it’s formulated to help reduce stress so you can “find your chill”. There’s two potent adaptogens in this formula — ashwagandha and reishi — which we’ll discuss in detail in the Key Ingredients section below. 

Based on the Apothekary reviews we read for Chill The F* Out, the peppermint hot cocoa flavor tastes amazing as a warm beverage, and many of the reviews confirm the stress-relieving benefits of this supplement. 

What Are The Key Ingredients in Apothekary Products?

There’s dozens of herbs, mushrooms, and botanicals used in the Apothekary formulas. Of course, we won’t be able to discuss all of them, however, below we wanted to highlight a few of the key ingredients that you’ll find in the brand’s best selling products. 


Ashwagandha, one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs, is one of the key ingredients in the Apothekary Chill The F* Out formula. It’s an adaptogen root that has been used for centuries to aid in stress, sleep, and immunity. 

Numerous clinical studies demonstrate the beneficial long-term impact of ashwagandha on the body’s stress response, as well as its ability to improve sleep and mood.

For example, in a 2019 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 60 adults were randomly assigned to receive either a placebo or 240 mg of a standardized ashwagandha extract. The findings revealed a notable decrease in stress and anxiety among participants who received ashwagandha, demonstrating statistical significance.


Another key ingredient in the Chill The F* Out formula is reishi, a powerful mushroom that has a long history of reducing the discomfort associated with stress, allergies, or hormonal issues.

In traditional Chinese medicine, reishi has long been revered for its “zen-inducing” effects and its ability to replenish the body’s “qi” or “life force”.

A randomized, double-blind study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food aimed to investigate the effectiveness and safety of reishi mushrooms in individuals with neurasthenia, a condition similar to chronic fatigue syndrome. 

The study revealed that reishi had a beneficial impact on alleviating feelings of stress and fatigue levels, demonstrating positive outcomes among the participants.


One of the main ingredients in the Apothekary Take The Edge Off formula that really helps to “take the edge off” is skullcap. The leaves and flowers from skullcap are commonly used as a sedative and a nervine to help ease feelings of stress and boost the mood.

A study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research gave 43 individuals 1,050 mg 

of American skullcap daily for 2 weeks, and they reported notable improvements in mood compared to a placebo group.


Found in the best-selling product Apothekary Stop Your Wine-ing, acai is packed with antioxidants that help protect the body from oxidative stress. Additionally, acai has been said to improve energy levels and libido, as well as support hormonal health.

Where to Buy Apothekary Products?

Apothekary Products are sold on the brand’s website (, as well as on Amazon. 

How Much Do Apothekary Products Cost?

On the brand’s website, Apothekary Take The Edge Off costs $39 USD for one bottle (30 servings), Chill The F* Out costs $45 USD for a jar with 20 servings, and Stop Your Wine-ing costs $45 USD for a jar with 20 servings. 

What is The Apothekary Return Policy?

The Apothekary return policy states, “Because our products are made fresh to order and are considered food, we are unable to offer refunds. Everything is final sale.”

Apothekary Reviews

Apothekary reviews on the brand’s website are overall very positive. Let’s take a look at the reviews for the best selling Apothekary Take The Edge Off, which has earned an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars after more than 600 customer reviews. 

The positive reviews for Take The Edge Off mention that it helps to promote relaxation and is a great alcohol alternative. 

For example, one review says, “I did not think I’d love this as much as I do. It was exactly what I needed after long work days. It does exactly what it says, takes the edge off without having any kind of brain fog. It’s even improved my sleep habits.”

Another 5-star review says, “I was happy with the way it made me feel,nice and relaxed. A great alternative for drinking alcohol.”

However, there are a handful of negative reviews for Take The Edge Off, which are mostly from customers who were disappointed that they didn’t notice any benefits from these drops. 

For example, one review says, “This doesn’t taste like anything when added to water. I just felt like I was drinking water and did not feel anything after drinking it. I added 3 full droppers because I thought I had too much water but still had no taste. Definitely not a wine alternative as advertised.”

Another 1-star review says, “Waste of money. Doesn’t work and they don’t accept returns if it’s opened.”

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that Apothekary offers a wide selection of high quality products with evidence-based ingredients that represent an excellent way to reduce stress and tension, among other benefits. 


  • The herbs, mushrooms, and botanicals in these formulas have clinical studies to support their benefits
  • Benefits may include reduced stress, feeling calm, better sleep, etc. (depending on the product)
  • Could represent an alcohol alternative
  • Many positive Apothekary reviews


  • Some reviews mention that the products don’t work
  • No money back guarantee

What Are Some Alternatives to Apothekary Products?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Apothekary products, below we’ll link to products we’ve reviewed that are formulated with adaptogens, herbs, and/or mushrooms to promote health and wellness benefits: 

  • Auri Mushroom Gummies Review: Auri Nutrition offers a variety of different mushroom gummies that are said to offer benefits such as improved focus, reduced stress, better sleep, healthier hair, and more. 
  • Ü Relax Review: Ü Relax is a powder supplement that combines kava with herbs and adaptogens. Mix these ingredients into a glass of water and the brand claims that you’ll feel more relaxed, calm, and in a brighter mood. 

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