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Anti Wrinkle Pilow



Anti Wrinkle Pillow

If you are looking for a way to prevent wrinkles without spending a fortune on face products, surgery, or aesthetics, an anti wrinkle pillow may be a possible solution. This product is designed to keep the skin firm by preventing any inadvertent skin stretching at night, and some people believe that it can make a meaningful difference in their lives. Although those, who sleep on their side or on their stomach, may benefit from using an anti wrinkle pillow, it is important to understand all the facts before spending your money to buy one.

Wrinkle Prevention

Wrinkles come from several different situations. For example, they may be caused by common facial expressions, where the facial muscles pull on the skin to create lines and skin depressions. Then, there are wrinkles caused by dry, aging skin. And of course, there are also wrinkles that come from the manual stretching of your skin when your face is resting on your pillow each night. As soon as the traditional pillow is removed from the equation, some people do notice that they wake up with fresher looking skin, because the anti wrinkle pillow may eliminate some of the stretching and stuffiness.

Preventing Wrinkles for Side and Stomach Sleepers

The anti wrinkle pillow was specifically designed for side and stomach sleepers, who’s faces may inadvertently rub against pillows and mattresses, thus causing excessive stretching of the skin. The way that the pillow works is it has two crescent shapes that meet in the middle, where your head can rest. The top of the head is meant to rest on the top of the crescent and the chin can rest on the bottom. However, the face itself does not actually touch the pillow and is instead positioned in the hole of the crescent. This is meant to protect the face from inadvertent contact with surfaces that may cause the skin to stretch while you are sleeping.

Textiles Designed to Breathe

Along with a shape that is designed to prevent stretching the skin, the anti wrinkle pillow is made from a breathable fabric that aims to prevent oil and bacterial build up, by allowing for air circulation. Traditional pillows are not made of a breathable textile, which can lead to build up of oils from the face and bacteria, and can be unhealthy for the skin. Anti wrinkle pillow products were meant to bypass this problem and to allow for more airflow. Therefore, these pillows are usually covered with satin-type textiles that tend to do less damage to any facial moisturizers or anti-wrinkle creams on your face.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

The anti wrinkle pillow may be a useful tool for those who want to maintain healthy skin, by creating a more breathable environment for your skin and easing any stretching. However, if you are a person who tosses and turns throughout the night, the anti wrinkle pillow might not be best option, because you will most likely end up sleeping in uncomfortable positions that could still cause wrinkles on your face. This is a big problem with anti wrinkle pillows, as you have to stay in a relatively static position at night in order for this contraption to work.


The common misconception about anti wrinkle pillow products is that they will remove the wrinkles that people already have. This is not the case. This is not magical contraption with fairy dust and magical spells. An anti wrinkle pillow cannot somehow just tighten skin in your sleep – otherwise everyone would buy one. However, these pillows may help prevent new wrinkles from forming in the first place. Before buying an anti wrinkle pillow, make sure that it is the right solution for you, because although some dermatologists have endorsed this product, it has not been fully proven to be effective.





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Advanced Dermatology

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