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AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel Review: Product Information

AMOREPACIFIC, which is the creator and vendor of AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel, is a cosmetics company that is based in South Korea. Their products include facial cleansers, lip balm, sun care items, and skin toner. If you’re wondering where to purchase AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel, most of the company’s products have been available through Sephora since 2009. You can also purchase any AMOREPACIFIC item on the company website, at department store websites, and at many other online skin care retailers. AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel retails for a price of about $60 for 2.5 ounces at most sites, so it’s important to understand how the ingredients will affect your skin before buying the product, as it can take a large bite out of a small skin care budget.

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About AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel

AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel is not a traditional peel or mask product that you leave on the skin and then peel away to treat clogged pores. Also, unlike other masks, it is not formulated to treat acne, but instead is designed to brighten and even out skin tone by helping the surface of your skin slough away dead cells that can build up and cause dull skin. While AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel is marketed as an exfoliating product, it does not contain any scrubbing beads or harsh bits of shell or micro beads that might irritate the skin. Instead, the company claims that the ingredients, which include papaya extract, dissolve dead skin cells instead of peeling them away. However, while AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel does contain many natural ingredients, it also contains some artificial colors and fragrance, which may irritate those with sensitive skin.

AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel Ingredients

The natural ingredients included in AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel include not only the papaya extract but also allantoin, which is a natural chemical found in plants and the bodily secretions of most mammals, but can also be produced synthetically, in a factory. When used topically, allantoin is said to calm inflammation, which is often a contributing factor in aging skin. AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel also contains green tea leaf extract. Green tea has been proven to be a powerful antioxidant that has the power to destroy free radicals in the skin.

While these ingredients may be beneficial to the skin, the product also contains coloring called green 3 and yellow 5. It’s important to understand this, and read AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel reviews online to see other customers’ experiences, because if skin care products that contain artificial colors have proven to irritate your skin in the past, this product may not be a good choice for you.

How to Use AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel

AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel is designed to be used after your daily facial cleanser. Once the skin is properly rinsed, wet your hands with warm water and apply a small amount of the product to your hands and then use hand washing motions until the product lathers. Spread the lather evenly over the skin (and the neck if desired), and then wait up to a minute for the lather to penetrate your pores. Do not leave the product on longer than is suggested by the product packaging, as this may increase the risk of irritation or side effects. Rinse away AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel thoroughly after one minute and then apply your usual moisturizer. If you are using AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel for the first time, you should watch your skin carefully over the first 24 hours for signs of irritation.

Side Effects of AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel

Some users who have sensitive skin reported that this product irritated their skin after repeated application. However, reports of acne breakouts or other rashes are thought to be rare. If you have sensitive skin that has reacted negatively to skin care products in the past, use AMOREPACIFIC Enzyme Peel with care and report any unusual side effects to your doctor.

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