• Elle MacLeman is the head Technical Writer at The Derm Review, working as the in-house ingredient researcher and product specialist.

    Elle is a biochemist and studied a Bachelor of Art/Science majoring in Biochemistry and Microbiology at Monash University. She has just completed her Masters degree.

    Elle has worked in the skincare industry for over 12 years, working with brands such as Dior, Chanel, Lancome as well as a number of global natural and clean beauty brands. Elle has extensive experience working directly with clients on skincare consultations and researching the safety and efficacy of skincare ingredients and products.

    Elle’s background in biochemistry and lengthy experience working in the skincare and beauty industries, present a great opportunity for her to dispel misinformation and empower knowledge. This is one of Elle’s passions, to help the skincare and beauty industry to be more transparent and address myths in the industry.

    Elle has worked both individually with clients on their skincare needs, and organisationally through undertaking ingredient, product, and market research to present The Derm Review for readers.

  • Dr. Kaitlyn Rose is a licensed pharmacist, certified holistic health coach, freelance writer, and skin care enthusiast. Kaitlyn received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree after graduating with honors from Duquesne University in 2015.

    Kaitlyn worked in retail pharmacy for about two years after graduation, until she realized the career was not her true passion.

    Her focus now is on the intersection between science and natural beauty with a focus on wellness and holistic health outcomes.

    Kaitlyn has a passion for skincare, particularly for learning the science behind why certain ingredients provide amazing benefits and why others are all hype.

    She enjoys debunking popular skincare myths and loves teaching others what to look for in a skin care product and what to avoid.

  • Rebecca Taras has over ten years of editorial and copywriting experience, including serving as an editor for sites like Refinery29, PopSugar, Forbes Travel Guides, and Bustle.

    Along with contributing to print and digital outlets, she currently handles copywriting for some of the biggest brands in the beauty and travel industries. A Chicagoland native, Rebecca began her career catering to celebrity clientele as an esthetician at the Peninsula Chicago Hotel.

    Rebecca also created custom in-room amenities for the Sofitel Hotel Chicago. Her efforts were recognized by the Chicago Fashion Foundation, and she received the Style Maker and Rule Breaker award in the Beauty category.

    Ultimately, Rebecca’s initiatives evolved into the co-founding of Terminal Getaway airport spas, now located at Seattle-Tacoma International, Tampa International, Orlando International, and Chicago O’Hare International airports.

    Though she is no longer involved with Terminal Getaway, her passion for beauty and travel not only persisted over the years but grew. As Rebecca continued to refine her skincare knowledge, she spent a considerable amount of time as a journalist covering beauty, travel, and other topics.

  • Christina Valhouli is a freelance writer specializing in beauty, travel and lifestyle topics. She has been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, POPSugar and Self magazine.

    Christina has held staff positions at Town & Country magazine, and Rough Guides. She is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism and is an expert at researching beauty topics and trends.

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