Advanced Dermatology

Advanced Dermatology’s new “multi-action skin care line” is our clear #1 recommendation.

– Breakthrough ingredients to reduce the look of wrinkles including forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, crows feet, under eye wrinkles, lip lines and neck wrinkles.
– Advanced ingredients help lift and contour your cheeks, jawline, and neck for a more youthful appearance.
– Perfect if you hate the feeling of foundation on your skin and want to naturally achieve clear, flawless looking skin.
– Helps improve the appearance of dark spots, discolorations, blotchiness, and redness.
– Look more rested. Targets the signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes.
– It helps visibly minimize the appearance of pores and improves skin texture too.
– Here’s what the fuss is about: Most of the time, the skin care products you buy over the counter is going to give you results… for like, maybe a few hours, and then nothing. It’s almost like you were better off just not using the product in the first place. Ever noticed that before? That’s because most companies add silicone, which makes the product feel smoother and adds a short-term lift for your skin. But once that silicone washes off your face, the product is basically useless.
– If you find a product that is silicone based you have two options: 1. Buy it. Just know that it’s going to make you look great for a few hours in the morning and then you’ll be back to square one by lunch. 2. Run as far and fast as you can from anything silicone based and instead search for products that offer long-term results.
– Advanced Dermatology features a breakthrough pro-collagen and elastin formula to give you significantly better results that won’t wash off like those silicone based products.
– But Advanced Dermatology has also been designed to naturally support hyaluronic acid production. It might sound scary, but hyaluronic acid is actually the stuff in your skin that kicks wrinkles to the curb. Without it you’d shrivel up in the sun like a raisin.
– It’s worth noting: most skin care products are made of only 5 or 10% anti aging ingredients, meaning that most of what you get is probably either water or silicone. That’s why if you’ve ever felt like every product you try just doesn’t work, don’t blame it on your skin. You wanna pay $95 for a bottle of water? If you’re like most people, you probably paid something near $100 for that useless bottle of gunk.
Advanced Dermatology isn’t even close to that much. And it’s way better.  This is an awesome skin care line for the price.
– The most advanced formulations we have come across  We calculated the cost of each ingredient, this skin care program is easily worth several hundred dollars. It contains over 30 cutting edge ingredients to fight visible aging and damage. Just one of these ingredients is a special Rose Stem Cell that is one of the most expensive anti-aging ingredients on the planet. This is why Advanced Dermatology represents excellent value for money.
– 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t see dramatic results, send it back for a refund.
– We highly recommended the Advanced Dermatology skin care line.
– Complimentary shipping when you order through their website.

– Product packaging is a bit too clinical.
– Products smell too clinical.

More about Advanced Dermatology
Advanced Dermatology is a breakthrough skin care line designed to visibly reduce wrinkles and firm your skin. 

Advanced Dermatology contains an absurdly impressive list of ingredients, including multiple obscenely high-tech peptides, growth factors and 30 more powerful ingredients – in high concentrations.

The truth is, high concentrations of anti-aging ingredients are needed to achieve youthful firmness. And yet, most skin care products contain small concentrations of the right ingredients. Why, then, does Advanced Dermatology contain such high concentrations in comparison?

To answer this question, you need to take a closer look at how leading cosmetic manufacturers work.

The fact is, cosmetic manufacturers spend more on marketing than product development. For example, half of the money you pay for a product you buy from a department store goes to the store. Another twenty percent is spent on marketing related costs. Sadly, in most cases, less then one percent is spent on the formulation itself.

It is outrageous.

To complicate matters further, most cosmetic manufacturers use active ingredients in trace amounts, due to the high cost. Instead, they utilize specific silicons to enhance the way the product looks and feels. But silicone based ingredients only offer short-term cosmetics effects and offer no tangible anti-aging benefits.

To achieve real results, skin care products need a strong concentration of active ingredients. Suppose that, a cosmetic manufacturer took that money and spent it on what is inside, how effective would the product be? In our experience, it is what is inside that counts the most.

Advanced Dermatology, for example, spends the majority of the money you pay for the product on the ingredients inside the product. You won’t find their products in department stores and they certainly don’t spend money on marketing. The result? First, let’s take a look at how Advanced Dermatology works.

Here’s how Advanced Dermatology works
It’s important to understand how Advanced Dermatology works. This is the type of product where you need to embrace the science.

So, youthful skin has an abundance of collagen and elastin to keep the skin smooth, firm and plump.

But, in your 20’s, collagen decreases, elastin breaks down, and cells don’t turn over. By age 30, your skin loses half its collagen. Once collagen breaks down, the skin loses firmness and elasticity. Resulting in wrinkles, crow’s feet, loss of firmness and dullness. At the same time, the layer of skin beneath dermis begins to thin.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

To combat this, Advanced Dermatology incorporates a breakthrough formula that works in the skin’s deepest layers to naturally boost collagen production.

In case you had any doubt, Advanced Dermatology offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

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